This is an archive of the scuttlebutt BBS from the game. For more dates, see the main page.

October 2237

Searchers Missing

Faraday -- Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:45am
Over the past several days, pilot volunteers have poured over satellite imagery from the region where Emrys went down. Several recon groups from both the Royal Marines and the Timber Wolves have been sent into the area, but have found no sign of him. The latest such party was overdue late last night. A satellite over the area found wreckage of their Raptor, and a recovery team found the remains of four people inside, identified by their dogtags as three marines (Sgt Smith, Pvt Kai, Pvt Gleeson) and the ECO (Leathers). The other four - Lyn, Astraea, Cate and Bailey - are officially listed as missing. Spent shell casings, blood and tracks around the crash site suggest they may have been captured by Cylons, but the trail was lost in the mountains.

Missing Weapons?

Charlie -- Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:16pm
Rumors reach the Dauntless (and thus the Wolves) after a joint operation that a weapons locker on one of the bases on the ground was found to have been compromised. A number of rifles, heavy weapons, and ammunition were found to have gone missing overnight. The MPs on base are questioning everyone and CF personnel might find themselves going through heavier security checks in and out of the base when they're sent groundside for missions.
(OOC: Something to talk about IC, RP annoyance with; maybe it causes delays getting back from a mission, maybe the Sag marines are a bit more prickly, etc.)

Still Missing

Faraday -- Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:54pm
Over the past week, the Wolves and Royal Marines have sent several recon teams into the foothills where Hawk's Viper and Nova's Raptor were lost. Volunteers have poured over satellite images from the region, and Raptors have done a few high-altitude flyovers to get more images. So far there's been no sign of the missing crew members. Some of the recon teams that have returned have reported comms trouble in the mountains. It's not known if it's due to Cylon jamming or just the natural features of the canyons coupled with spotty sat coverage. The scouts and sat images have outlined various Cylon troop positions, though, and there's rumblings of more attacks in that area being planned based on the intel. The Virgons are reportedly backing off of the recon/rescue missions into the area, but the Wolves show no sign of giving up on their missing people.

Back With the Pack

Faraday -- Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:04am
There was one less lost Wolf when Cate returned to the Dauntless late Friday night, having run into one of the extended recon patrols down on the surface. A debrief with Ryan and Stirling kicked off a flurry of activity, and word quickly spread that the missing crew - including Hawk - had been captured by the Cylons and were alive as of Sunday. A rescue mission is being planned in the hopes that they still are. The wayward medic was treated and kept overnight in sickbay.

Lost Wolves Found

Faraday -- Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:38am
A rescue mission was launched yesterday for the missing crew members. The marine squad inserted into a safe area early in the morning and hiked all day to find the cave where they were being held. They found the prisoners and signaled for pickup. The air wing, arriving in force, fought off some Raiders on the way over from their staging area before picking up the marines and beating feet back to Dauntless. Emrys, Astraea, Lyn and Bailey were all taken to sickbay with various injuries (none life-threatening) and dehydration.
OOC: The air wing portion was off-camera so any pilots can feel free to assume they participated in some fashion.

Demons in the Dark

Charlie -- Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:33am
What should have been yet another 'short straw' duty shift of overnight guard duty on a mine entrance turned sour for some. An attempt to set charges at a mine entrance by insurgents was thwarted by the Timber Wolves on guard, but not without losses (on the insurgents side). EOD went in after the fact and successfully disarmed the explosives set while the local forces were called in to handle the bodies for any ongoing investigation.
Back on the ship, it's been the source of a few disagreements. Some feel the Wolves should have just left the insurgents to it (even if one did shoot Akeso Ma first). Others think the ones that got away should have been chased down and captured for questioning. Whatever one may think, there seems to be no easy answer.

Tyllium Mine Retaken

Faraday -- Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:37am
There was a victory for the allied forces today as the Virgon marines, with (off-camera) Timber Wolves air support, retook one of the major Tyllium mines in Saddah.

