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November 2236


Faraday -- Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:38pm
The Galactica still has that "new car" smell to it, everything fresh off the assembly line. The bunks have never been slept in; the dishes have never been used. But all that's about to change. Despite a few glitches in the Battlestar's final readiness checks, the Colonial Forces have begun shuttling crew to to the ship.

Apart from the command staff and a few techs who were supervising the readiness checks, it's everyone's first time aboard a Battlestar. For most, it's also their first time working alongside soldiers from other colonies.

Folks will be arriving piecemeal, with the ship slated to leave its dock at the Scorpia Shipyards in two weeks.

Musical Bunks

Faraday -- Sat Nov 05, 2016 8:41pm
As a steady stream of Raptors continues to bring crew members onto the ship, folks have begun to settle in. Well, most of them anyway. It seems there's an issue with a couple of the officer barracks rooms on Deck 7. Some say it's an environmental issue (which it is). Others insist it's a rat problem (it isn't, but that doesn't seem to stop the rumours) or just the typical military bureaucracy - situation normal, all frakked up. Whatever the reason, some of the officers have been bunking temporarily in unorthodox places like the mess hall and the rec room.

While the acclimation process has been going smoothly so far, there have been a few isolated incidents. A Tauron and a Caprican deckhand nearly came to blows on the flight deck before Chief Walsh stepped in and sent them both off to spend the next few hours scrubbing tools with a toothbrush. A friendly mixed-forces card game in the rec room ended with an overturned table before everyone cooled down. But not all of the troubles are between colonies. Two marines apparently had a painful reunion in the gym - a newly-arrived female corporal challenging a male sergeant to a sparring match that ended in a heated exchange in front of a few onlookers. There was obviously a messy history there. But then...why didn't the girl know his name? Curious.

Fly Baby Fly

Faraday -- Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:08pm
The environmental issue on Deck 7 has been sorted out, and everyone who was waiting on their bunk assignments has finally gotten settled into a berthing area. Raptor troop transports continue to arrive daily. Approximately half of the crew complement has arrived by this point, with the rest slated to arrive over the next week.

Meanwhile, the deck crew has completed assembly and pre-flight readiness checks on all of the Wolfpack's Vipers and Raptors. The squadron's primary vehicles are MkII Vipers and new Raptors, fresh off the assembly line. There are also some older ships (MkI Vipers and older Raptors) donated by various colonies. The older ships have been retrofitted to remove any networked systems, and are mostly around for backups in case a primary ship is down for repair.

Wolfpack pilots have been cleared to take the ships out for routine test flights, and Maj Kallas has set up a patrol schedule. Everyone is under instructions not to push the ships too far yet (i.e. no mock dogfights or barnstorming) until the dust has been shaken off a bit.

The marines have started daily PT (physical training) drills and rotate shifts on patrol assignments (routine shipboard security of sensitive areas of the ship, typically in teams of 2-4).

Faraday replied on Tue Nov 08, 2016 2:17pm
Random aside, since I've seen it discussed in a couple logs: The Galactica does have official holobands for training purposes. The marines keep theirs in the Warfare Training Room on deck 10. The pilots keep theirs in the Ready Room on deck 6. They are on a hard-wired local network so they can't be hacked. They can do VR training exercises.

Dangerous Liasons

Ramsay -- Sat Nov 12, 2016 10:57pm
The mass move-in of crew and early berthing issues left many in temporary (and often frequently changing) lodgings.
From this early chaos, evidence surfaces that many of the crew are getting along /quite/ nicely. Perhaps too nicely. One officer reported finding a note on his pillow reading "Best Night Ever. Thanks." An NCO found a prophylactic attached to a hand-written letter reading "Next time, we'll need this." Similar rumours of various presents and notes have cropped up throughout the ship over the past week.

Off to War

Faraday -- Sat Nov 12, 2016 11:31pm
The ship's PA system crackles to life midway through the evening of 11/12. "Attention all hands. This is the Admiral speaking. We have just received word that the Cylons have launched a major offensive in the Atray province on Tauron. We are being dispatched to assist, and will be departing the shipyards at oh-eight hundred tomorrow. The remainder of our crew complement is being redirected to meet us en route or once we arrive, but expect to be short-handed for a while. This is an historic moment for the Twelve Colonies - the first time we have all fought together. Let us never lose sight of who the real enemy is. Get some rest tonight. Tomorrow, we go to war."

Team-Building Exercises

Van -- Sun Nov 13, 2016 1:41pm
It started within the Wolfpack, but now has opened up beyond that. A group has begun playing the Picon-made game Seas of Fire together, to build camaraderie and work on teamwork outside of official exercises. They are playing on a small group of hard-wired holobands, many borrowed from other crewmembers. The group remains small thus far, perhaps because of the Picon-centric nature of the game, which sees players assuming the role of naval warships facing off against AI-controlled fleets (and really, who still uses naval warships?).

