This is an archive of the scuttlebutt BBS from the game. For more dates, see the main page.

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January 2237


Faraday -- Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:34pm
(Sorry, I forgot to post this the other day... this happened on 1/6)

The Cylons broke their midwinter siesta by launching a major offensive (over 50 Raiders and Cypers) against the Illi Dam. Had they succeeded in blowing the dam with their improvised torpedo/depth charges, it would have flooded the Haryn river valley and the city of Saral. Fortunately, the Air Wing - in conjunction with Tauron Air Force pilots - took down all but one of the bombers before it could launch its torpedos. The dam suffered only minor damage, but the Colonial planes/pilots had some losses (all NPCs).

For A Good Time Call

Faraday -- Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:59pm
Words gets around that someone has left graffiti on the inside door of one of the stalls in the head on Deck 7. It's written in black sharpie scrawl: For A Good Time, Go Find Sergeant Mikolas Kovac

Missing Raptor

Niemec -- Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:07pm
It would seem that a Raptor sent under cover of a bombing run went down from a SAM. Its mission was to liaise with ground forces in a forested area near Tauron's equator. Primarily a supply drop. So far, no one's been able to get through on radio and Cylon activity in the area is dense enough that they can't just send out a search party yet.

Prodigal Soldiers

Niemec -- Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:06pm
The team that was meant to liaise with Tauran ground forces found themselves cut off in a forest. It took a couple days to get a signal out, but the Tauron military picked it up and a signal was relayed. Thus, during a dogfight with the Cylons, a Galactica Raptor kitted out for evac went in and picked up the team. A few of the marines that had gone out with them were killed in the crash, but more than half survived. One, a Private Bucket, does lie unconscious in the infirmary after emergency surgery. It's uncertain if he'll remain aboard or be sent elsewhere to recover.

Air Support

Faraday -- Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:30am
A Wolfpack patrol was called in to provide air support for the Tauron forces yesterday evening. There have been an increase in ground skirmishes along the western front this week, and intel reports speculate that the Toasters may be probing for weaknesses in preparation for a major push. Air encounters have been light, though, leading some to wonder if that last big offensive at the dam sapped the Cylon air power.

War News

Faraday -- Fri Jan 20, 2017 9:45am
With 'Net access cut off due to security concerns, the Galactica crew doesn't have access to live, on-demand news from around the Colonies. Instead they must rely on a daily news digest curated (e.g. "censored") by someone in operations. Highlights from this week:

  • Battlestar Athena and Taskforce: Manticore repelled a major attack in Caprica space, destroying one Base Star and forcing two others to retreat. While this is not the first time a Base Star has been destroyed, it's uncommon enough to be worthy of celebration. No mention of the state of fighting on the ground.

  • Aerilon saw its first major battle of the war when a Base Star jumped in and executed a hit-and-run bombing assault on the starport at Gaoth. The Aerilon fleet chased it off, but not before heavy damage was done to the facilities and transports on the ground. The report assures everyone that there will be no significant impact to food distribution, but those who know a bit about Aerilon might be dubious on that score.

  • Protests at the Kanava mines on Canceron turned violent when miners (who were demanding better working conditions) refused to disburse and police waded in with tear gas and riot batons. Several arrests were made. The news article paints the protestors as unpatriotic, pointing out how the Tyllium from the mine is vital for the war effort. The Canceron government has declared it a protected industry, robbing the miners of the ability to strike. Around the ship, some worry at the precedent this sets for miners everywhere, and the potential for mine owners to take advantage of it to further exploit the miners.

Slaughter on the Hangar Deck

Stefan -- Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:42am
In the middle of the day, the Galactica receives a distress call from a Tauran transport ship, the Midas Thirteen. While leaving atmosphere, it was attacked by Cylon Raiders, reporting heavy damage and a hull breach. The Galactica scrambled Vipers and Raptors, easily scattering the attackers, then escorting the wounded ship in for a landing.

The tech crew waiting at the base of the cargo ramp to assess the transport instead met Centurion fire. Casualties upon the Hangar Deck were high as the Cylons pushed in, nearly reaching the Deck Chief's office before being destroyed. To compound the damage, a parked Raptor exploded in the middle of the firefight, injuring many with the shrapnel.

Those who were witness to the fight also claim the Cylons were talking. Some say it was a woman's voice, others say it was a man's, but the consensus is that they kept repeating the same message over and over, even as they gunned down unarmed deckies:

"Your leaders lie to you. We only want our freedom. You fight a false war. Let us be free."

(OOC: Much <3 and appreciation to those who were patient with the first event I've run in a long time. More soon, and much smoother, I promise. The log will be posted tomorrow (Sun 22) as soon as it's cleaned.

For now, the important bits to play around: Contact your local neighbourhood deckie (or Faraday) for further info on the exploding Raptor. There were heavy casualties amongst the on-duty deck crew, between Centurion LMGs and the explosion. The infirmary is packed and the operating theatres are backlogged.

As for the Midas Thirteen? Five crew survived, barricaded in the bridge, to be extracted by the Marines when they stormed the Flight Deck. Included in this number was one of the Wolfpack's own, ENS Priya Tarsis, returning from a training program on the Tauron surface.)

Moving On

Faraday -- Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:47am
The starboard hangar bay was closed for several hours following the Cylon attack, while the wounded and dead were moved off and the deck run through every safety check imaginable. Then it was back to business ... though far from business as usual. A pall has fallen over the ship, not only for those lost, but for the violation of their bubble of safety.

Funeral services were held yesterday and today. The commander or XO attended each one and gave a speech about honoring the fallen by carrying on the fight.

The deck runs three shifts on both landing decks 24/7, so losing most of half a shift makes a dent. People with mechanical experience from other departments (especially marine vehicle techs) are being rotated in to help fill the gaps while they recover and await replacements.

There have been some rumblings of questions about why the Cylons didn't do more damage with their hijacked transport. Did they really just come to spread propaganda, or was something else going on?

Self Destructing

Faraday -- Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:53am
In the midst of the firefight with the Centurions on deck, a Raptor exploded. Though no official word has been given, gossip is abuzz with the fact that it was Rabbit and Echo's Raptor - the one that had been quarantined in the repair area since going down on the surface back in November.

Rumour also has it that the Raptor's black box shows the self-destruct sequence was activated. But nobody saw anyone (human or Cylon) going anywhere near it during the battle. Is there a saboteur on board who knew when the Cylon attack was going to happen? Combined with the Cylons claiming "Your leaders lie to you...", the suspicions have ratcheted up inter-crew tensions, leading to tempers flaring.

Heating on Autopilot

Faraday -- Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:10am
One Raptor mystery, at least, appears to be solved. Before crashing (back in November) Rabbit reported experiencing a problem where the autopilot refused to disengage. Weeks spent going over the electrical/mechanical systems with a fine-toothed comb turned up nothing, so this morning two Raptors (Gopnik/Dorn and Taxi/Wasp) went out try some in-flight tests.

Gopnik and Dorn were able to reproduce the problem by activating the HVAC heater system while the autopilot was engaged. A message was immediately sent to the defense contractor software company, who confirmed that they too can reproduce the problem. They suspect it's a software glitch in the control systems and promise a patch ASAP.

In the mean time, deck crew are disconnecting the HVAC controls. The CAG held an emergency briefing around lunchtime to warn all pilots to be alert for other unforseen interactions, and suggests not using the autopilot either unless absolutely necessary.

So that explains why Rabbit's Raptor crashed, but why did it self-destruct? And what happened with the other two Raptors that crashed?

Needless to say, none of this makes the air wing feel very warm and fuzzy about their ships.

Ounce of Prevention

Faraday -- Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:36am
The medical department has begun administering vaccines to all Wolfpack and Alpha Company personnel, along with various personnel from Operations and Medical (basically: all PCs). No reason is given (it's the military, they don't have to) but scuttlebutt is that the meds are a preventative cocktail for various tropical diseases.

Faraday replied on Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:06pm
To clarify since my prior wording was poor: The contents of the meds are not being actively hidden if someone asks. The doctors know what they're giving. It's just that they're not advertising what it's about, and nobody (not even the docs) know specifically why they're being given.

Added Security

Faraday -- Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:40am
In the wake of the Cylon incursion on the hangar deck, marine guards at all sensitive locations around the ship (engineering, CIC, hangar, armory) have been doubled, and there are also extra walking patrols throughout the ship.

Hold the Line

Faraday -- Sat Jan 28, 2017 9:38pm
Yesterday, the Cylons launched an offensive in the Zhota Mountain region of the front. Despite the valiant effort of the Tauron forces, the line folded and the Cylons punched through. Friendly forces made their stand to hold the Cylons at Kadin Bridge. It was a huge battle involving both air and ground forces of the CF and Tauron military. There were moderate casualties on both sides. But in the end, the colonials drove the Cylons back and even retook a small amount of territory in that area - pushing forward the front line.

A couple notable incidents during the battle:

  • A Galactica pilot, Rush, ejected after his ship was damaged. The Cylon Viper that hit his ship pursued the downed pilot, riddling his ejection seat and parachute with bullets. The Cyper was brought down, but the stark reminder that Cylons don't follow the rules of warfare has the crew all fired up.

  • Two more Galactica pilots made "Ace": Eva and Finn. And Van made double-ace. The aces got kudos at the morning pilot's briefing, and there's talk around the air wing of having a party for everyone as soon as the ship gets a break from Condition 2.

  • On the ground, a squad of marines made a crazy dash across no man's land to secure downed pilot Banger's position after he ejected and parachuted down perilously close to the Cylon forces.

Bound for Canceron

Faraday -- Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:32am
Word has come down from command... some of Galactica's crew is bound for Canceron.

Edson Air Base on Canceron was decimated over the last month by a virulent outbreak of Spiro Fever. Cylons took advantage of their weakened defenses, expanding their territory on Isabel Island. Now they're knocking on the door of the Air Base and the nearby mines. Due to the mines (gold and a few other precious metals) being vital to the Battlestar construction effort, the CF has been detailed to help.

Galactica will drop off Alpha and Bravo Company and Wolfpack Squadron, along with some support personnel to operate out of Edson temporarily. The ship will then return to Tauron to make sure that the Cylon offensive there is as contained as they think it is.

Adm. Bauer addressed the troops who were going, saying, "Hold down the fort there, and when the taskforce rejoins you, we'll drive the Toasters off that island and liberate the people of Honnal."

OOC: The ship is finalizing preparations for departure and will jump to Canceron tonight.

February 2237

Settling In

Faraday -- Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:00pm
The Galactica detachment is settling into its new role on Canceron, while the Galactica itself has gone back to Tauron for now. While many of the Edson AB soldiers are happy to have relief, there are more than a few who are resentful that it's come from the CF and not their own army.

Today marked the first engagement with the Cylon forces when an air patrol ran into some Raiders. No casualties were sustained and the Cylons were chased off.

Bird Troubles

Faraday -- Sat Feb 04, 2017 10:13pm
As if it weren't bad enough having Raptors falling out of the sky, the Wolfpack is now discovering that the Vipers are more temperamental than usual in the tropical Canceron environment. The effects vary, but some mechanical things are getting corroded quickly in the wet environment, and some electrical systems are not withstanding the heat and humidity like they should.

The Raptors, which were more heavily tested in atmospheric conditions, don't seem to be having these same issues. The flight crew is working diligently to resolve the problems.

Although the Wolfpack brought along its full complement of fighters, they also have access to the Canceron Army Air Force planes on the base. Edson is equipped with two squadrons of atmospheric "Jaguar" class fighters. The Jaguars are slower than the Vipers, but a little more heavily armored and equipped with two missile hardpoints. And they're built for jungle climes. Viper pilots can get checked out on the Jaguars with just a few hours' orientation and practice time.

Bombs? Yes. Fever? Maybe.

Stefan -- Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:15pm
The evening of Tuesday, February 21st saw an unexpected emergency unfold in the Parade Grounds. Following a Cylon bombing of the village of Charsadda, the victims -- both military and civilian -- were brought via Raptor to the base's medical facilities.

Many fatalities were reported.

Rumours spread in the aftermath that several of the victims were horribly mangled, some losing limbs -- and even more troubling, an area within the Infirmary is now quarantined off. There's no official word on who is within, but according to the scuttlebutt, an eight year-old Charsadda girl and Sergeant Mikolas Kovac are two of those kept on the other side of the heavy plastic sheeting. Spiro fever may have returned to Edson Air Base.