Joining Forces?

Faraday -- Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:45am
Word is that a group of Wolves led by Chaplain Kavanaugh went down to the surface to negotiate a cease-fire and potential alliance with one of the main Sadah insurgent groups. They came back unscathed (though minus Donny, who stayed behind to assess their military capability and possibly train them in fighting the Cylons more effectively) with news that the insurgents had reacted favorably and were considering the offer.

Sabotage on the Tarmac

Charlie -- Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:36pm
There have been a number of Raptors on the ground base (under Virgon control) ending up sabotaged. Parts missing. Wiring cut. At first, it was chalked up to the war, but every few days a new one has turned up with problems and there's talk now of it being sabotage. The local investigation by the MPs has yet to turn up any answers, but it does have things on edge on the ground.
So far, no missions have been delayed as a result, though the CF may have been asked to chip in a time or two while a bird underwent additional repairs.
(OOC: Tweaked appropriately, but yes. More RP/gossip fodder. Some happened prior to this new turn in the locals (bbs 6/31), but there have been whispers of a couple happening since.)

Patrol Gone Awry

Charlie -- Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:10pm
While patroling the road down into the canyon near a mine, a group of marines ran into some trouble. Not just some, really, but a lot. A medical evac had to be performed and a few of them -- notably Charlie and Noah -- were rushed off to sickbay as soon as it made it back to the Dauntless.
Word is it was just a squadron of Centurions, but that a couple gave them more trouble than expected. Either way, a relief squad had to be sent down to continue the patrol... albeit on edge.

Unfriendly Fire

Faraday -- Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:28am
A squad of marines delivered some medical/food supplies to their new allies in the village of Dhamar last night. A couple rebels from Chambers' group were going to act as scouts for the marines and show them around. Their plans were interrupted when the CF Raptor reported a squad of Virgon Royal Marines heading for the village.
Details are sketchy as to exactly what happened after that. There are various rumours, but most seem to agree that the VRMs opened fire first and didn't seem to know about the cease-fire.
2 VRMs were killed and several more injured. 1 of Chambers' guys was killed (Gene) and another (Ariana) was medevaced with the marines to Dauntless. She's stable after surgery. Sgt Grey died in surgery, and several of the Wolves were injured.
There's talk that Ryan is starting an inquiry into the incident.

Out for Blood

Faraday -- Thu Oct 19, 2017 8:59am
Rumour is spreading that someone who was down on guard duty at one of the mining installations caught part of a news broadcast talking about the "friendly fire" incident between the VRM and the Wolves. Local media is painting a very different tale than the Wolves have told - one of betrayal and murder.
Colonial Forces, puppets of the Capricans, trying to ally themselves with terrorists. What are their motives? Are they trying to position themselves to take over the Virgon Protectorate? To elbow Virgon itself out of inter-colonial politics? Photos of the "brave marines" who were killed are put up on screen with demands for justice.
This attitude has clearly spilled over to the Virgon forces that the CF troops have been working with, leading to cold shoulders and - in some cases - outright hostility.
OOC: Just imagine the news stories if it came out that UN Peackeepers were found working with Al Qaeda and a squad of US troops was killed/injured as a result. That's kind of the flavor you're dealing with here. Feel free to play it up in your RP scenes, just don't kill any other Virgons please :-)

Pinned Down

Charlie -- Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:57am
Strangely, a group of marines were attacked by insurgents during the middle of the night on Sagittaron. They were guarding a hangar of mining equipment, in the wake of the sabotage on the air base's tarmac. They returned with only a few minor wounds, thankfully.
Some have called that the peace treaty made with the insurgents is being broken, but others (more level-headed) remind them that there may be other groups. What's more is that two members of the squadron -- Abigail and Gage -- returned with some sort of evidence that wasn't immediately handed off to the Virgan forces. Neither, however, has yet spread word on what exactly it is that they found.

