Capital: Heim (destroyed)

Cities: Heim (destroyed), Akranes, Grimsey

Politics: An isolated democracy, it was one of the few colonies that managed to maintain its independence while Leonis and Virgon were scooping up territory. There was simply little worth fighting over.

RL Inspiration: Iceland

Wartime Status

Under Cylon control

In the early days of the uprising, Heim was wiped out and the planet occupied by Cylons. It was a move that has perplexed many. Was it just because it was relatively unpopulated and undefended? Or is there something else that caused the Cylons to set their sights on Aquaria?


A cold world, with a rugged landscape that is at turns inhospitable and breathtaking. It had a big tourist industry and was popular with the extreme sports crowd. Its small population was concentrated in a few mid-sized cities in the temperate zone of the central landmass. The rest of the people were scattered in smaller towns and villages.

Events and Hooks


Aquaria had a small military to begin with, and much of it was devastated with the destruction of Heim. The remnants ended up fighting with the Libran fleet during the early part of the war, and have now been rolled entirely into the Colonial Forces. The government-in-exile and many refugees have been given sanctuary on Libran.

Arctic Station Thula

This small science station, based at Aquaria's south pole, welcomed scientists from across the colonies to study the active volcano, Mount Thula. There was a small military garrison there as well. Though primarily there for training, they also provided transportation and general support for the science staff. The station was evacuated during the uprising.


See Census.

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