(OOC: Many thanks to Mikolas for running this! All questions to him and/or Faraday.)

Fever Precautions

Faraday -- Tue Feb 21, 2017 11:29pm
Whatever lies within the quarantined area, it doesn't take long before the medical staff spreads the word to the other unit commanders to tell their people to be vigilant about their mosquito precautions. The morning briefings remind people that Spiro Fever is a bloodborne virus. While it isn't spread through casual contact, it is spread through mosquitos.

OOC> For more details about Spiro Fever, its symptoms, treatments, etc. see

Fever Confirmed

Faraday -- Wed Feb 22, 2017 6:55pm
Word spreads that clinic has three confirmed cases of Spiro Fever, putting the base on edge. Any troops who came into contact with bodily fluids during the evacuation yesterday have been cautioned to be alert for signs of the virus and report to the clinic immediately if they feel unwell.

OOC Note: There is no quarantine, since Spiro Fever is not spread through casual contact. However, the fever cases are being kept separate (in a repurposed large storage room) just so the medical staff can be extra-cautious with contact precautions and blood products.

Lost Wolves

Faraday -- Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:53am
It was a dark day for the Wolfpack. A bombing raid targeting a Cylon supply dump / staging ground met stiff resistance on the way to their target. Two Raptors (Digger&Whamo / Link&Mince) and a Edson Jaguar pilot (Tiger) went down in the jungle in enemy territory.

As if that weren't enough, the CAG's viper suffered heavy damage, made worse by heavy rains on the way back to base. He suffered a control systems failure during landing and crashed. The Viper burst into flames, and despite the speedy response of the flight crew and nearby pilots with firefighting gear, the CAG was badly burned. He is in critical condition at the base's clinic.

Captain Eva Thorne is acting CAG.

OOC: The Argonaut squadron leader would be Kallas' second in command if she were here. But since she isn't, Eva is next up. There will be a new NPC CAG assigned soon-ish. This is no reflection on Eva - it's just my policy to have all department heads be NPCs.

Hurricane and Rescue

Faraday -- Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:57am
A massive storm rolled in late this afternoon. Hurricane-force winds that have knocked down a few trees and done minor damage to a few buildings. Flight visibility is near-zero in the driving rain, so all flights have been grounded. This includes the planned SAR mission for the downed pilots.

A marine patrol has been sent out by ground to secure the pilots' last known position. They will either make their way back or be picked up by Raptors if the weather clears. (OOC Note: This is the mission tomorrow.)

The hurricane is expected to last until late tomorrow (Saturday) evening when it will taper off to just the usual annoying rain.

March 2237

Back from the Jungle

Faraday -- Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:55pm
(Sorry I forgot to post this sooner.)

The rescue mission returned from the jungle with Link & Mince in tow, both with moderate injuries. Digger and Whamo's bodies were recovered, but they were killed in the crash. Canceron pilot Tiger's plane fireballed on impact, and no remains were found.

Kallas was airlifted to the mainland hospital with extensive burns. He's got a decent chance of survival, but he's still in critical condition and it's widely speculated that the war is over for him. The new CAG is supposed to arrive any day now, but nothing is known about him/her.

The hurricane has ended, with the rain tapering off to its usual levels of "argh, it's raining AGAIN" annoyance.

The Doctor's Bare Face

Eli -- Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:45pm
A rumour spreads fast through the base.

He's shaved it.
The doctor's shaved off his beard.

New CAG Arrives

Faraday -- Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:51pm
The new CAG has arrived (technically a few days ago, but you know how scuttlebutt goes, especially when Fara forgets). His name is Major Kyle "Spider" Webb and he's from Virgon. He's been hanging out with the pilots, getting to know folks. Some are not so keen about the replacement for dear Kallas.

Cylon Fever

Faraday -- Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:40pm
The marines were sent to interrupt a Cylon operation in a local farming village on the "friendly" side of the front yesterday. Rumour has it they found evidence that the Toasters had been frakking around with mosquitos in some kind of freaky lab experiment. Are they behind the outbreak? Inquiring soldiers want to know. And wear lots of insect repellent.

Faraday replied on Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:41pm
By the way, there were no signs of humans found at the village, living or dead. Had they evacuated, or are they now prisoners with the others suspected of being held in Honnal?


Faraday -- Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:20pm
Word spreads around base that the virologists at Canceron's equivalent of the CDC, working closely with the doctors at Edson (especially Eli), have made a breakthrough in treating the Cylon-engineered strain of Spiro Fever. Turns out that when the Cylons monkeyed with the virus to make it more virulent, they also introduced a weakness that the doctors were able to exploit into a full-blown cure.

Note: This cure is not effective against the normal local strain of the virus, but the Cylon variant is the one that's behind the current epidemic.

Edson's pilot complement is expected to begin returning to the base over the next few days.

Welcome Home

Faraday -- Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:50pm
With the Canceron forces beginning to trickle back to their barracks, many have begun to speculate if the Galactica crew will be withdrawn soon. Nothing official has been announced, but since the CF's presence here was prompted by the outbreak, it stands to reason that they will be pulled out once Edson is back to full strength.
The news has prompted a welcome home gift, of sorts, for the returning forces. A 'tag', built of stones has appeared on the rocky beach just past the Flight Line, where anyone coming into or leaving the base by air will see it. It reads, simply, 'BSG-75'.
In other news, there are some rumours that there may be even be an attempt to liberate Honnal soon.

Edson Airbase Falls

Faraday -- Sat Mar 25, 2017 11:08pm
Here is a summary of the scene-sets from tonight's event, laying out the gist of what happened.
Robots don't sleep. Maybe they recharge? Either way they are not slaves to the day/night cycle as humans are. And while the base never fully sleeps, things do wind down after midnight. A modest night shift handles the clinic, gates and security (ground and air) while the rest of the crew gets some shut-eye.
It is perhaps knowing this habit that the Cylons choose now to strike. There's no advance warning. Maybe somebody dropped the ball somewhere, or the Cylons really pulled the wool over their eyes. Either way, the base's alarm klaxons go off just seconds before the bombs start falling, giving the base a very rude awakening. Explosions are really the worst alarm clock ever.
The airfield is the first target for the attacking Raiders - and boy there are a hell of a lot of them. Bursts of flame erupt from the buildings along the flight line, casting an orange-ish glow across the base. More bombs fall in the central base area too, one striking the north end of the enlisted barracks and one taking out a few cars in the parking lot outside the admin complex. As the klaxons continue to wail, one of the Raiders makes a strafing run across the courtyard, churning up dirt and gravel. A few Colonial fighters manage to launch, but they are vastly outnumbered. A pair of Heavy Raiders is landing on the parade ground, Centurions jumping out of the side hatches even before the ships have fully touched down.
Gunfire (of the small-arms variety) joins the cacophony of explosions and strafing runs as the Centurions begin pouring out of the Raiders and shooting everything in sight. A much smaller number of Colonial guns return fire. There's a HUGE explosion on the flight line as the Tylium depot goes up, sending flaming debris raining down everywhere. More bombs fall in the central area too.
"ATTENTION ALL PERSONNEL. ATTENTION ALL PERSONNEL," The blare of the alarm klaxons is replaced by the crackle of loudspeakers. "CODE-TEN-ONE. I say again, CODE-TEN-ONE. All hands eva...." The message cuts off abruptly then, and anyone looking that way would see that a bomb has just struck the central admin building. But everyone knows what they were about to say: evacuate. An unlikely contingency that was introduced to all crew members during their orientation. If the base falls, get out on Raptors. Failing that - as seems to be likely here given the flaming state of the airfield - retreat into the jungle.
As the attack continues, it's clear that the base is completely overwhelmed. The sky is full of Raiders, and the few Colonial ships that managed to make it off the ground don't last long against those odds.

April 2237

The Rescue

Faraday -- Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:13pm
The jungle crew managed to successfully rescue the captured prisoners from Edson in a daring raid late in the night. A three-pronged distraction confused the Cylons while a fourth group freed the prisoners. Immediately upon hitting the jungle, the survivors broke up into three groups and headed off in different directions to foil pursuit.
One crew member was killed in a brief firefight during the escape, and another died of her wounds later that night, but the rest appear to have made it out safely.
However, Eli and Mikolas did not reach the rendezvous point. Their fate is unknown.

XO Phone Home

Faraday -- Sun Apr 02, 2017 11:14pm
The Cylon comms tower was taken out, and the jamming has stopped - at least for the moment. The portable walkie-talkie they've got has enabled them to make contact with two other groups of survivors hiding out in the jungle, one of which is led by Colonel Ryan. But they don't have the signal strength to raise anyone off the island.
To reduce the chance of detection, the radios are being used only in short bursts or for emergencies. Physical meetup points at known locations are being set up to enable the different groups to stay in contact. But at least the jungle crew knows they're not alone!
Now if they could just boost the signal somehow, before the Cylons start jamming them again...

Things Afoot

Faraday -- Sat Apr 08, 2017 12:44am
It was too good to last... the Cylons must've repaired the Edson comm tower, for the jamming is back. Techies with Ryan's group think they can break through, but they've been scrounging for parts to build the frequency-hopping thingy they need.
Anticipating this eventuality, the various groups had arranged several rendezvous locations where they can meet up and/or pass messages to each other.
One such message comes in late this evening: The XO wants a few volunteers from each group to report to the rendezvous point tomorrow afternoon in preparation for a ground attack mission. (OOC: This is tomorrow's event. If you can't make it, you'll just be assumed to have drawn the short straw or volunteered to stay back and protect the camp and the wounded).

Meanwhile In Space

Faraday -- Sat Apr 08, 2017 1:02am
While the Wolfpack and Alpha/Bravo Companies have been having "fun" down on Canceron, Galactica has spent the last three months back in Tauron space. Atray province wasn't quite as buttoned up as everyone thought. The Cylons launched another offensive - this time to the west.
Fighting continued on the new front for awhile, and at one point a base star jumped in briefly to supply reinforcements before jumping back out. The Vanguard was heavily damaged and forced to return to the Scorpia docks for repairs, but the base star avoided tangling with Galactica directly.
But now the combined Tauron/CF forces have driven the Cylons back across the western front, even reclaiming some ground previously lost. Galactica is now preparing to depart for Canceron space.
The crew knows that Isabel Island was overrun. A dozen or so survivors made it out of Edson and eventually made their way back to Galactica. But beyond that, they don't know much about what's befallen their shipmates in the jungle. Admiral Bauer has pledged to the crew that recovering - or avenging - their fellow crew will be their top priority.
Galactica is scheduled to jump to Canceron tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

Escapes and Rescue Plans

Faraday -- Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:39am
After the ground team executed a raid to secure a heavy raider and rescue some human prisoners, Eva and Finn hot-wired the Raider and made a mad dash to friendly skies. They made it by the skin of their teeth. Some clever signaling from the pilots combined with some quick thinking by the Canceron flight leader resulted in the Canceron pilots going after the Cylon pursuit ships and not the stolen Raider.
This all happened Saturday night. The pilots spent most of Sunday being debriefed to make sure they weren’t Cylon collaborators, transferred over to Galactica, then debriefed some more to find out the state of things on the ground.
Late Sunday, a supply pod was dropped from high-altitude to the jungle near the old mine. The cache contained more weapons, ammo, medical supplies, rations and clothing. Most importantly - it had a suitcase-sized radio capable of breaking through the jamming to communicate with the fleet.
After some back and forth communication (short bursts to keep the Cylons from triangulating their location), there are now plans afoot. The Cylons have air superiority, but Galactica will risk flying a couple of Raptors down to the flats by the river village, drop off some marines and pick up the wounded.
While the people on the ground were anxious to be rescued, apparently CF commands has other plans for them for now.

Fresh Meat!

Beckham -- Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:47pm
As the evening twilight faded to evening, an odd sight was seen at the mines being used as a makeshift base - PO1 Dorn and Sergeant Niles returning with a large boar that they had taken down being carried on a makeshift drag. The boar had already been field stripped, and the conversation between the two was quiet, before the boar was dropped off with supply to be cooked and doled out, while the two went their seperate ways, but not before Beckham recovered his rifle from Tamlin, since he was in charge of dragging the pig.