Tensions Rising

Faraday -- Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:09am
Some CF envoys reportedly met with Chambers' group and established that their alliance with the CF was still intact. The Virgons have proven, though, that they can't operate in the open safely. They pledged to take their guerrilla war to the Cylons instead of the Virgons for now.
Chambers had tried to put out word to the other groups to do the same, but that all fell apart with the Virgon ambush. Some might follow his path, or at least stop targeting the CF directly, but others will continue the fight.
Meanwhile, more word from the Sag news nets brought back from those who were planetside: The Virgons are demanding that the CF soldiers involved in the firefight with their people be turned over to face a Virgon military tribunal. So far the CF brass is reportedly refusing.

Doesn't that look like...?

Ines -- Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:51pm
At some point, passing through the post office near the canteen on the Dauntless, someone discovered a small box containing five paperback books -- bodice-ripping romances, as it turns out, from a popular publishing house that cranks out probably two such books in any given month. They're not an uncommon sight on-board the ship. These appear to be the debut of a new series. None of that is strange.
What's strange isn't even that the cover depicts a man half-swaddled in sheets; that kind of lurid (but not indecent) cover art is pretty standard fare. What's strange is that the man on the cover looks an awful lot like one Corporal Gage Tomak. Granted, there are no tattoos to be found anywhere, and the long, flowing mane of hair is pretty different. Without knowing Tomak, it'd be easy to overlook the similarities.
Until you open the book, and begin reading about the outrageous romantic escapades of Cage Lowjak, soldier in the Imperial something-or-other. Who cares? It's a romance! Nobody reads it for the plot!
The box with the books was marked 'FREE,' so the copies have since begun to circulate the ship.


Faraday -- Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:50am
Word spreads of some fisticuffs between a handful of CF marines/pilots and some VRM marines down on the tarmac of Camp Thorne (the Virgon forward operating base in Sadah). A few of the CF marines returned with bruises.
The involved parties were directed to the ready room upon their return, and Colonel Ryan went in shortly thereafter. Judging by his expression, it was not a pleasant conversation. Nobody ended up in the brig, but careful attention to the duty rosters in the next week will show the offenders stuck on crappy duties and receiving "extra training" in the form of mind-numbing drills.

Banshee is Back

Aubrey -- Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:58pm
Rumor has it that Lieutenant JG Aubrey "Banshee" Naxos is returning to the Wolves after a long recover from injuries after being shot down over Delphi during the Caprica campaign. Her name appears on an incoming flight passenger manifest, as well as being added to the CAP rotation roster starting tomorrow.

Hunting Season

Charlie -- Sun Oct 29, 2017 2:23am
A squad of marines was sent to a ridge in Sadah with a mission: take out three batteries that have been harassing the Colonial and Virgan air wings. They infil'd from a rare copse of trees and shrubbery and made their way down the line. Pilots on CAP may have seen the blooms of explosions with a couple minutes between each (and likely breathed a sigh of relief, knowing it was one less thing to worry about).
Many of the squad were injured upon their return, but thankfully only a couple had more than light wounds to deal with. There was some talk about the destroyed batteries helping someone's debt, but getting the firm details on whose and why is a bit tricky. Or whether it's even a valid debt to begin with.


Faraday -- Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:06pm
Those involved in the "unfriendly fire" incident with Virgon Forces testified today in front of a panel of CF officers. The panel included Stirling, a CF Virgon officer, and three CF officers from neutral colonies.

