This is a page where you can record your 'wish list' of stories you'd like to see run in the game. There are no promises, of course, but you never know what crazy plotlines your ideas may spawn. Be sure to put your name by your idea so storytellers can involve the right people.

  • Find out what's going on with Aquaria. (Lots of people)
    • Mission to recover data from Arctic Station Thula, or to try and trigger the volcano as a diversion for a raid on another target there. (Lyn)
  • Go back to Hyperion. (Cate/Charlie/Van/Roara)
  • Have to deal with explosives. (Astraea)
  • Forced into clan conflict between Assamar and Crossguard Clans. (Astraea)
  • Having to survive off of the land (are those berries safe?!). (Charlie)
  • Off-the-books "mission" (or impromptu situation) on Scorpia to defuse or incite clan violence. (Gustavo)
  • Something to allow combat engineers to use some explosives and/or creative traps! i.e. Planned/staged retreat through traps laid by the wolves to buy time to escape. / Could also be part of a bigger campaign, if playing defensive/outnumbered (air wings leading greater numbers away as a distraction while hitting targets / marines staging deliberate diversions) etc (Gage/Abigail)