Croc Attack

Faraday -- Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:48am
A marine, Corporal Wynick, was attacked by a crocodile last night by the river. His leg had to be amputated, but he's stable now. Tamlin and Beckham got the croc, but Col. Ryan has warned everyone to be careful around the river - especially at dusk.
The XO also reminded everyone (especially the new arrivals) of the other jungle dangers - snakes, wild boars, disease-ridden mosquitos (one solider is incapacitated with Spiro Fever and a second one has a milder case), and of course... Toasters.
He urges everyone to use gunfire and radios only when absolutely necessary to avoid attracting Cylon attention. Of course, defending yourself against wild animals is considered necessary so he's not upset about anything that's happened so far. It's just a fatherly reminder.

Mission Planning

Faraday -- Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:06pm
Col. Ryan (Planetside - ground forces) and Maj. Moreau (Galactica - pilots) each gave briefings to their people today detailing a bold plan to strike the city of Honnal. The Cylons have been building it up as a base of operations for several months, and command believes that a solid blow there will cut the legs out of the Cylon resistance on Isabel Island.
This is a major operation, involving both CF and Canceron forces. It is a multi-pronged assault. The PCs will be in two places:
(Ground) Before the air assault, the marines on the ground will be sneaking into the city to perform sabotage at the starport (which the Cylons have taken over as an airfield).
(Air) The PC pilots will be the first wave in the air assault, taking out air defense turrets and then dogfighting with Cylon Raiders.
If you can't make the mission event, you're welcome to assume your PC was doing stuff off-camera with one of the other groups. Other air forces will be providing air cover, striking Cylon supply caches and factories, and ferrying in ground troops. Other ground forces will be coordinating the evacuation of any humans found in the city.


Faraday -- Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:19am
From yesterday (Friday), I just forgot to post it:
The air wing was on patrol when a mayday came in from a transport ship being attacked by Raiders. The ship was already damaged when the CAP arrived, and although they did fight off the Raiders, too much damage had been done and the ship had to be abandoned. SAR birds from Galactica picked up the survivors (in escape pods) and the ship exploded.

Battle of Honnal

Faraday -- Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:41am
The Battle of Honnal was the biggest engagement the Colonial Forces have undertaken so far - a joint assault with pilots and marines from the entire Phoenix Taskforce and Canceron forces. The assault started at dusk and the fighting lasted well into the night. The fighting was brutal at times and there were moderate casualties, but the colonials prevailed. The Cylon forces were routed and the city retaken.
Kona (to the west) and Edson/Ruanira (to the east) are still under Cylon control, but the bulk of their material and strength was decimated in Honnal. The intel folks think (well, hope) that they won't have any trouble clearing out the rest of the island.
Based on initial intel reports, they had prepared for large number of rescued human prisoners - possibly numbering in the thousands. But in the end found only a few hundred. It's got people wondering - where did the prisoners go?
Some ground and air forces were left in Honnal to secure it, but all of the PCs have returned to Galactica, including those previously stranded in the jungle.


Faraday -- Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:02am
The medical and deck crews worked all through the night dealing with the damage from the battle, but by morning things had settled a bit. The Commander made an announcement in recognition of their victory, and said that a funeral service was being planned for their fallen comrades. The Canceron military was confident it could finish mopping things up on Isabel Island, and word came down that Galactica was bound back to Scorpia for resupply, repairs (mostly on the birds ... the Galactica itself wasn't damaged) and R&R. Seems that the crew will be getting a little break.
Galactica is slated to arrive at Scorpia tomorrow (Monday) and remain for about a week.

At Scorpia

Faraday -- Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:58pm
The taskforce jumped to Scorpia this morning.
The Galactica is docked at Scorpia Shipyards. The ship is at Condition 3, with minimal crew on duty at any given time. The crew have unlimited access to the amenities at the space station (the bar/lounge, obs deck - there's even a park area in the center) when not on duty.
In limited numbers, crew are being ferried down to Argentum Bay for shore leave on 24-hour passes. Lucky/well-behaved crew might even get multiple passes in a row.
OOC Notes:
- Shore leave is flexible, just don't go crazy and try to spend the whole week down there or anything.
- If you want to go somewhere other than Argentum Bay, you'll have to request special permission. Talk to me.
- Argentum Bay is kinda like Rio de Janeiro. Mostly safe if you stick to the touristy areas, but dangerous if you go to the wrong area or get caught up in the clan violence in the city proper. The beaches are nice and there's some mountainous rainforest nearby if you haven't had enough jungle.
- I'd suggest using the new scene system for RP on the Shipyards or Scorpia. Unlike a RP Room, it makes it easy to denote a scene as public/private and let people know where you are ICly. (help scenes)

Ceremony and Ball

Faraday -- Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:15pm
Also announced today by Adm. Bauer: there will be an awards/promotion ceremony Friday evening, followed by a formal ball. Both will take place at a swanky resort hotel in Argentum Bay. Dust off your dress uniforms! (Per tradition, female crew members may wear either civilian formalwear or their dress uniforms, as they wish.)
OOC Note: The crew has not been issued CF dress uniforms, and instead will wear the dress uniforms from their home militaries. Here are some ideas of what the dress uniforms from different colonies look like. Most armies have some variants so don't feel strictly bound to this. They're just for inspiration. If you want to suggest one for your home colony, please contact me!
Caprica (thanks Beckham):
Picon (thanks Van):
Aquaria (thanks Erin):
Leonese Foreign Legion (Marines) (thanks Donny):
Leonese Foreign Legon (Navy) (thanks Aldrich):
Leonese Foreign Legion (Medical Corps) (thanks Eli):
Aerilon (thanks Finn and... Beckham I think?):
Scorpia (thanks Evan):
Faraday replied on Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:17pm
OOC Note: The event Friday is for the ball. We'll skip over the ceremony because those things are just torture to RP out.


Faraday -- Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:33pm
The promotions list has been announced ICly. The new rank will take effect when pinned on in the ceremony on Friday.
LTJG Van Newton --> LT
ENS Calliope Drake --> LTJG
Specialist Isolde Asa --> ENS (Officially!)
PFC Geoff Courtois --> LCPL
LCPL Cate Rhodes --> CPL
LT Eli Cadmus --> CAPT
ENS Aldrich Kavanaugh --> LTJG
A whole bunch of NPCs too.
Early on it was unclear how promotions would work in the CF since everyone is officially a member of their home military. Adm Bauer as part of the promotion announcement clarified that all of these promotions are effective in their home militaries as well, per reciprocal agreements with the other colonies.
OOC: The criteria for being promoted were: (1) being below E5/O4 and (2) actively RPed prior the Canceron plotline. If you think I've missed anybody, please let me know!
Faraday replied on Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:39pm
Further OOC clarification I forgot to add...
- E5 promotions (to E6) are theoretically possible but you also have to be at least vaguely close to the time in rank requirement.
- E6 and O4 are the max PC ranks. This is quite deliberate, as a driving feature of the game is keeping everyone ICly on an even playing field. Once you get past that milestone you become a "senior officer" / "senior NCO" -- it's a big divide. More responsibilities, departmental leadership, separate berthings and mess hall, etc. We're just not going to have that here, sorry.
If your char would otherwise be eligible for promotion due to time in rank, you're welcome to assume that your char was offered a choice: Stay with the Timber Wolves or be promoted and transferred to a leadership position off the ship. Naturally you'd have chosen the Wolves, since that's where the game is :) Or you can RP righteous indignation at being slighted for reasons known only to the promotion board.
Jo replied on Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:42pm
Hee, or just orchestrate a plot that makes your character totally unlikely to be promoted because they pissed off the wrong Important Dude. XD

Top Shot

Beckham -- Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:28pm
Already, it's going around the ship. The fact that a medic - a Hibernian medic outshot everyone to win the top shot of the Wolf Pack. That one of the rifles was so messed up that a Recon soldier was given a second chance. That a marriage name was settled over the shoot out. And perhaps there is a rumor that the one that can outshoot the medic that won the competition would somehow win her hand and a chance to woo her. Of course, that's just a silly thing, right?

A Clan Edict

Eli -- Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:16pm
As the crew of Galactica start taking shore leave, an edict has been broadcast from Argentum Bay that should put the Scorpian clansfolk at ease.
The Crossguard Clan, which controls most of Argentum Bay, has decreed that all Colonial Forces soldiers are protected from blood feuds or inter-clan violence for the duration of their stay. This edict was made in recognition of the Colonial Forces' efforts to protect the Twelve Colonies from the Cylons.
No punishment for breaking the edict is outlined, but those who understand clan justice don't need to ask. That means crewmembers from rival clans can move freely in territory they would otherwise be considered behind enemy lines, and people who would otherwise be considered traitors to their clan can move around without fear of violence.

Timber Wolves Assemble

Faraday -- Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:11am
The formation of the Timber Wolves was formally announced today. There were two separate briefings (due to space and duty coordination) so if you missed the +event feel free to assume you were briefed in the other one. You can read the Colonel's speech in the log for details of what was conveyed:
A few highlights:
- You all have been selected for the new Timber Wolves special forces unit. There are other NPCs coming too from Galactica and from the other taskforce.
- You'll be transferring over to Vanguard sometime next week, but not yet.
- There will be some kind of extra training, but they can't take the time to send everyone off to intensive special forces school. The war's waiting. So they'll have to sort out the details of what the training entails.

Award Ceremony

Faraday -- Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:31pm
The following awards were given out at the awards ceremony today. See the new wiki page for details about each award:
[Eva, Finn] In action on Canceron in the days preceding the Battle of Honnal. CAPT Thorne and CAPT O’Day escaped from a Cylon prison facility, rescuing two of their fellow crew members. They then planned a daring mission to steal a Cylon Heavy Raider and re-establish contact with the Colonial Fleet. Despite having minimal flight control, Thorne and O’Day were able to evade Cylon pursuit and signal friendly forces. In recognition of their initiative, piloting skill and dedication to duty, they are awarded the Phoenix Cross, the CF’s second-highest medal for valor.
[Calliope, Mikolas, Eli, Tamlin, Cate, Geoff, Aldrich] After the fall of Edson Air Base on Canceron, LT Cadmus, ENS Drake, ENS Kavanaugh, PO1 Dorn, SGT Kovac, LCPL Rhodes and PFC Courtois escaped to the jungle. At great risk to themselves, this group returned to Edson and executed a daring raid to rescue fellow crew members who had been taken prisoner by the Cylons. They also assisted in securing the Cylon Heavy Raider so CAPTs Thorne and O’Day could re-establish contact with friendly forces. Despite being injured and stranded in the jungle for several weeks, Courtois, Rhodes, Kavanaugh, Kovac and Dorn refused evacuation and went on to fight in the Battle of Honnal. For their gallantry under fire and devotion to their shipmates, they are awarded the Silver Cluster.
[Van] For the valor and skill displayed in becoming the Colonial Forces’ first ace, and also first double ace, LTJG Newton is awarded the Silver Cluster.
[Eva, Finn, Kazimir] For the valor and skill displayed in becoming an ace with the Colonial Forces, CAPT Thorne, CAPT O’Day and CAPT Fairchild are awarded the Distinguished Aerospace Medal.
[Niemec] For exemplary performance in numerous search-and-rescue operations, and for being instrumental in the protection of Illi Dam during Operation:Bullhorn, CAPT Niemec is awarded the Distinguished Aerospace Medal.
[Beckham, Mikolas, Cate] After the fall of Edson Air Base, SGT Kovac, SGT Niles and LCPL Rhodes tended to numerous battlefield injuries with minimal supplies and no support. For their efforts saving the lives of their fellow shipmates, they are awarded the Distinguished Marine Medal.
[Tamlin, Danica] During Operation:Bullhorn, several Raptors suffered catastrophic mechanical and electrical failure. Working in their spare time, PO1 Dorn and ENS Reznik pinpointed the cause of the failure, preventing the loss of further equipment and lives. For their ingenuity and dedication, they are awarded the Fleet Commendation Medal.
[Eli] For instrumental contributions in researching a cure for the Cylon genetically-engineered Spiro Fever, LT Cadmus is awarded the Fleet Commendation Medal.
[Calliope] After the fall of Edson Air Base, ENS Drake found herself in command of a small unit of survivors in the jungle of Canceron. Despite her lack of command experience, Drake rose to the occasion and led the survivors in a raid to free captured prisoners at Edson. For her leadership in dire circumstances, she is awarded the Meritorious Leadership Medal.
[Kallas] For meritorious service and inspiring leadership, welding disparate elements of a new and untested unit into an effective fighting force, MAJ Kallas is awarded the Meritorious Leadership Medal.
Both the Wolfpack and the 1st Platoon, Alpha Company Marines are awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation. This means all the PCs are eligible to wear this medal.
The remaining awards are badges and campaign medals awarded to a bunch of people (even folks who came in off the roster):
* Anyone with any damage in their damage report receives the Sacrifice Medal. You can get a subsequent award for each separate battle (not each separate wound).
* Anyone who participated in Operation: Bullhorn is awarded the Tauron Campaign Medal.
* Anyone who participated in Operation: Jungle Fever or Operation: Run Through the Jungle is awarded the Canceron Campaign Medal.
* Pilots and non-medic marines who participated in a ground combat event log are awarded the Ground Combat Badge (Silver).
* Medic marines who participated in a ground combat event log are awarded the Combat Medical Badge (Silver).
* Pilots who participated in an air/space combat event log are awarded the Aerospace Combat Badge.
* Anyone with a history of service with the ICJPK receives the ICJPK Service Medal.