Col. Ryan and the CF marines testified first. Their version: Chambers' insurgent group had agreed to join forces with them against the Cylons. The rebels were going to show them the local terrain when a CF Raptor reported VRM troops moving toward the village. Thinking there may be Cylons in the area, they moved to a defensive position. They tried to contact the VRM over radio but there was interference. Sgt Grey stood up to try to hail them, waving, and the VRM opened fire. One of Chambers' people returned fire. The CF soldiers tried to identify themselves but the VRM continued to attack. They felt forced to defend themselves. Donny, Aleksander and Geoff returned fire and several of the CF repeatedly tried to call for a cease-fire.
Then the surviving VRM marines testified via sat-link from Camp Thorpe, along with their battallion CO Colonel Williams. Their version: The CF had done an end-run around the VRM by brokering a cease fire without their consent, placing VRM troops in danger. Nevertheless, they had initially halted the planned operation to take out Chambers' group. When the insurgents then broke the cease-fire, Col Williams re-initiated the op. The VRM moved towards the village, saw armed combatants, and engaged. They received heavy return fire - including a grenade - which killed two of their squad and seriously injured several others. They heard indistinct shouting, but allege the CF marines never clearly identified themselves.
Questions that never got a satisfactory answer: Why didn't the VRM alert the CF before initiating the attack? How did they manage to mistake heavily-armed, uniformed CF marines for insurgents? Why did the CF respond with such overwhelming lethal force when they knew their targets were friendly?
Nothing was concluded at the hearing, probably leaving a lot of people on pins and needles as the bigwigs consider the evidence.
OOC: The hearing was open, so you could've watched or heard about it through scuttlebutt.

Death From Above

Astraea -- Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:13pm
Thanks to the marines taking out the SAM sites, a flight of Timber Wolves were able to more safely fly in to a known Cylon staging area. They were met with heavy resistance and one of the three Raptors lost its payload.
Between the two bombs dropped, however, a good portion of the makeshift base and tarmac were destroyed.
Unfortunately, one of the Captains -- Viper pilot with callsign of 'Flush' -- was shot down. Camp Thorpe was called in to make a pickup as soon as the coast was clear.

November 2237

Inquiry Concludes

Faraday -- Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:55pm
As of this morning, there was still no word on the resolution of the inquiry, which heard testimony on Monday. Officially, the panel was deliberating over evidence. Some speculated that it was a game of chicken with the companion VRM investigation and the CF didn't want to blink first.
The latter theory may have been closer to the truth. Col. Ryan this afternoon over the loudspeaker announced that the VRM had concluded its inquiry and determined that the VRM marines were not at fault in the friendly fire incident. He didn't bother to hide his displeasure at this news, and went on to say:
"In a 4-to-1 majority, the Colonial Forces board of inquiry finds that the CF marines acted appropriately - identifying themselves and returning fire in earnest only after several of their squadmates had been killed or seriously injured. It is also the opinion of the board that the Royal Marines squad were negligent, both in the mission planning and its execution. We are obviously disappointed that their inquiry found otherwise, and will continue to pursue this matter through diplomatic channels. In the mean time, I expect the utmost of professionalism from all CF troops as we continue to work with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines against our common enemy."

Offensive Repelled

Faraday -- Sat Nov 04, 2017 1:52am
The Cylons launched a large-scale offensive along the front in Sadah Province in the middle of the night last night. A pair of Wolves marine squads guarding a Tyllium mine came under heavy fire, including a prolonged mortar strike. They called for air support, but it was slow in coming. A Virgon squadron was reportedly closer, but reported unspecified delays in responding. A Wolves flight on CAP, having just engaged a Cylon squadron, ended up assisting the besieged marines. Although the Cylons did make a few inroads along the front, they were quickly repelled.


Faraday -- Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:07am
As the dust settles from the fighting last night, grumbling has taken hold around the ship about the fact that the Royal Navy was too "busy" to come and deliver the requested air support. Busy doing what is something that is the source of much debate.
Also the toll of the battle has become more clear: From Bravo Team (the PC squad), the marines lost Sgt Allen. Abigail, Lyn, Noah, and (NPC)Martinez were in serious condition. Alpha Team (the NPC squad) lost four on the field, and two more died in the infirmary overnight. Only two emerged more or less unhurt.
On the air wing side - Rabbit/Rudy and Kell were shot down but recovered by SAR.
Also note: In the past two engagements, Kell earned his 30th kill, Stirling her 20th, and Irene and Faye their 15th.