Seas of Fire is basically a PVE version of World of Tanks, except using naval combat instead of tank combat.

Tauron Space

Faraday -- Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:09pm
The Galactica jumped to Tauron space earlier in the day, then spent the hours since in limbo, waiting to see just where and how the new Battlestar will be deployed to assist the Tauron military. Most of Taskforce Phoenix's ships jumped with Galactica, but LCV Soteria had some mechanical issues that has delayed it for a bit longer in the shipyards.

The brass has been busy compiling intel reports and making plans, but for the rank and file it's the usual "hurry up and wait". Drills and gear checks have taken on new urgency, and Combat Air Patrols have begun. There are more than a few whispers about how little operational time the ship, fighters and crew have gotten - leading many to wonder if the crew is really ready to be thrown into the fight.

The ship is now at Condition Two. Off-duty personnel are allowed to relax, but everyone expects a call to Action Stations at any moment.

First Blood

Faraday -- Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:50am
Part of Wolfpack squadron was on CAP when they received a request for assistance by Tauron forces. A Tauron squadron was engaged in a dogfight with a Cylon force, and Cylon reinforcements were inbound from the planet's surface. The Galactica's CAP was dispatched to intercept the reinforcements. They destroyed three Raiders with only minimal damage to the Colonial ships.

The Admiral made a special announcement over the PA later that evening, congratulating the fliers on drawing the CF's first blood.

The taskforce continues to be in a holding pattern in Tauron space, not particularly close to the fighting. "Oh come on, let us at them already" seems to be the prevailing sentiment of frustration aboard the ship.

Operation Bullhorn

Faraday -- Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:48pm
The CF brass has gotten things sorted out with the Tauron government, and Operation Bullhorn has officially gotten underway. The following info is being rolled out to all departments in a series of (off-camera) mission briefings:

Please direct any questions to your department leaders (i.e. staff).

Ski Resort Rescue

Faraday -- Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:19pm
On the afternoon of 11/15, forces on the ground received a distress call from a group of civilians in a ski resort in the Zhota Mountains, just beyond enemy lines. The resort had been overrun by Cylons a few days earlier, but the survivors had managed to escape and find a safe place to hide. They managed to get an old radio working and signaled for help, reporting that Cylon troops had apparently picked up their signals and were now advancing on their position.

The alert Vipers/Raptors and marine alert squad were scrambled to mount an immediate rescue operation. They encountered some resistance in the air and on the ground, but the civvies were rescued with no serious injuries or damage.

A few hours later, after the survivors had been tended to and debriefed, another mission was sent back out to the resort. Based on the survivor's reports, they believed there might be other people in hiding there, who had gotten separated from the main group. The air wing softened up the ground targets, and the marines inserted to search the main resort building and the cottages - many of which had suffered significant damage during the attack a few days ago. A family of three was rescued from one of the cottages. A few ships were moderately damaged and two marines seriously injured.

The returning crew spoke in grim tones about seeing signs of a massacre - blood splatters and bullet holes, bombed and burned buildings - but strangely, no dead bodies. This certainly wouldn't be the first time that the Cylons had tidied up their mess after a mass murder.


Faraday -- Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:49pm
Along with the regular CAPs and shipboard security patrols, Kallas and Hale have both started a parallel regimen of training exercises. Since the CF does not used fixed squad or wingman assignments (to enable maximum mission flexibility), these training exercises mix up teams to get everyone used to working with different people in their squadron/platoon.

Both units are doing a mix of pre-set drills (i.e. practicing set flight patterns and maneuvers) and force-on-force exercises (i.e. mock combats using laser tag style weapons).

Feel free to RP these exercises with each other, or nudge me if you want to do something with either Kallas or Hale.

Oh, and the other departments are running similar drills, so there are occasional incidents with damage control parties running around the ship in full gear, or sickbay scrambling around with mock patients, etc.

Planned Op

Faraday -- Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:57pm
Briefings are being held for a coordinated recon-in-force mission being planned for tomorrow afternoon ICly (tomorrow night's event OOCly). It is a two-pronged plan.

Part 1 (Air Wing)

Raptors are being outfitted with a special camera/scanner package, with Vipers to escort them. Flights will explore the front, looking for weaknesses and any signs of Cylon troops massing for an offensive. The PCs are assigned to the sector along the lake (top center of the map). Engaging ground forces is not a priority, but flights may defend themselves if they encounter direct threats. (Spoiler alert: They will.)