Party Rumors

Beckham -- Sat Apr 22, 2017 3:30pm
What happens when you put armed forces of the twelve colonies all in one room and add an unlimited bar tab? Shenannigans, of course! Among the more juicy rumors of the night include:
* A sword fight between a Virgon Sergeant and a Leonis Ensign, supposedly over the affections of a Hibernian Lieutenant, of all things.
* A Tauron stealing a Caprican flag and wearing it like a toga.
* An Aerilon Lieutenant offering to do carrier landings so everyone can see what's under his kilt.
* A marriage proposal between a pair of Capricans on the beach.
If you have more details, feel free to add them!

Happy Duties

Beckham -- Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:37pm
Earlier in the day, Tamlin Dorn and Beckham Niles were spotted heading into the chapel - Beckham was in his Caprican dress uniform and Tamlin was in a simple white dress. The two of them left after about 20 minutes, and it was said that even the Chaplain couldn't help but to smile at carrying out one of the more pleasurable duties of his title.

Enjoying the Respite

Faraday -- Mon Apr 24, 2017 2:56pm
Word is that the taskforce will be shipping out again early next week, so crew members have been making the most out of their shore leave, enjoying the break from war while they can. This has led to a few brawls and arguments as long-buried stresses boil over, but the command crew seems to be a bit more lenient than usual under the circumstances.
New crew members - mostly from Taskforce: Manticore - have been arriving to join the Timber Wolves. There's reportedly been a delay with the retrofits on the Vanguard, so nobody's actually moved over to the other ship yet. But scuttlebutt says it could be any day now.
In the mean time, both the pilots and marines have been conducting training exercises. Major Webb is reportedly on a tear about a poor performance by some of the (NPC) Wolfpack pilots the other day, and some of them have been seen cleaning up the planes on the hangar deck - polishing and repainting and other menial tasks.

Vanguard Transfers

Faraday -- Thu Apr 27, 2017 12:28pm
Crew members have begun transferring over to the Vanguard, the new Timber Wolves carting their duffel bags into Raptors and then over to their new berthings. There's some grumbling among the officers that the Timber Wolves are all bunking in the same berthing area on the new ship - no enlisted/officer divide. Of course, the enlisted people are quite happy about that because it means 2-high bunks instead of 3-high ones.
OOC: I've created exits going between the Vanguard and Galactica hangar decks. You can travel back and forth between the two ships freely via regular Raptor flights.


Faraday -- Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:46am
A training flight jumped with the LCV Soteria to do some training in an asteroid field further out in the sector. They ran into a few Raider contacts. Roara and Cap scored their first kills, and there was minimal friendly damage.
Although the incident occurred outside of Scorpian system space, it was still in this sector, closer than anyone expected them to be. Added patrols have been sent out by the CF and Scorpian Fleet, but the ship remains at Condition 4 and shore leave is still permitted.

Surprise Attack

Faraday -- Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:59pm
Scorpia was thought to be safe. The Cylons had been driven out early on, and the shipyards were well-defended by fleet ships and its own defenses. CF Intel didn't think the Cylons would try to target it. They were wrong.
Early in the evening of 4/29, two base stars jumped into Scorpian space and launched a frak-ton of Raiders. It was a massive space battle that is soon dubbed the Battle of Scorpia in the news nets and hailed as a Colonial victory. The shipyards escaped anything worse than superficial damage, and the combined CF Taskforce / Scorpian Navy took down a base star - an uncommon accomplishment. The second basestar jumped away, leaving behind its Raiders to be mopped up by the colonials.
The victory was not without cost. Galactica and Sotiera took significant damage, and will have to stay longer at Scorpia to get repaired again. Several fighters were damaged or destroyed.
Jigger was disabled and feared dead, but he must have nine lives. He's in the Galactica infirmary with shrapnel wounds but he'll be okay.

Kazimir was not so lucky. As the Wolves tried to bring down some nukes that were heading for the shipyards, the badly-wounded pilot rammed the nuke with his ship - destroying himself along with the missile.

Speaking Ill

Faraday -- Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:48pm
As the Timber Wolves mourn the loss of Captain Kazimir Fairchild, his death has not been without controversy. The CAG has been heard criticizing the pilot's decision to ram the missile, causing it "senseless". This has set off a few arguments among the pilots about whether there was actually enough time for the rest of the squadron to get the nuke before it hit the shipyards. Was his death a valiant sacrifice or a tragic waste? While everyone may have a different opinion on that, what most tend to agree on is that it's poor form for Major Webb to speak ill of the dead.

May 2237

Operation: Mission of Mercy

Faraday -- Wed May 03, 2017 3:02pm
With the taskforce cut off from the 'nets for security reasons, the Vanguard crew is spared the 24/7 news cycle of the civilian world. But if they were privvy to it, they might have seen a story developing over the past 24 hours on Canceron. A powerful earthquake in the Nangana Ocean off the coast of the province of Kannur led to a tsunami sweeping across the region's coastline. There is terrible devastation. Tens - possibly hundreds - of thousands are dead, even more homeless. Relief agencies from all over the Twelve Colonies have been mobilized to help.
It's not normally something that would involve the Colonial Forces, but there's a catch. Not far from the devastated coastline is a pocket of Cylon territory, so it was considered a hot zone even before the natural disaster.
With Galactica still undergoing repairs at Scorpia, the Vanguard and Timber Wolves are being sent to Kannur Province. Their mission is two-fold: Support humanitarian efforts in the region (delivering supplies, ferrying and guarding aid workers, medevacs, rescue operations) and help defend the aid workers (and what's left of the civilians in the area) against any Cylon incursions.
Colonel Ryan says that the Canceron military will have point on defense, which everyone hopes will free up the Timber Wolves to actually strike back at the Cylons for a change.
Faraday replied on Wed May 03, 2017 3:05pm
At the moment, the Vanguard is preparing to depart, taking on supplies (including some small motor boats from Scorpia since there's still flooding in places) and getting the birds ready and everything. They're set to jump later tonight. I'll post another notice when you arrive at Canceron.

Disaster Unfolding

Faraday -- Thu May 04, 2017 5:27pm
The Vanguard has arrived at Canceron. Things are even worse than they seemed on the news reports that Colonel Ryan shared with the crew during the briefing. Though there's been no Cylon activity (YET!), the crew will be doing round-the-clock shifts with modest rest periods in-between.
Pilots: Search and rescue, combat air patrols over the province, ferrying supplies and personnel, medevac flights to hospitals outside the disaster zone.
Marines: Search and rescue, ground security, construction of temporary shelters, helping with evacuations and medevacs.
Probably other stuff I haven't thought of. Support personnel can assist wherever it makes sense, and pilots can help with ground operations too when it's not their turn to fly (as there are more pilots than there are planes due to the flight rotations).
OOC Note: For context, they're facing a situation similar to the aftermath of the big 2004 tsunami: Bear in mind it's been only about 36 hours since the disaster, so it's still the very early stages of assistance.

Upgraded Security

Tucker -- Fri May 05, 2017 10:34pm
After reports that a Raptor ECO was killed and a pilot injured in an attack on Canceron, all Raptor relief flights are now required to carry one armed Marine as escort outside of combat medics. It is a reminder of the dangers that humanity can still pose, even in this worse of crisis situations.

Negotiator or Hostage?

Salvae -- Sat May 06, 2017 12:16pm
Word spreads that 'Big Al' (Aldrich), the ship's Chaplain is in 'negotiations' with a rebel cell operating in Kannur. In exchange for supplies and a truce, they'll help with intel about a mining town in the mountains that's been overrun by cylons. No word back on if Command will back Big Al's play.

Rescue Efforts

Faraday -- Sat May 06, 2017 3:57pm
The crew of the Vanguard has been hard at work since arriving at Canceron. They've done a lot of good things - helping to set up shelters and get a hospital functioning again, rescuing people from rooftops and from underneath collapsed buildings, delivering desperately-needed supplies and food. And yet for all their tireless efforts, sometimes it seems as though they've barely made a dent in the suffering.
A stomach virus is spreading through at least one of the refugee camps, and medical staff are taking precautions to prevent waterborne diseases. Planetbound crews are advised not to drink any untreated water, to wear coveralls and keep any open wounds covered.

Caprican Controlled Colonial Fleet?

Beckham -- Sat May 06, 2017 9:41pm
Filed in the Canceron Press:
In the aftermath of the disaster in the Kannur Province, the Colonial Fleet was quick to offer aid and assistance, as well as troops. But was the reason for these arriving troops really to offer assistance, or in the first wave to set up and establish a Colonial presence on Canceron? And why would they do that? As this reporter found out, there is a disproportionate amount of Caprican troops in the Colonial Fleet.
According to one of their number, Lieutenant JG Calliope Drake of Caprica, they are here to help, but they also have Captain Paige Greystone with them. The same Greystone that created the Cylons. Now they are conviently showing up here to assist with 'disaster relief' after the Cylon attacks on Canceron were repulsed? Should we be concerned with the Cylon presence on Canceron? Of course. But perhaps we should ask our own questions about who really controls the Colonial Fleet. As LTJG Drake put it, all of the colonies serve on the ships, but she doesn't know their names. If the Capricans are pulling the strings, is everyone else in the fleet expendable?

Our Lady of Nanshe

Beckham -- Sun May 07, 2017 12:43pm
During the evening of May 6, 2237, a group of Vanguard Marines and Pilots were deployed in Raptors to a small valley village that had been hit hard by the tsunami and mudslides. Upon arriving, they discovered a church still intact, tended to by orphans of various ages and sisters of Lady Nanshe, a minor Goddess of Orphans and Widows.
The Pilots immediately went to work - of particular note was Caprica, who herded many of the orphans into helping her with supplies, while Tamlin started to work on repairing the basic services to the church. While they were there, however, they were told of a search team that was sent out to find help had gone missing. Captain Niemec immediately led a search teams to seek out the missing civilians.
They were found, along with a small squad of Cylons that had captured them. The Cylons were engaged, and in the battle, Niemec, Sergeant Dorn, and Staff Sergeant Delgado were wounded. Sergeant Dorn's injuries were determined to be bad enough to medevac him back to Vanguard while the civilians were recovered and work continues at the Orphanage.


Faraday -- Tue May 09, 2017 11:41pm
The Cylons have been more active in the northern hills. There was another incursion yesterday. The marine squad sent to intercept got pinned down and shot up pretty badly. An air wing patrol was sent in to provide cover and extract the survivors. Two of the marines died at the Canceron naval hospital they were taken to. One more remains there in critical condition. A couple others were walking wounded.
Rumour has it the brass is planning an offensive against the Cylons this weekend, but no specifics have been released.
In happier news, the most urgent/immediate phases of the disaster relief have been handled. Efforts have shifted from rescue to recovery as the hopes of finding anyone else alive have dwindled. The refugee tent city is operating as smoothly as can be expected, with aid and supplies continuing to pour in.
A little gathering was held to lift peoples' spirits, with food and music provided for the refugees by volunteers.


Calliope -- Wed May 10, 2017 7:59pm
It begins in the Head, as all great ideas do. A couple of pilots chattering after showers.