The Chaplain done lost his damn mind.

Aldrich -- Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:24am
Or at least, that’s what some people are saying. Those few religious types among the Wolves - or at least those who attend services - were treated to a rather unique experience this week. Typically, the Wolves’ chaplain keeps services fairly simple. Even those whose faith demands their leader to give a sermon every week have become accustomed to hearing only a few words of a supportive or comforting nature.
Apparently Chaplain Kavanagh has just been saving up. This week, whether their faith demands a sermon or not, he delivered a short lecture on the following theme: If humanity cannot find a way to defeat the Cylons without slaughtering each other in the process, perhaps they deserve to lose the war. Perhaps humanity should step back and allow the gods to raise up some smarter, less self-destructive species.
Was this a response to the Virgans failing to respond with air support during the latest Cylon attack on Sag? Or perhaps to the results of the VRM investigation into the friendly fire incident? If so, why direct this at the Wolves at large?
The more astute have noted that the chaplain’s girlfriend was badly wounded after the Virgans failed to deliver air support during the latest Cylon attack, but he was behaving erratically even before that. After all, he's still on punishment duty from the fist fight he helped start down on the Virgon base.
Whatever’s going on, he hasn’t volunteered any further explanation so far, and he’s spending what little free time he has in the infirmary, praying.

Leaving Sagittaron

Faraday -- Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:37am
Colonel Ryan made an announcement this morning in the mess hall, which was then relayed to everyone who missed it during the morning departmental meetings.
"CF command has agreed to send us on to a new assignment. Everyone knows what happened the other night, and I will not jeopardize our soldiers' lives over some political BS. I've pitched the idea of sending us back to Picon, because I think we can do the most good there, but Command says that something big's in the works before that. We'll find out more soon. In the mean time, we'll be heading to Scorpia to resupply and enjoy some well-earned R&R."

Promotion Lists

Faraday -- Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:37am
At the morning department meetings, the promotion lists were announced and posted.
Alain -> Captain
Hallie, Yohan, Priya, Verity -> Lt. JG
Charlie, Lyn, Erin, Kyle -> Sergeant
Gray, Donny, Obaia -> Corporal
Several NPCs were also promoted.


Charlie -- Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:35pm
In the wake of all the questioning in regards to the incident with the Royal Marines, there was another on the Dauntless. A few people present in the Marine HQ that day have spread the word.
It'd seem Charlie Wagner was brought in to speak to Lieutenant Olson regarding an investigation into some insurgents that had been encountered. Specifically, her brother was brought up. A lot of the chattering along these lines have been people commenting that they didn't even know she had a brother. She's never spoken of him since joining the Fleet, nor do any of the Picons recall him being referenced at any time during her surfing career.
So why was the sniper questioned? And what does her brother have to do with insurgents?