Part 2 (Marines)

The Intel section has reason to believe that the Cylons may have taken over a factory in the city of Arlask (about thirty miles into enemy territory) and are using it to churn out Cylons. They don't want to do a flyby and potentially tip off the Cylons of their interest in the site, so they're sending in a marine recon squad.
- Land subtly during the lake scouting, hopefully without the Cylons noticing.
- March overland to Arlask. Much of the trip will be made under cover of darkness (this is an overnight mission).
- Take up positions in the mountains overlooking the city. Observe, take pictures and withdraw.
- Intended pickup zone is on the lakefront, but a hot pickup can be requested if they run into trouble. (Spoiler alert: They will.)

Any questions can be posted here with bbreply or brought up at the beginning of the mission.

Faraday replied on Wed Nov 23, 2016 2:11pm
Clarification: Any marines may participate in the Recon mission. It's not limited just to recon specialty.


Faraday -- Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:49am
The taskforce suffered its first major casualties yesterday (11/24) during a series of recon missions in Atray province. While part of a flight escorting a recon Raptor along the lakeshore, Viper pilot "Jigger" Tomlinson was shot down. He ejected and SAR Raptor rescued him, but he remains in critical condition in sickbay.

On the ground, a scouting mission to the city of Arlask, behind enemy lines, ran into a Cylon patrol on the way home. Several marines were injured and the squad leader, Leonese Sergeant Henri Moreau, was killed.

Despite the losses, the missions overall were considered a success and a good deal of valuable intelligence was obtained.

Personnel Notice

Faraday -- Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:31am
Lt Julia del Flores has been transferred back to Canceron. No reason was given, though it has become a source of gossip given that she'd just gotten to the Taskforce.

Raptor Down

Faraday -- Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:33am
Rabbit and Echo are listed as Missing in Action after crash-landing along the western front yesterday. A rescue team repaired and recovered their Raptor, which had gone down after suffering technical difficulties with its flight computer. The Cylons had set up an ambush in the vicinity, but the pilots were nowhere to be found. The CAG is talking about organizing a Search and Rescue op, but it's feared they have been captured.

Name Dropped

Eva -- Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:00pm
Shortly after the return of the SAR mission that affected the rescue of Pilot Daryl "Rabbit" Sloane, members of the Wolfpack will notice that Ensign Hallie Mata has had her name rubbed out on all of the boards and whited out on all of the schedules that regulate Wolfpack business. Carefully written in and over is the word "Ringer". Seems the (no longer a) rook, who's quickly working her way up the ladder to get to ace has a new callsign.

Rabbit Retrieval

Faraday -- Mon Nov 28, 2016 12:58am
A Search and Rescue mission was launched to the western front today after Tauron forces spotted what might have been a signal from the Colonials' missing pilot and ECO (Rabbit and Echo). Turns out it was. The mission successfully retrieved Rabbit from behind enemy lines, although Hotshot's Viper was seriously damaged and Hotshot himself wounded in the attempt.

After being treated in sickbay and debriefed by the brass, he was able to share his story with his fellow pilots. The Raptor's flight computer somehow ended up in autopilot mode flying the wrong direction. After several unsuccessful attempts to disengage it, they took the drastic step of rebooting the entire system in mid-flight. Unfortunately, Rabbit was unable to recover well enough from the resulting stall, and they made a hard, dead-stick landing in the canyon. With the flight computer still acting up and Cylons closing in on their position, they decided to abandon the ship. They were captured by patrol shortly after, but managed to escape on the way to wherever they were going. Echo was killed during the escape, but Rabbit managed to elude the Cylons until he was picked up.

December 2236


Faraday -- Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:40pm
The Wolfpack has been running fighter screens along the front, and have had several successful engagements. The most recent one today downed five enemy fighters (with a sixth fleeing) while suffering only minor damage.

Elsewhere on the front, a couple Marine squads executed a hunt-and-destroy mission on a mobile SAM battery that had been plaguing the air wing for a couple days. On the way back, one of the Raptors suffered a catastrophic power failure - something that really should not have been possible given the various failsafes and backup systems. It crash-landed in the lake and sank.

The crew and marine passengers managed to make it to shore safely, although Sgt. Magar was seriously injured in the crash (he remains in critical condition with a traumatic brain injury and neck injury) and several others were treated in sickbay for hypothermia and minor crash-related injuries.

Gremlins and Updates

Faraday -- Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:46am
Two Raptors have now suffered critical glitches during operations - one resulting in the loss of a bird (log:Splash One), the other resulting in the loss of a pilot (log:Raptor Down). There have also been annoying but less critical malfunctions on both Vipers and Raptors. The deck crew has been working overtime to try and knock down these problems, consulting via the BSG equivalent of Skype with engineers from the defense contractor who designed the systems. In the mean time, there's a lot of nerves and tensions about taking the ships out. But the war must go on.

In other news, the marine injured during the Raptor crash, Sergeant Magar, has been in a coma since the accident. He has been transferred to a ground hospital on Tauron for more advanced care.

Fighting continues along the front lines on the ground and in the air, and there are rumours that the brass is planning an offensive soon.