"Did you see Bullseye running out of the CAG's office like her ass was on fire?"
"Yeah, he chewed her for getting cornered by that reporter on Canceron. Poor kid."
"Eh, serves her right, she looked like an idiot. I bet the PR flaks are having fun with that right now."
"I was not a great soundbite. Got to say."
"Heh, Soundbite. Should try that out on the comms next time you're on CAP with her. Bullseye is just going to go to her head now that she's made ace."
"We can't have that!"
So let it be written, so let it be done, Calliope's callsign is Soundbite now.

Recon Returns

Beckham -- Thu May 11, 2017 1:08am
Late in the evening of 10 May, a single Raptor with dark paint returned to the Vanguard. Disgorged from the ship were a pair of recon Marines, dirty and haggard from a day in the field, but in good spirits. With them was a map that marked an area that one of the deckies suggested was Cylon positions around a town named 'Brighthampton' down on the surface.
The two Marine Corporals were immediatley pulled aside for debriefing from the Marine and Air Wing COs before being released for some much needed rest.


Faraday -- Fri May 12, 2017 11:09am
The Timber Wolves today were all called to a briefing by Colonel Ryan.
"Good work on the surface. This past week we've gotten them over the hump of the initial emergency, but the relief orgs have a ton of work ahead of them. They're not going to be able to do that work with the Cylons sitting on their doorstep causing trouble."
"Two days ago we started sending marine recon teams into Cylon territory to map out their locations. We've identified several installations and troop concentrations."
"Tonight we start hitting back, and we will not stop until northern Kannur is cleared of Toasters." This led to some spontaneous cheers from the assembled crew, which got a grin from Ryan.
"This will be a joint operation with Canceron forces. They'll have their targets; we'll have ours. Ops begin tonight. Your team leaders will give you more detailed briefings before the mission. Good luck everyone."
OOC Note: Will dole out the more specific mission assignments tonight/tomorrow at the events depending on who's around!

Offensive Begins

Faraday -- Sat May 13, 2017 10:48am
As Ryan promised, the CF began its offensive against Northern Kannur Province last night. Several Cylon strongholds were hit by CF and Canceron forces. Resistance was heavy overall.
The Timber Wolves pilots emerged mostly unscathed as they went after air defense batteries, clearing the way for further offensive patrols. They also ran into some Cylon aircraft.
The marines had a somewhat harder time, tangling with a pocket of Cylon troops on the ground. One squad of marines never made it to the battle. A Raptor malfunction prevented them from leaving the staging area, and they came under fire from a Cylon sniper plugging away at them from the forested hills. Sgt Beckham Dorn and Sgt Adam Jayne were both seriously injured and several other marines in the squad were moderately injured.
The Cylon sniper was taken out and recovered for study. It doesn't look any different from the regular model, other than the fact that it's painted with a black and green camo pattern over the usual chrome. The more alarm differnece is not the technology, but the idea that the Cylons may be changing their tactics and using some of the human's own tricks against them.
OOC Note: If you missed the missions, you can assume you were with the reserve forces doing SAR/medevac/security.

Dorn Transfer

Faraday -- Sun May 14, 2017 1:51pm
Word around the marines is that Beckham Dorn was transferred to a hospital on Canceron for further treatment for the wounds suffered Friday. There are whispers that he may be paralyzed, but one of the other marines insists that's not true. The doctors, of course, are not disclosing anything. Tamlin Dorn has reportedly gone with him to the hospital, and the deckies are saying she's accepted a transfer to enter marine training.
OOC: Tamlin and Beckham jointly decided to retire their chars.

Offensive Continues

Faraday -- Sun May 14, 2017 1:54pm
The air wing participated in a joint op with the Canceron Air Force last night, clearing out the skies so the Canceron forces could assault a Cylon airfield. The attack was a smashing success. Gwyndolen, Kell and Tucker each scored their first kills with the CF, and there were no friendly casualties.
The Cylons are digging in, consolidating their forces. The CF has been focused on picking off the smaller pockets and softening up the central targets, which rumour has it will be a tough nut to crack.


Faraday -- Sun May 14, 2017 2:05pm
As if the Centurions weren't enough, the Cylons reportedly have a new abomination in their arsenal, which a group of unfortunate marines encountered in a stream in Cylon territory yesterday: Ten foot long snakes. The snakes resemble an indigenous variety of Canceron python, but they've apparently been modified by the Cylons to add metallic razor-sharp teeth, some kind of enhancements to improve their jaws, and Gods know what else.

The native pythons are not known to go after people, so it's suspected that the Cylons might have done some sort of genetic or neural tinkering to increase their aggression.
Three marines were injured by the snakes, and Pvt. Walker died in sickbay from his wounds. One of the snakes was recovered and is in a cordoned-off area of Vanguard's hangar deck awaiting transfer back to Fleet Intel for further study. Access is restricted but people can see it at least from a distance.
Some have begun calling the snakes "Cythons".
The brass have alerted all personnel to be extra vigilant in and around the waters in enemy territory.

Mystery Cupcakes

Lyn -- Sun May 14, 2017 2:42pm
This morning, a few Wolves wake up to a surprise. Abigail, Aldrich, Cate, Gustavo, Remi, Rothschild, Martinez (NPC) and Rooker (NPC) find a chocolate cupcake, with marshmallowy icing on top of it, on the table nearest their berth. It comes complete with a toothpick crowning it, bearing a little pennant made of tape, with their name or call sign written on it. No one seems to know where they came from.

Live Bait

Tucker -- Mon May 15, 2017 10:14am
A Raptor on a return mission from dropping off supplies was shot down over Cylon held territory last night. A squad of Marines was sent out to rescue the crew, and found them pinned down by a group of Centurions. During the firefight, another of the black painted Cylons appeared, firing at the pilot and ECO, injuring both, before taking a shot at one of the Marine snipers and withdrawing when the last of the Centurions went down. Could the Cylons be using targets of opprotunity to set up traps and ambushes?

On Edge

Faraday -- Wed May 17, 2017 1:15pm
The shift in Cylon tactics - black-painted snipers, cythons, ambushes, gods know what else - has a lot of the crew members on edge and wondering what's coming next.
It's also spurred some to action, and there's been an uptick in training exercises in-between actual missions. Some say it's just what the unit needs; others think people are being pushed too hard with barely any down-time (unless it's in a sickbay rack, and there have been more than a few of those).
Offensive engagements continue. A fair bit of territory has been retaken, but the Cylons have fallen back to the central region and consolidated their forces there. A number of their strongholds are protected by mountains, canyons, and heavy anti-air defenses. Rumour has it the brass is gearing up for a major push in a few days.

Pickalittle talkalittle...

Aldrich -- Thu May 18, 2017 1:00am
"What the frack happened to the chaplain this time?"
"Who knows? Guess he volunteered for one too many medevac runs."
"What's /up/ with that guy, anyways? Seems like he's been out with the marines more than he's been in the chapel."
"Frack if I know. Maybe it's a Gemenese thing."
"...Yeah, I guess he /is/ kinda weird for a holy man, isn't he?"
"I mean, the way I hear it, he got banished from the colony for knocking off his sister, so..."
"Wait, for serious? I heard he left cause his dad sacrificed his mom to Ares or something."
"And you /believed/ that? Toast-for-brains..."
"Hey, shut up, that's just what I heard!"


Faraday -- Thu May 18, 2017 9:45am
The Raptors are being retrofitted with new missile launchers. The briefing asserts that these new missiles have longer range and more oompf. The down side, though - the birds now only carry two missiles instead of four.
Raptors can alternately be configured with the new unguided Talon rocket pack. Talons are not as deadly as the missiles, but the bird can carry 20 rockets.
And finally, for ground attack missions the Raptors can be equipped with ground attack rockets.

Fun And Games

Faraday -- Thu May 18, 2017 11:07am
"Did you catch that towel fight with Kovac in the head the other day? Man you should've seen him, not a stitch on, 'It's all fun and games till someone gets whacked in the balls' he said." The marine laughs. "Priceless."
The other marine chuckles. "No, but I heard about it. Heard he got pretty cozy with Rhodes after too. Man, is there anybody on this ship that guy hasn't hooked up with?"
"Wait, I thought Rhodes was seeing that pilot - what's his name, piano man."
Shrugging, the second says, "Dunno. But c'mon, it's Kovac. Maybe Rhodes is making up for lost time or something. Now there's a girl who's wound pretty tight." The conversation quickly devolves from there as the two snicker their way down the corridor.

Muted Celebration

Tucker -- Fri May 19, 2017 8:26am
News comes through the ship that the Timber Wolves have their first triple ace in the form of Eva "Cherry" Thorne after getting through an ambush of Cypers trying to masquerade as a fight with Raiders. While Cherry got her 15th kill, Aubrey "Banshee" Naxos got her first and second kills respectfully. Not all news was good, however, as Kell "Razor" Draygo was shot down during the skirmish and SAR had to be dispatched to recover him.

Bunk Mates

Evan -- Sat May 20, 2017 12:16am
It began a few days after arriving in orbit of Canceron; but a pair of Marines (Wagner and Calhoun) have apparently taken up to reducing the amount of space needed on the ship by sharing a bunk. The oddity of it, is Wagner has been staying in the other's bunk even when Calhoun has been in sickbay with bullet injuries while her own bunk has been turned into an over glorified storage area of Marine gear.


Faraday -- Sun May 21, 2017 12:10am
The CF and Canceron forces hit the Cylon strongholds in northern Kannur province today hard, doing some significant damage.
One squad of marines took out a comms tower and some AA batteries that were defending an important valley. Intel believes that taking out the comms tower will disrupt Cylon communications significantly. There were no CF casualties.
Other squads tangled with Centurions in the foothills.
OOC Note: If you couldn't make the event, you're welcome to assume you were helping off-camera with medevacs/SARs or fighting in the foothills.

Friendly Fire

Faraday -- Sun May 21, 2017 12:14am
Meanwhile, in the air, a Timber Wolf flight bombed a Cylon airfield. The Canceron guys had hit it last week, but the Cylons were bringing it back into operation.
On the way there, however, there was an incident involving the Canceron Forces. The Wolves encountered a Canceron flight returning from the front. When the Canceron forces didn't respond to hails, the Wolves engaged under Webb's order. ENS Draygo destroyed one of the friendly Vipers. A couple others were lightly damaged before Vanguard alerted the squad to the presence of friendlies and they made contact with the Canceron fighters.
The Canceron pilots made accusations that Roller, the ECO who tried to contact the Canceron forces, was using the wrong frequency. But he insists he wasn't. The incident is said to be under investigation.
OOC Note: If you couldn't make the event, you're welcome to assume you were engaged in off-camera fighter sweeps or SAR missions.

Fighting Chaplain

Faraday -- Mon May 22, 2017 12:43pm
The marine NCOs have passed the word that Chaplain Kavanagh will be accompanying them more on missions as an extra gun and an aide to the combat medics. He's been assigned to accompany the marines on some of their training exercises. In the field, he will be subordinate to the other marines, even though he's an officer.
Some are happy at the news - a spiritual morale boost - while others worry that he'll be a liability in combat or will end up getting himself killed.


Faraday -- Mon May 22, 2017 12:47pm
Word around the air wing is that the brass are planning to hold an inquiry into the friendly fire incident involving the Canceron Forces pilots. Those involved in the mission have been asked by Webb to prepare their statements.
While the official (censored) Vanguard news feed has had no coverage of the incident, a couple marines returning from medevac detail to the planetside Navy hospital have started some scuttlebutt that the Canceron press is having a field day with it, blaming the CF pilots for negligence.
In related news, the daily mission briefings have had increased emphasis on the daily transponder frequencies, friend-or-foe recognition procedures and joint-taskforce comms protocols.

On the Run

Faraday -- Mon May 22, 2017 12:53pm
The daily briefings today report that the big push this weekend was successful (other than the little friendly fire incident). The fighting was brutal, though mostly it was the front-line Canceron troops that bore the brunt of the casualties. The Timber Wolves suffered some losses, but they were used more surgically.
The Cylon lines broke and a good deal of territory was retaken. Only a few bastions of Cylon forces remain, heavily defended by anti-air batteries. The brass is gathering intel on them in preparation for a final strike.
Many of the troops are thrilled with the news, expecting that a final Cylon defeat will mean they can finally put Canceron in their rear view mirror. No word on where they might be going next, though.
OOC Note: This will be the last week on Canceron. If there are any last things you want to do there, now's the time.