Awards Ceremony

Faraday -- Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:41pm
With most of the crew back from their passes home, the Wolves held an awards ceremony at the ballroom on the Scorpia Naval Base located right next to Argentum Bay. Many of the crew then gathered at the Cove and on the nearby beach to celebrate afterward, while others scattered to enjoy the end of shore leave.
Air Action Awards
[Eva, Kell] For the exceptional skill and valor displayed in achieving 30 enemy kills with the Colonial Forces, CAPT Thorne and LTJG Draygo are awarded the Gold Cluster. (Note: this replaces Eva’s previous 30-kill silver cluster since the award criteria changed.)
[Alain, Astraea, Aubrey, Faye, Irene, Stirling] For the unwavering valor and superior skill displayed in achieving 15 enemy kills with the Colonial Forces, MAJ Stirling, CAPT Tomlinson, LTJG Masters, LTJG Naxos, LTJG Zeller, and LTJG Harris are awarded the Silver Cluster.
[Emrys, Faye, Irene] For the valor and skill displayed in becoming an ace with the Colonial Forces, CAPT Montjoy, LTJG Zeller and LTJG Harris are awarded the Distinguished Aerospace Medal.
[Kell, Astraea] LTJG Draygo and LTJG Masters have spent countless hours reviewing squadron gun camera footage as well as reports from the Cylon attack on Edson Airbase and other facilities. For setting an example of continuous improvement to their squadmates, they are awarded the Fleet Commendation Medal.
[Finn] For superior airmanship and courage in the face of enemy SAM batteries on numerous occasions. CAPT O’Day is posthumously awarded the Silver Cluster.
Ground Action Awards
[Gage] In action against the enemy on 10/14/37, a marine squad came under heavy fire and suffered several casualties. CPL Tomak single-handedly charged the Cylon position to divert fire away from his comrades. For his valor, he is awarded the Silver Cluster.
[Aleksander] While rescuing CF prisoners from behind enemy lines on 10/7/37, the marine squad came under threat from a Cylon Heavy Raider with no air support or anti-air weaponry. CPL Davion brought a captured Cylon SAM battery into operation and brought down the incoming Raider. For his quick thinking that likely saved lives, he is awarded the Distinguished Marine Medal.
[Astraea, Bailey, Emrys, Lyn] Captured by Cylons on 9/30/37, CAPT Montjoy, LTJG Masters, SGT Arda and CPL Stanhope resisted their captors and ultimately overpowered a Cylon guard in an attempt to escape. For their composure in the face of the enemy, they are awarded the Distinguished Navy/Marine Medal.
[Cate] In action on Sagittaron on 9/30/37, CPL Rhodes was injured attempting to rescue injured squadmates from their downed Raptor. Rhodes and the rest of the squad were captured. Despite her injuries, Rhodes escaped, made an arduous trek back to friendly territory while evading enemy forces, then retraced her steps back with a rescue team. For her valor and devotion to her shipmates, she is awarded the Gold Cluster.
[Aldrich] During Operation: Watchtower, LT Kavanaugh was able to broker a cease-fire and alliance with certain local forces, aiding in the war effort and protecting CF troops. For his efforts, he is awarded the Fleet Commendation Medal.
The crew were also issued their campaign and sacrifice ribbons.

Major Raid Planned

Faraday -- Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:21am
As of this morning, shore leave is over and all crew members are back on Dauntless. The ship is still in orbit over Scorpia, but word is not for long.
Ryan delivered the news to everyone this morning, many of whom were still hung over after the celebrations last night: "It's been a long time coming, but tomorrow we finally get a chance to really strike back against the Cylons. We'll be executing a major raid against their shipyards in orbit over Aquaria. We'll be working with CF and allied forces, and we're expecting heavy resistance. Get your game faces on - this is a big one."
Further mission briefings later today describe the plan in more detail: It will be a three-pronged attack.
1) Taskforce Manticore, along with Libran and Aerilon forces will launch a diversionary attack, drawing away some of the Cylon basestars and capital ships.
2) While that's going on, a pair of Raptors bearing Timber Wolves marines will jump in close to an orbital defense station, board it, and destroy the command center. This should take out command and control for some of their defense sats, creating a hole in their orbital defenses.
3) Taskforce Phoenix, Battlestar Columbia and Dauntless will launch an attack through the hole. The Wolves Raptors will be armed with nukes to launch at the shipyards.
A strict communication blackout has been imposed on the fleet for operational security.

