Capital: Gaoth

Cities: Gaoth, Promethea, Johnsville, Corinth

Politics: Gained its independence peacefully from Virgon about 50 years ago, and remains on good terms with the former mother-colony.

A loose confederation of different provinces, each of which maintains its own separate government and militia.

RL Inspiration: American midwest / Rural UK

Wartime Status

Colonial Control

Largely unaffected by the Cylon uprising, the people of Aerilon have (on the whole) been quick to step up and come to the aid of the other colonies - lending manpower and food to the new Colonial Forces and other colonies in need.


Aerilon is a highly agricultural world, known as the "bread basket" of the colonies. It is marked by rolling plains and numerous lakes and rivers. With a low population density and few major cities, most of Aerilon is made up of small, rural farming communities (both crops and livestock). Though many of the other colonies unfairly stereotype them as uneducated country bumpkins, the people of Aerilon are honest and hard-working.


The Blight

In 2217 and again in 2218, a large swath of Aerilon's Corinth province was struck by a wheat blight. Thousands of acres were burned to stop the spread. Many farmers were bankrupted, and the entire region fell on hard times.


See Census.

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