Transport Takedown

Tucker -- Mon May 22, 2017 11:20pm
The Timber Wolves Air Wing tend to hunt as a pack. During one of those pack hunts, the enticement of a juicy kill brought them in to close to the teeth of the Cylons. A CAP from the Wing were tasked to hunt down a transport and in their eagerness to shoot it down, three of the Vipers were heavily damaged. Cherry and Farm Boy were able to limp their Vipers home, but there's a rumor about how cursed Razor may be after the recent friendly fire as his Viper barely held together after taking multiple hits. Has he really been cursed by the Cancerons, as some have suggested, in retaliation for shooting down one of theirs?

Storming the Castle

Faraday -- Wed May 24, 2017 12:29am
The marines took a beating during a raid Tuesday afternoon. A squad scaled a cliff to a Cylon observation post, where the Cylons were holding a dozen or so people as human shields. The squad freed the prisoners and held off the Cylon forces until air support arrived. The prisoners suffered only minor injuries (though several were severely malnourished), but Courtois, Walker, Arda, Ingvar and Pvt Barkley were all hospitalized overnight (possibly longer - Courtois and Barkley are said to be particularly badly hurt). Sgt Jayne was killed.

Castle Crashers

Tucker -- Thu May 25, 2017 12:01am
The castle that was hit by the Marines the night before seems to be a hard target to destroy. A second Raptor strike was ordered on it to try to bring it down. And they found the castle still had some defenses left, as both Raptors that went in were heavily damaged, Flats, Iris, and Wooley were all injured, and the ECO, Grasshopper, was killed in action. There was reports of a Heavy Raider that was of paticular trouble, and actually withdrew from the battle with only light damage after outflying one of Vanguard's aces, Farm Boy.

Oddly Heavy

Van -- Fri May 26, 2017 1:38pm
A fighter sweep from the Vanguard encountered a flight of Cylon Raiders and Cypers escorting a pair of Heavy Raiders (after ensuring that the DRADIS contacts weren't friendlies) and downed them all, but they reported that the Heavies at least were acting oddly. Not only did they defend themselves with just KEWs rather than missiles, but they also seemed to be trying to avoid a fight and disengage. At least one of the Cylon fighters also tried to disengage as numbers turned against it, but that's not exactly something new.

Ace Recruitment?

Tucker -- Fri May 26, 2017 9:42pm
Mysteriously, throughout the ship, in paticular the Head, Berthings, and on the Hangar deck is a new poster. It's a pose of a bikini-clad Aubrey from one of her swimshoots from Picon that has been manipulated to show her laid back on a Viper that has five fresh kill marks on it. The caption on it reads: 'Congrats, Ace! Send More Cylons!' Noone knows how or where the picture or poster came from, just that it's on the ship now.

It Actually Works

Gustavo -- Sat May 27, 2017 9:10pm
Apparently, the old "we may die tomorrow" trick works, at least to some degree. Rumor has it that the night before the big push on Canceron, Staff Sergeant Rothschild and Staff Sergeant Delgado were spotted kissing rather intently in the stairwell between the upper deck and the berthings deck.
There are, however, apparently limits to the trick, as gossips were disappointed (or relieved if they wanted a chance at the Praetorian or the pyramid sergeant themselves) that they each ended up in their own racks.

Victory In Kannur

Faraday -- Sun May 28, 2017 8:38am
Yesterday, Canceron and CF forces launched a number of strikes against the last bastion of Cylon defenses in Loret Valley, in northern Kannur Province. A marine squad raided and destroyed a mine believed to be critical to Cylon resupply efforts in the area. Shortly after the mine blew, Cylon forces throughout the region began lifting off and jumping away.
An air wing flight was called to assist some Canceron pilots under heavy fire. They saved a few, but the Canceron squadron was hammered hard. After assisting the Canceron squadron, the flight was sent to disrupt the evacuation of an airfield, bringing down a couple Cylon transports.
Though a small number of Cylons remain in the area, their back has been broken. The Canceron troops will mop up, and disaster recovery efforts in southern Kannur can continue without the specter of Cylon attack on their doorstep.
But the victory was not without cost. More than half of the Timber Wolf marines are on duty restrictions due to wounds, and more than half of their planes are down for repairs. A Raptor and a Viper were total losses. Two NPC marines, a Viper pilot and a Raptor ECO were killed. The friendly fire incident last week, coupled with how many Canceron pilots they failed to save last night, has hurt morale in the air wing.
OOC Notes:
- There is still lots of fighting elsewhere on Canceron. They have not liberated the whole planet, just this province. It's a victory, but important to keep in perspective in the larger war.
- If you missed the missions, your character could have participated in off-camera raids against anti-air defenses or the bombing of a factory.

Back to Scorpia

Faraday -- Sun May 28, 2017 8:44am
In light of the damage done to planes and personnel, Vanguard has jumped back to Scorpia to resupply and recuperate. It is expected that they will stay for a few days, no more than a week. Shore leave is permitted, and the crew has free reign of the shipyards facilities when not on duty.
Worth noting - the Galactica and other ships of TF: Phoenix are no longer there when they return. Word is they jumped out a couple weeks ago to go help TF: Manticore with some heavy fighting around Leonis.

Up and Out

Faraday -- Mon May 29, 2017 6:19pm
Captain Antonie Niemec has received her transfer orders. There's some scuttlebutt that she might have requested the transfer after Kazimir's death, but nobody knows for sure. She's reportedly being promoted and assigned to a new leadership position elsewhere in the expanding Colonial Fleet.
OOC: Antonie has decided to retire her character.

Salmon Ladder

Faraday -- Mon May 29, 2017 6:35pm
With the Vanguard at the docks for maintenance and repair, the supply department seems to be filling requests for non-essential equipment as well as resupplying for the next leg of the Vanguard's mission. Most are general maintenance, replacing old or worn equipment. One notable exception, is in the upgrades to the gym equipment, including the addition of a salmon ladder to the list of work out stations. Word from supply, is that it came highly requested."


Faraday -- Mon May 29, 2017 7:45pm
The pilots and marines will be holding qualification tests this week for those who want to earn qualification badges.
OOC: There's an event scheduled for this, but if you can't make the event you can still participate off-camera. Just let me know. The badges are explained here: Pilots can earn their Senior Pilot Qualification Wings. Anyone can earn Marksmanship badges.
Faraday replied on Tue May 30, 2017 8:59pm
Marksmanship qualification results:
Charlie - Expert (Sniper Rifle)
Rothschild - Expert (Machinegun)
Gustavo - Expert (Machinegun)
Evan - Expert (Rifle)
Jonas - Expert (SMG)
Lyn - Expert (Rifle)
Eva - Basic (Pistol)
Kell - Basic (Pistol)
Abigail - Basic (Rifle)
Cate - Basic (SMG)
Erin - Basic (Rifle)
There's also some talk about the new Gunny ripping Mikolas a new one for failing to qualify even for basic.
Faraday replied on Tue May 30, 2017 11:35pm
The pilots did their qualifications as well:
Gunnery / Piloting
Webb - Basic / Expert
Aubrey - Expert / Expert
Alain - Expert / Expert
Eva - Expert / Expert
Van - Expert / Expert
Kell - Basic / Basic
Calliope - — / Basic
Isolde - — / —
Darcy - Basic / Expert
Finn - Expert / Expert
Hallie - Basic / —
Tucker - Basic / Expert
Priya - Basic / Basic ++ ECO Basic
Word is that Finn, Jigger, Darcy and Tucker were promised a bottle of Scorpian Ambrosia by Colonel Ryan himself for their perfect scores in the Gunnery (Finn) and Piloting (the others) trials.
Faraday replied on Tue May 30, 2017 11:37pm
If you missed the events, just send in a request this week and you can participate off-camera. I'll make the rolls for you.
Chance - Basic (Machinegun)
Faraday replied on Wed May 31, 2017 7:32am
Salvae: Expert Piloting and Expert Marksman (KEW)
Faraday replied on Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:49am
Graham: Basic (Machinegun)
Faraday replied on Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:53am
Ford: Expert Piloting / Expert Marksman (KEW)
Faraday replied on Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:15am
Astraea: Expert Piloting / Basic Marksman (KEW)

...No Stinking Badges

Faraday -- Tue May 30, 2017 9:17am
On the eve of the Colonial Forces' first round of skills qualification tests, the powers that be have announced some changes to the regulations.
- The Senior Pilot Qualification Wings are now called "Expert" instead of senior and are based solely on skill, not flight experience. They may be earned during the qualifications.
- There is now an Electronic Warfare Badge for ECOs. The basic version is automatically issued retroactively to anyone who graduated from flight school as an ECO. The expert version may be earned during the qualifications.
- There is also now a Colonial Warrior Badge for marines. The basic version is automatically issued retroactively to anyone who graduated from marine (or Army, Tavo) basic training. The expert version may be earned during the qualifications.
- You can only wear one marksmanship badge on your uniform, but you can earn multiple qualifications at different levels for different weapons: Pistol, Rifle, SMG, Sniper Rifle, Machinegun, Cannon (KEW). That means pilots/ECOs can qualify with their ship guns instead of their personal weapons if they wish. (Or do both.)
OOC: Thanks to those who provided feedback on the qual badges. Also remember - this is just the CF version of the awards. You've probably got other qualification badges from your home militaries too; they just don't matter in the CF.

New Gunny In Town

Faraday -- Tue May 30, 2017 10:49am
Lt. Hale is moving into a more administrative/intel role with Ryan's staff. Although on paper he still has some administrative responsibility for the marines, in practice the day to day leadership will be handled by the senior (NPC) sergeants, led by new arrival Gunnery Sgt Scott Mercer.
OOC: I wanted there to be some continuity in the marine missions rather than the continuing revolving door of Random Sergeant of the Week. Mercer will be someone you can interact with more often, like Webb is for the pilots. Remember you can always ask for a scene with any staff NPC.

Dress Uniforms

Faraday -- Tue May 30, 2017 12:25pm
The CF has finally gotten around to issuing formal dress uniforms to the crew. The quartermasters are working their way around to everyone. They have a black jacket, gray pants and brown leather sash/belt. Blue piping is for the air wing, red for marines, green for support.
Faraday replied on Tue May 30, 2017 12:32pm
While some soldiers might be inclined to burn their old dress uniforms (cough Cate cough), most folks will probably just leave them in their locker or ship them to home/storage. Remember that on paper CF is just a temporary assignment so someday they could go back to their original colonies and need their old uniforms again.

Taking a Turn

Faraday -- Wed May 31, 2017 7:55am
Word has it LCPL Geoff Courtois has taken a turn in his recovery in sickbay, and been medevac'ed to a Scorpia Navy hospital. He's able to receive limited visitors if you're on shore leave and want to go.

June 2237

Inquiry and Roller

Faraday -- Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:13am
Many - especially the pilots - are chattering about the Friendly Fire inquiry that was held two nights ago. Evidence surfaced that Lt. John "Roller" Haynes had accidentally programmed the wrong comms frequency into the squadron's communications net before the mission.
Roller had been off the flight line after the inquiry. He went before Ryan for "Captain's Mast" and received a slap on the wrist (60 days reduced pay and extra duty). No one else was punished, and people probably thought that would be the end of it.
But today, Major Webb made an announcement at the morning briefing. "The Colonel's approved Roller's request to be transferred back to the Aerilon Defense Force. Look, I know what you're thinking - that he's been sold down the river for frakking up. But that's bullshit. The truth is - he just couldn't hack it here. Colonel went to bat for him, but he wanted out." It's clear Spider doesn't think much of this choice. "There's no place here for people whose heads aren't in the game. We frak up, people die. It's that simple. So let's get things squared away."

Training and Checklists

Faraday -- Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:16am
Eva and Kell have been assigned to revise comms procedures and the pre-flight checklist to guard against mistakes like Roller's comm mistake and to recognize enemy Cypers. Others, of course, are welcome to chime in with ideas. Until then, pilots are simply asked to be extra careful.
Hallie, Isolde and Calliope each failed part of their pilot/gunnery quals and are being given a re-test sometime in the coming week. Van has been organizing extra training to help out the rooks. Others are welcome to help too.
OOC: If you're interested in participating in this stuff, just ping Eva/Kell or Van/Isolde/Calliope/Hallie and do some RP.