Aquaria Raid

Faraday -- Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:54am
A multi-pronged raid was launched against the Cylon shipyards in orbit over Aquaria tonight. After friendly forces created a diversion, two squads of marines boarded a defense station. One of the squads successfully planted explosives in the reactor, blowing the place and creating a hole in the satellite defense net.
With the path cleared, the Dauntless jumped in and launched its ships. They fought their way through several waves of fighters and launched nukes at the shipyards, doing heavy damage.
Both Battlestar Galactica and Columbia and their taskforce capital ships participated in the engagement. Though the shipyards were not destroyed entirely, a major blow was struck to the Cylon war machine.
During raid, Eva earned her 40th kill and Alain earned his 25th.
OOC Note: Even if you couldn't make the event, you can assume that ICly you participated off-camera - either in the Dauntless defense flight (pilots) or the second marine raider squad.

Back to Picon

Faraday -- Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:21pm
After a brief stop back at the Scorpia Shipyards for repairs, the Wolves received their new orders. They're returning to Picon as part of Operation: Island Lightning. The last time around, the CF found that the Cylon space superiority in the Picon system made rapid response difficult from orbit. So this time, the Wolves (including their medical staff and deck crew) will be based out of an old Picon Naval base on an island in the northern hemisphere. Apart from a small Picon Navy SAR squadron and support staff, they'll have the base to themselves and not be sharing with other Picon forces. The Dauntless will be operating with the Picon naval forces in system, but will not be accessible to the Wolves.
Faraday replied on Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:22pm
Forgot to add: They're making final preparations tonight and will arrive on Picon tomorrow morning.

Air Support

Faraday -- Sat Nov 25, 2017 10:58am
It didn't take long before the Wolves were being put to work at something more than routine patrols over Picon's coastline. Last night, the Wolves' air patrol was sent to assist a Picon forward operating base near the front when it came under a Cylon air raid.
They dispatched the bombers with only minor damage for the most part, but the CAG's Raptor was damaged enough that it had to make a hard landing near the front. Nova's Raptor picked up Whisper and Wasp, and the latter was taken to sickbay with a back injury that has her off flight status for a few days.
Alain was awarded his 30th kill in the engagement.

CAG's House Call

Faraday -- Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:21am
Stirling has been staying in the barracks with everyone else, albeit with a room to herself. The fact that Dr. Gallagher was seen visiting her room with a medkit in hand caused some concerned buzz among some of the pilots, given her crash-landing in the mission earlier. The fact that the doc returned later, sans medkit, and didn't leave until after Stirling the next morning? That has a few tongues wagging, and sparked some jokes about Addison being jealous. The CAG was sporting a wrist brace around the base today, but flew a mission and otherwise seemed fine.

Battlestar Party

Faraday -- Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:13pm
It seems that the Colonial Forces have decided to take a stand on Picon. For the past two years, the Cylons have maintained space superiority over the planet, raiding at will and preventing the Picon Navy from rebuilding its com satellite network. The remnants of the Picon Navy have been forced to play cat and mouse throughout the system to prevent further attrition.
But today that seems to have changed, with Taskforce: Phoenix - now including both Battlestar Galactica and Battlestar Columbia - and a large chunk of the remaining Picon fleet parking themselves in orbit and drawing a line in the sand.

December 2237

Supply Depot Assault

Faraday -- Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:20pm
With the arrival of the other Colonial Forces in orbit, there's been a subtle shift to more offensive missions. For the Wolves, not being a line unit, that has meant more raids. The marines and pilots have all been hitting Cylon supply lines and SAM sites beyond the front, and there's been an increase in recon missions in support of joint CF/Picon offensives.
Last night a marine squad blew up a Cylon supply depot. Two marines were seriously injured (Gustavo and NPC Phillips - Recon) but none were lost.

Armored Column Destroyed

Faraday -- Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:30pm
A Wolves' air flight made short work out of a Cylon armored column this afternoon, clearing the way for Picon ground forces on the offensive. Nails and his ECO were shot down by a SAM but recovered with minor injuries.
Aubrey earned her 20th kill.