Eva -- Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:26pm
Word spreads around the ship, starting in the air wing and working its way outward. Captain Thorne is putting out feelers for anyone on board who might be both a skilled tattooist and also knowledgeable about Tauran tattooing specifically. Eva's not hard to find, if such a person exists. Just check her work rotation up on the hangar deck.


Faraday -- Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:14am
Yesterday morning, the Cylons launched a major offensive on the western front, in the foothills of the Zhota Mountains. As afternoon turns to evening, the Cylons had broken through in the Darya Valley region. Elements from Alpha Company were sent in to contain the breakout. They faced heavy opposition, including Cylon tanks. The air wing units providing overwatch also encountered heavy resistance and were unable to provide much in the way of ground support. Alpha Company held off the first wave but was forced to retreat after suffering heavy casualties - multiple wounded and three KIA. The air wing gained the upper hand and were able to evac the marines as well as delay the second wave long enough for reinforcements to plug the gap.

Bombing Raid

Faraday -- Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:45pm
Elements from both air wing squadrons participated in a bombing raid into Cylon territory today, targeting the factory district in the city of Arlask (scouted by marine recon a few weeks ago). They encountered Cylon forces on the way to the objective. They cleared the area after a brutal dogfight, the biggest the CF has yet seen. But despite that, the bombing raid was a success.

Five ships and crews were lost. The Wolfpack lost Bunker and Rip (Raptor crew) and King (Viper). Nails (Raptor pilot) was badly injured and went from surgery to the ICU, but his ECO Rudy brought his bird safely home.

On a brighter note, the aerial battle saw the CF record its first official aces of the war: LtJg Van "Milkman" Newton (6 kills total) from the Wolfpack and Lt Boone "Marshal" Stenz (5 kills total) from the Argonauts. Of course, many pilots came to the CF already aces in their home armies. These two are just the first to reach that status flying with the CF.

And in other bright news, Ens Alain "Jigger" Tomlinson is being released from the infirmary after being wounded a couple weeks ago.

Another Raptor Down

Faraday -- Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:05am
While on a routine resupply mission to the front, a Raptor reported an in-flight emergency where its controls were unresponsive. Almost as if the autopilot was on, but all diagnostics showed it wasn't. That was the last Galactica heard from the Raptor, and a few minutes later Tauron ground DRADIS lost the ship. Alert ships were scrambled to its last known location, where the Raptor was found crashed with heavy damage. Most of the crew and passengers survived, except for Private Marshall who was killed on impact. They were taken to sickbay with various non-life-threatening injuries. The Raptor itself is being picked up by Tauron Forces and will be flown back to Galactica in a couple days on some kind of salvage shuttle.

New Wolf

Faraday -- Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:16am
Mentioned by Kallas at the daily pilot briefing: Isolde Asa will be undergoing field training as a Raptor ECO. She has been assigned the rank of Acting Ensign, which gives her the privileges/responsibilities of an Ensign aboard Galactica, but without the associated pay or permanent commission. Raptor ECOs are encouraged to help her get up to speed quickly so she can move over fully into the squadron.


Faraday -- Sat Dec 17, 2016 1:23am
After being delayed due to mechanical difficulties back on Scorpia, and then being diverted on an operation that hasn't really been declassified to everyone, the LCV Soteria has rejoined Galactica and Taskforce:Phoenix. (

Over the past month, the Galactica has filled out its crew complement. There are still a few gaps, but the majority of the crew is now on board.

OOC Note> New arrivals are most likely to be replacements for combat casualties or people rotated out of the CF for whatever reason. But there are still possibilities for people to be latecomers.

Divers Wanted

Faraday -- Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:00am
CO's have put the word out for their people that anyone with SCUBA diving experience willing to volunteer for a salvage mission should contact Colonel Ryan the XO directly by 1900 tomorrow.

OOCly: talk to Faraday if you're interested. You don't need to literally have SCUBA on your background skills as long as you have something related (Swimming, Surfing, etc.) and you think it's reasonable that you'd have gone SCUBA diving at some point.

All Quiet on the Western Front

Faraday -- Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:09pm
It's been a quiet week on the front. Perhaps the Cylons are taking a break for the Colonial holidays. Or perhaps they're gearing up for something bigger. Who knows. There have been a few skirmishes, but no major actions. The respite, coupled with the holidays, have the crew in decent spirits.

A SCUBA team recovered the black box from the Raptor that crashed in the lake and the Taurons returned the one that crashed last week.The deck team's been studying the birds and running various tests. Raptor crews (and the marines riding with them) have been understandably nervous about all the troubles with the ships, and Chief Walsh has been more foul-mouthed than usual with frustration over the lack of definitive answers.

It's worth noting that the Vipers have not been without their problems either. Although none have crashed due to mechanical failures, there have been a number of glitches and annoyances.

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