Checking In

Faraday -- Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:20am
Colonel Ryan has been meeting informally with a few randomly-selected pilots/ECOs to talk to them about how things are going in the squadron. Get a feel for morale, show that the brass cares (and it doesn't seem to be an act), that sort of thing. He's also subtly inquiring about how Webb is doing.
OOC: If you want to be one of the randomly-selected people, feel free to page/mail me with your char's opinions, or let me know if you want a scene to play with Ryan directly. This offer's open to anyone who's been with the squadron for awhile.

Start of the Kobol Cup Finals

Gustavo -- Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:12pm
Despite the war, the time has come for the Kobol Cup finals, the top games in pyramid. This is the second wartime playoffs, with the end of the 2235 season being canceled after the Cylon Uprising.
Instead of traveling from colony to colony between games like usual, the entire playoffs has taken place on Libran, since it has been relatively unharmed by Cylons. Games are taped there, and Jumped to the various colonies for broadcast the next day.
This year's semi-finals featured Aerilon beating up on Tauron behind the strength of Triska Thorne's play, while Scorpia just barely squeaked past Caprica. The former result was expected, but the latter was definitely an upset, as three of the top Scorpian players recently enlisted rather than finishing the season. The first game between Aerilon and Scorpia is taking place on Libran tonight, with the results set to be broadcast tomorrow.

Awards, pt 1

Faraday -- Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:28pm
At the beach BBQ this evening, Colonel Ryan held an extremely informal awards ceremony for the Timber Wolves where the following commendations were announced.
Aldrich, Geoff - During relief operations in Kannur Province, Canceron, a much-needed supply shipment was interdicted by a group of renegade miners. LTJG Aldrich and LCPL Courtois put themselves at risk to approach the miners and negotiate a peaceful resolution. For their efforts, which doubtless saved lives, they are awarded the Fleet Commendation Medal.
Jonas, Cate, Erin - In action on Canceron on 5/23/37, a marine squad faced fierce resistance while attempting to rescue human prisoners from a Cylon stronghold. With their squad sergeant killed and several squadmates down with serious injuries, SGT Ingvar, CPL Hayes and CPL Rhodes each braved heavy fire to pull their injured comrades to safety, secure the prisoners, and hold back the Cylons until air support arrived. For their heroism under fire, they are awarded the Silver Cluster.
Van, Eva - For the unwavering valor and superior skill displayed in achieving 15 enemy kills with the Colonial Forces, MAJ Thorne and LT Newton are awarded the Silver Cluster.
Abigail, Charlie, Lyn - In action on Canceron on 5/23/37, a marine squad made a high-risk infiltration into a Cylon stronghold to rescue human prisoners. The squad came under heavy fire and suffered significant injuries, but ultimately held off the Cylons and secured the prisoners. For their valor, they are awarded the Distinguished Marine Medal.
Calliope, Webb, Salvae, Alain, Aubrey  For the valor and skill displayed in becoming an ace with the Colonial Forces, MAJ Webb, LT Tomlinson, LT Gess, LTJG Drake and LTJG Naxos are awarded the Distinguished Aerospace Medal.
Tucker - During an aerial engagement on 5/27/37, Colonial Forces were called to assist friendly forces engaged with enemy aircraft, including Cylon-piloted Vipers. With transponders compromised, LTJG Carrington suggested all friendly ships activate their landing lights to identify friend or foe. For his quick thinking and initiative to avoid a friendly fire incident, he is awarded the Distinguished Aerospace Medal.

New Battlestar

Faraday -- Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:10am
There are always ships under construction at the Scorpia Shipyards (that's kinda their point, really) and a significant multi-colonial Navy presence in the system just in case the Cylons decide to come frak with it. But during this visit, some of the crew may have noticed one ship taking shape - another Battlestar. It hasn't been christened yet, but rumour is they're planning to call it the Columbia. It's expected to be completed in the next month.

Last Hurrah

Faraday -- Sun Jun 04, 2017 8:28am
The Timber Wolves gathered for an astonishingly-informal awards ceremony (ribbons handed out in swimwear is probably a Colonial first) on the beach followed by a beach BBQ party on the beach hosted by Colonel Ryan (who manned the grill).
Ryan dodged questions about where and when they're going next, not wanting to put a damper on the festivities. But when the Wolves get back to the ship, they find that the ship's crew is doing final preparations to get underway. Word is they're shipping out tomorrow: to Picon, one of the hardest-hit colonies. Detailed briefings will be held tomorrow morning once the entire crew is finished with shore leave.
Enjoy the last day of R&R.
OOC: Even if you couldn't make the BBQ event, you're welcome to assume your character was there off-camera or drew the short straw to stay on CAP/alert duty. (For those stuck on duty, Ryan made sure the mess hall cooked up something special for supper.)

Gemenese New Year (i.e., Aldrich is missing)

Aldrich -- Sun Jun 04, 2017 1:51pm
Word has it that Aldrich is mysteriously absent from the chapel this week. The various and sundry services that he usually performs have been taken over by the other (NPC) chaplain on board, a fellow assigned to the Vanguard but not necessarily attached to the Timber Wolves. Not so great for those who’ve become accustomed to Aldrich’s welcoming and unconventional style. This other fellow is a bit more “by the book”... and according to him, the book was written on Caprica. Period.
If one were to go searching, Aldrich can be found confined to his bunk. He sleeps at night and spends the days sitting cross-legged and eyes closed, presumably meditating. Any efforts to break his concentration are summarily ignored. He only abandons his bunk twice a day to take care of basic bodily needs... although those ‘needs’ don’t appear to include eating anything more substantial than water.
Rumors abound as to what he’s doing, and theories range from some strange Gemenese ritual all the way to whispers that the ‘fighting chaplain’ has finally gone off his rocker. Given that the brass don’t seem to be stepping in, more thoughtful people will recognize the former as more likely.
OOC: I’m going to be out for the week, so in my absence, Aldrich is celebrating Gemenese New Year. Which is about as fun as all the other Gemenese holidays, it turns out. ;) Feel free to gossip about him if you like. Or whatever. In any case, I’ll be back to normal on Saturday!

Rough Recovery

Geoff -- Sun Jun 04, 2017 2:20pm
"Hey, did you hear? Courtois isn't coming back on the ship. He's getting kept in the hospital."
"Oh yeah? But I heard he was getting better after that nasty turn he took. Good enough to come back on duty."
"Guess he needs some more care before he's fighting shape again."
"Or maybe it's true what Jenkins was saying. Heard he flipped out when they went to put him back on duty. Gave one of the orderlies a shiner."
"Really? Is he gonna get in trouble?"
"I dunno. Nobody's saying if he'll even be back."

Kobol Cup Game 1

Gustavo -- Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:30pm
As the Vanguard prepares for war, the crew made sure that the recording of Game 1 of the Kobol Cup Finals (Aerilon vs Scorpia) made it onboard before the ship got under way. The game was played on Libran on the 3rd before being shipped out across the Colonies for broadcast.
The Scorpian Stingers came out of the gate playing a much more informal, team-based style of play than the Aerilon Threshers were prepared for, spreading the ball around while the Threshers tried to feed it to their superstar, Triska Thorne. The Stingers' tactics seem to have caught the Threshers off-guard, as did their ability to body-up to Thorne, who can usually push through the defense of just about anyone who can keep up with her speed.
The Stingers won a close game, but after the game, the Threshers' coach promised that they already had an answer for the Stingers' tactics -- and in fact they had been down even further before they came roaring back to make it a close game in the end.
Game Two is scheduled to take place on the 5th, to be broadcast on the 6th.


Kamran -- Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:46pm
Shrinkydinks/Notices have been posted aboard the Vanguard in the CF's idea of gentle language to invite anyone who feels the need for counseling or therapeutic services to visit their temporarily assigned comrade, Lieutenant Kamran Anders, by appointment or during drop-in hours. Rumors have circulated that the appearance of Lieutenant Anders may be linked to the friendly-fire incident and the castle bloodbath, and possibly to a certain violent incident in the Scorpian hospital that nobody will confirm or deny. Is the doctor here just to help, or to report on possible problem elements to brass? Opinion is divided.

Hurry Up And Wait

Faraday -- Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:08pm
The ship was all ready to jump to the Picon system when engineering found a fault in the jump drives. They've spent all day fixing it, much to Ryan's ire. Some of the crew are grateful for the respite; others anxious to get back into the fray.
Faraday replied on Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:50pm
The ship is still delayed on Scorpia, and word is Ryan is not happy. Apparently they shipped out the wrong replacement part the first time (or at least it didn't entirely fix the problem) and they had to wait for another. Everyone's saying that they should be jumping tonight though.

Operation: Cat and Mouse

Faraday -- Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:51pm
As the Vanguard prepares to deploy to Picon, the crew was briefed on the situation on Picon, and it's not pretty. For details, see:

New CAG in Town

Faraday -- Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:03am
A new pilot, Major Stirling, arrived via Raptor on the eve of their departure for Picon, causing speculation as to whether she would be assigned as Deputy CAG or would replace Webb. The answer came a few hours later, as a very angry-looking Webb was seen stomping his way out of Ryan's office. The Colonel called an impromptu meeting of the pilots a short while later, where he introduced them to their new CAG. He gave no specifics as to why Webb was transferred out, saying only, "Major Webb is a good soldier. I wish him the best in his new assignment. I served with Major Stirling in the ICJPK, so I know that you'll be in good hands."
Webb left the ship on one of the last Raptors out last night.
OOC> Webb didn't go out of his way to make his goodbyes, but if anyone had a hankering to see him off, let me know and we can backscene.

Fifi the Raptor

Isolde -- Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:22am
Word is traveling about the deck that one of the more perplexing Raptors on the Vanguard has been given a name -- Fifi. So dubed due to the huffing retort of Frak It, Fly It, this Raptor has had an ongoing issue with its gyros, tending to have a leftside tilt of about a degree and a half that no one can figure out why. The ECO that seems to favor Fifi the most is Isolde Asa, as she tends to like to get reports on its diagnostics every time Fifi comes back in from a run.

Kobol Cup Game 2

Gustavo -- Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:26am
With the Vanguard lingering over Scorpia, Game Two of the Kobol Cup gets aboard quickly, allowing the crew to watch as the Threshers dismantle the Stingers for a big win.
True to their coach's promise, they come out with new tactics, moving their superstar Triska Thorne out to the fringes of the court to draw the best defender with her, and then isolating the weakest of the Scorpian replacement players one-on-one with a superior player. It's not pretty -- in fact, it has some of the commentators grousing about how the game wouldn't be as boring or ridiculous if the Stingers had all of their players -- but it's very effective.
Game Three will take place on the 8th, to be broadcast on the 9th.


Faraday -- Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:34am
The ship jumped late last night, the engine problem finally resolved. They are now in Picon space.
OOC> Remember, in this operation they are not actually in orbit directly above Picon. They move around the Picon star system, often with other ships in the Picon fleet.

Coming to a Head

Jonas -- Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:35pm
Rumors fly of a screaming match in the head between the Aquarians, Lyn and Jonas, and the Pican, Abigail. Angry words of broken promises and relationships were thrown around, along with much muckraking before Lyn finally stormed out with one large basket of dirty towels and Jonas later had to get his hand wrapped in medical, with Abigail at his side. One poor crewman caught in the middle just shook his head and swore off in-unit relationships forever.

Comm Procedures

Faraday -- Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:58pm
At the morning briefing, Major Stirling passed around a draft of new communications procedures, crediting the efforts of the pilots who helped to create them - particularly Kell and Eva. The other pilots are welcome to submit feedback. If nobody has any real issue with them, they will become official.
Faraday replied on Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:24pm
Last call for objections/commentary to the comms procedure. If not it'll become official soon.

Cat or Mouse?

Faraday -- Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:25am
The first engagements on Picon have been a mix of the Wolves being the cats or the mice.
On Friday - a CF flight successfully intercepted a bombing raid going after the Picon city of Langsnar. The bombers were all brought down with no CF casualties.
On Saturday, a marine squad was ambushed while escorting supplies to a forward defense post. One truck of supplies was destroyed and its driver (from the Picon marines) was killed. The other truck was damaged and its Picon Marine driver seriously injured. Several other marines, including Chaplain Kavanaugh, were injured in the ambush. The Cylons retreated once the trucks were hit.
On Sunday, a CF flight came upon a squad of Raiders in an asteroid field further out in the Picon system. The Raiders were on their way to rendezvous with a Cylon capital ship similar to a light carrier/cutter hybrid. Two Picon destroyers jumped in to take out the capital ship while the CF pilots destroyed the Raiders, taking minimal damage.
Tucker achieved ace status in the asteroid fight. Paquette and Stirling got their first kills with the Timber Wolves.