Port Powell Offensive

Cate -- Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:02pm
The CF offensive continues, with the Wolves being sent to raid and assist as needed. In the north, the joint forces have reached the formerly-occupied city of Port Powell and have begun sweeping it of Cylons. Like the fighting in Delphi, it has involved some brutal city fighting. The Taskforce: Phoenix troops have borne the brunt of it on the front lines, but the Wolves have been there, reinforcing, rescuing and raiding where needed.

Port Fighting

Faraday -- Sun Dec 10, 2017 1:40pm
Fighting continues in the Port Powell area, as CF/Picon forces drive the Cylons back. Yesterday, a Wolves flight intercepted some heavy raiders believed to be carrying reinforcements to the city, and a squad of Wolves marines brought ammo and relief to a squad of Picon marines under siege. Gage received a nasty head injury but there were no casualties.

Casselton Evacuated

Faraday -- Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:25am
While the colonials have finally liberated Port Powell, the Cylons launched a surprise attack on Casselton, further to the north. It was thought to be far enough back from the 'front' to be (more or less) safe, so the population was caught somewhat flat-footed when tanks started rolling in and Heavy Raiders started shelling the place earlier this afternoon. The Wolves marines were sent in as part of the rapid reaction force, helping to hold the Cylons back so the civilians could evacuate. The air wing helped with evacuations and provided air cover.
OOC> Feel free to assume your char was involved off-camera.

New Mascot

Faraday -- Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:33am
During the evacuation of Cassleton, one of the Wolves marine squads helped to cover the evacuation of an apartment complex. They came back with a few injured and one extra pal in tow - an injured dog.
After a brief trip to the infirmary to have a gunshot wound to his front leg tended to, the dog has been seen limping around the barracks. Though there's rumblings that it's only temporary until "they" figure out what to do with him, nobody seems quite sure who "they" are and several of the Wolves have already taken to doting on the dog.
Scuttlebutt is that Gage and Cate were the ones who brought him back, so they seem to be the de-facto caretakers for the moment.
OOC: Feel free to emit the dog around the barracks or pitch in to help take him for a walk around the base. He's a young terrier sort of dog, friendly and intelligent. He has no name as of yet, and had no collar or microchip to indicate who his owner might've been.

Gennisi Day

Faraday -- Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:36am
Though the war has put a damper on many peoples' holiday spirit, determined souls around base have been in the midst of Gennisi Day celebrations. For more info, see the Holiday section on the Player Contributions wiki:
Feast of the First Night is also coming up with the turn of the new year.

Axios Offensive

Faraday -- Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:43am
Though there was a bit of a lull in the offensive action last week (rumours attribute it to anything from a supply snafu throughout the Picon lines to the brass giving everyone a little break over Genisi Day) it seems to be kicking back into high gear again with a new offensive against the Cylon-held Axios province.
Axios province is about the size of Texas. It is home to a lot of industry and Picon's former capital of Hyperion (now a wrecked, flooded ruin). This makes it a target of both military and patriotic significance. Most of the province is controlled by the Cylons, and they have a strong presence there. Queenstown, along the southeastern coast, has stood strong as the vanguard of the free zone. Blackout zones are common in the Cylon-held territory here and SAR missions fraught with peril.

Bombing Raid

Faraday -- Sat Dec 30, 2017 7:48am
The air wing cleared the way for a Picon Navy bombing raid in Axios Province last night. A Cylon-held munitions factory was destroyed with no casualties. Aubrey's cockpit got dinged up but she was okay.
Word is that the new pilot Rayner earned his first two kills. Astraea (20), Stirling (25) and Alain (35) also hit new milestones.

Dog Trainer

Faraday -- Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:54pm
Word around the base is that Aldrich and Cate have been asking around if anyone has any dog training experience. Apparently they have designs on training the Wolves' mascot, who has reportedly been dubbed "Baka" by Gage. Those who speak Tauron would know that Baka is basically just a shortened form of "Dog".
OOC: If interested in training (or just random dog-related antics), hit up Gage, Cate or Al.