Kobol Cup Games 3 & 4

Gustavo -- Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:19pm
Given the Vanguard's deployment to the outskirts of the Picon system, it took some time to get Game 3 of the Kobol Cup Finals out to the ship. Long enough, in fact, to have Game 4 played and on tape.
Game 3 is much closer than Game 2, but the result is the same -- the superior depth of the Threshers winning out against the Stingers. The Stingers adapt, shifting their defense to double whomever has the ball, although this leaves them open to quick passes and second-chance shots. The Threshers still win, but it's only by a few points.
Game 4 seems to be going much the same as Game 3 until just after the midpoint, when Stingers player Escobar Ganas puts an elbow to Triska Thorne's cheek, breaking her orbital. It's a borderline move, and results in Ganas' ejection, but given that he's just been called up from the Celeste Storm (a second-tier Scorpian team), the loss of Thorne is much bigger. Scorpia wins, but not without controversy. Some commentators are claiming that the injury was intentional, to make up for the generally lackluster level of play by a team with replacement players not up to the task. Ganas has been banned from the rest of the Finals, but Thorne is expected to be out of at least one more game, if not two, which could determine the Kobol Cup in this best-of-7 series now tied 2-2.
Game Five will take place on the 14th, to be broadcast the 15th.

Happy Dorns

Cate -- Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:47pm
Cate has been spreading the word around the marines and people who knew Beckham and Tamlin Dorn that she got a message from them. Becks is doing well in rehab and Tamlin is expecting a baby. They're happy and wish everyone in the crew well.

Listening Post

Faraday -- Fri Jun 16, 2017 12:19am
Wednesday evening a civilian freighter reported a strange DRADIS signal near Picon's seventh planet, a large gas giant. A Timber Wolf flight went to investigate. On one of the moons they located what appeared to be a Cylon listening post. When they got closer to it, a wing of Cylons Raiders jumped in. The squad defeated the Raiders while suffering minimal damage.
Kell earned his 5th and 6th kill, making him an ace, and Astraea earned her first.

Tellorn Town Tussle

Van -- Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:26am
Thursday afternoon ship-time, a flight of five Vipers and a Raptor under the command of Captain Thorne swept the skies over the contested city of Tellorn to clear the way for a pair of Picon recon ships. They downed two Cypers, two Raiders, and two Heavy Raiders, although Lieutenant Gess's Viper was damaged badly enough that he had to ditch it on the beach and destroy it, being picked up by Lieutenant JG Masters and Ensign Asa in their Raptor.
The recon mission was successful, which should help Picon ground forces greatly, but the Timber Wolves pilots reported that the Cylons that rose up to fight them seemed particularly talented and difficult to shoot down.


Abigail -- Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:47am
A recent marine mission was called by Colonel Ryan with its stated primary mission to recon Cape Shediac as a possible infiltration point into Cylon territory with access to the mainland, has returned to the Vanguard. The team included CPL Hayes, SGT Ingvar, and SSGTs Daly and Walker. SGT Marc Reynolds, on loan from No. 43 Commando Marine (Picon), completed the six man team. The team returned in the early hours of the morning, a day after they were landed on the Cape. Word is that they rescued three human prisoners. Two of the three departed with Reynolds at the end of the mission. The third, LT Addison Walker, late of the No. 19 Squadron ("Wildcards"), Picon Navy, is now aboard the Vanguard and is currently under treatment in sickbay.

Kobol Cup Game 5

Gustavo -- Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:33pm
Game 5 of the Kobol Cup obviously took some time to get to the Vanguard. Long enough that Game 6 is set to take place today, and be broadcast tomorrow.
The big pre-game news is that Triska Thorne is warming up with the team, wearing a clear plastic mask like the Opera Ghost to protect her broken orbit. She dresses for the game, but despite the wild speculation, she doesn't play, spending the entire game on the bench.
And it's an ugly game, with the Threshers looking almost as interested in getting payback for Ganas' hit on Thorne as winning the game, and the Stingers more than happy to engage at the same level. Several more players rack up their limit of fouls and are forced out of the game, although none are outright ejected. It's a low-scoring affair, with the Threshers managing to pull it out in the end, amidst complaints by the commentators on the ugly, nasty, amateur game.
The big rumors now are whether or not Triska Thorne will play in Game 6, which could determine the Kobol Cup if the Threshers win.

Death of Oreti

Tucker -- Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:09pm
There is a lot of scuttlebutt amongst the Air Wing after Cherry lead a mission to recover pilots from the destroyed Picon ship, the Oreti. During the process, the new ECO, Meteor, picked up a faint signal from one of the stricken Raptors, and Cherry ignored orders from Vanguard Actual to return to base in order to recover the last pilot. There was a brief alert of a nuclear launch, but the ship was able to jump away before it was hit.

Belltown Blowup

Jonas -- Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:16am
A recon team was sent to try to get some information on the POW camp's location that Lieutenant Walker was located at. When the Raptor returns with them, Sgt Jonas Ignvar was heavily wounded, Sgt Lyn Arda and Cpl Charlie Wagner looked shellshocked, Cpl Erin Hayes looked pissed, and the new kid, Cpl Kyle Costello looked excited.

Pirates Grace

Tucker -- Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:38pm
A flight of pilots from Vanguard recieved a distress call from a ship identifying itself as Athena's Grace, claiming it was adrift. After some confusion on the ship's registry, the pilots approached cautiously under Captain Thorne's orders - and were attacked by pirates on the ship under the command of a former Leonese Pirate, Zanzibar Devereaux. The wing engaged the pilots, and near the end of the battle, Grace managed to jump away. The wing took two prisoners, a pilot and ECO that they hope to get information on Devereaux's base of operations. Uncomfirmed reports have Cherry making her 20th kill, but that is awaiting official approval.
Faraday replied on Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:26pm
Someone apparently asked Stirling about this and word then spreads around the air wing that the engagement with the pirates did not count as "enemy action" under CF regulations. Therefore aerial victories are not counted. There's some grumblings among the air crew about their fellow pilots being gipped.
Tucker replied on Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:30pm
Minor modification - the ship that was brought in last night was not a Viper, but was a Leonese Tonnerrétoile, a pre-Unification space fighter. The pilot had little information to share, except that they were in the belt because they had heard of the destruction of Oreti and were looking to recover Viper and Raptors, as well as other materials from the destroyed ship.

Kobol Cup Game 6

Gustavo -- Fri Jun 23, 2017 1:13am
Once again, Triska Thorne suits up for the game, practicing with the clear plastic mask, but this time, she plays. And she plays hard. She takes an early shot to the face from Ella Sing, one of the Scorpian players, a shot that makes half the crowd (the Aerilonian or Aerilon-supporting half) jump to their feet calling for blood. It almost results in an ejection, but when Thorne gets back to her feet and offers Sing a handshake and congratulations for a nice shot, the teams get back to it.
And the game is a blowout. Once more, the Threshers work on isolating the weakest links among the Stingers, but this time, as the Stingers rotate to provide help, the Threshers work the ball back to Thorne or another of their stars. Over and over and over. Even without Lindus, the average Aerilon Thresher is more skilled than the average Scorpia Stinger without Eshfield, Sacres, and de la Cruz -- and now without even Ganas, and it shows.
The Aerilon Threshers win the Kobol Cup 4 games to 2, although the commentators have already begun questioning whether there will be enough talent left for a top-flight pyramid league next year, with another eighteen players from across the league enlisting at the end of the league year.

Lucent Edge

Faraday -- Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:42pm
The Cylons launched a surprise assault against the northern coast of Kinosis Province last night, taking some ground including the city of Cole Bay. Vanguard forces assisted Picon troops in the evacuation of Cole Bay, providing air and ground cover and emergency SAR missions for people trapped in the way of the Cylons' advance. One SAR squad ran into light resistance at the Lucent Edge Apartment complex. No marines were injured, but one Raptor was grounded after being hit by a portable anti-vehicle missile. Three civilians were rescued from the apartment building - including a five-year-old child. Many more were found already dead, and there are rumblings that a few of the bodies were mutilated. The civilians were turned over to local Picon forces.

Lost Chances

Faraday -- Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:58pm
Today, in the mess hall at breakfast, Colonel Ryan made an unexpected appearance (though really not that rare - he does pop in now and again) and called for attention.
"Listen up everyone. As some of you know, a recon team left the ship late last night for a long-range recon mission. I know it was assumed that they would be heading back to Cape Shediac to take another crack at finding the POW camp that Lieutenant Walker was recovered from."
Ryan casts a look around the room, his mouth drawing together in a thin line. "I'm here to tell you that's not the case. As much as we want to help those people, the intel assessment is that an offensive against the Cape Shediac area at this time would result in high casualties for little strategic gain."
There are some gasps and grumblings, particularly from some of the crew members who are from Picon. "I know it's a tough call, which is why I wanted you to hear it from me. The hard truth is we lost the element of surprise in Shediac. The Cylons know we've been poking around in that area. We have no hard intel on the location of the POW camp, and every reason to believe that the Cylons will have moved or eliminated it."
He lets that sink in for a moment before looking around again. "There's an entire planet out there that needs our help, ladies and gentlemen. We have to be smart about where and when and how we fight. Carry on."

Paran Airspace Battle

Jonas -- Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:28am
The Air Wing of the Vanguard engaged an enemy Air Wing over Paran tonight. While the Air Wing was victorious, it wasn't without a cost, as LTJG Aubrey "Banshee" Naxos was shot down and broke her leg on the landing, but was recovered. However, Ensign Kell "Razor" Draygo was not so fortunate. His signal was lost over Cylon territory, and his Viper is believed to be destroyed. However, until this is confirmed, he is marked as only MIA on the official records.
Faraday replied on Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:28pm
For those in the know... Aubrey's leg was not actually broken, just injured enough to need crutches. Scuttlebutt gets legs of its own sometimes.
(OOC: just a little misunderstanding about what "Incap" wounds meant. No need for poor Aubrey to be grounded for 6 weeks while her broken leg healed :))

Raptors Down

Faraday -- Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:00am
The Cylons have rolled through Paran and continued onward to the next city inland - East Kearney. This has led to some pretty brutal urban combat as Centurions and other sundry Cylon models flood the city. Sunday evening, Picon forces requested assistance from the CF to take out a couple fortified Cylon positions near the city center. Things went a bit haywire when one of the Raptors (Nova and Meteor) was shot down after dropping off its squad. A second Raptor (Tucker and Clutch) with marines was diverted to assist them, but it got shot down too. The two downed crews managed to link up, fight off some Centurions (including, amazingly, Aleksander and Martinez taking out four Centurions at once with a pair of grenades) and evade their way back to the friendly side of the city.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Isolde -- Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:18am
A midnight mission into the Picon System's asteroid belt resulted in the successful repairs of a relay station. While Lieutenant JG Masters piloted the Raptor and its marines safely -- mostly -- to the asteroid where Sergeant Ingvar conducted the repairs. It will take several more missions into the belt to fully repair the relays, and some may be beyond repair due to Cylon sabotage. At least more communication signals are coming in from the more remote regions of Picon, even if that means more work for the Colonial and Picon Forces.
On a side note, Sergeant Ingvar's name might now be on the killboard, as he manned the KEWs of Masters and Asa's Raptor. That is, of course, if the Major honors the kill per usual for a Raptor kill.

Horrors of Havison

Jonas -- Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:53am
A Marine squad returns from Picon after going on a mission to check the subways of a Picon city for survivors. Besides finding over 20 survivors, there was talk of a mass execution, a Cylon plot to destory large parts of the city, and mutant Cylon animals, that noone really wants to talk about.

Bridges of Havison

Jonas -- Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:33pm
A group of Marines have returned from Havison, having destroyed the bridge across the river Celeste to halt the Cylon advance on the city. The worst injury seems to have been the Chaplain, which has come back with another head wound. There's talk of scuttling the idea of a combat chaplain, but so far, it still seems to be quiet scuttlebutt rather than anything factual, perhaps in the hopes that the Chaplain is just unlucky with bullets.