Capital: Hades

Cities: Hades, Prommos, Mangala

Politics: Democracy. Achieved independence from Virgon in a (mostly) bloodless revolution about 60 years earlier.

RL Inspiration: India meets Brazil

Wartime Status

Moderate fighting/occupation.

Like Scorpia, Canceron has some jungle regions that the Cylons prefer to avoid. The fighting has been concentrated in the plains and highlands.


The most populous planet in the twelve worlds, it is crowded and hot, known both for its beautiful beaches and ugly slums. It is a popular tourist spot. Rich in resources but poor in industry (apart from modest tyllium and mineral mining operations), it has been contested for centuries and never really come into its own.


Miner's Revolt

The ICJPK got involved in putting down a revolt on Canceron in 2233. The revolt, involving a large group of indentured servants and criminals performing hard labor in the Tyllium mines, seized control of the mine and threatened to blow it up if they were not granted their freedom. With countless civilians in danger, and the Canceron military ill-equipped to deal with the situation, an ICJPK strike force stormed the mine and secured it.


Class-ism is a very real thing on Canceron, fueled by traditionalists clinging to an ancient caste system. Arranged marriages and indentured servitude are still practiced in some regions, although they have been steadily falling out of favor.


See Census.

Player Contributions

Player Contributions
* Zeus, the creator
* Hera, the preserver
* Ares, the destroyer
* Athena, the remover of obstacles
* The other tradtional Lords & Ladies are seen as Avatars (as in Traditional Hinduism)

Core Beliefs of Avism
* Truth is Eternal
* Zeus is Truth and Reality
* Everyone should strive to achieve dharma
* Individual souls are immortal
* The goal of the individual soul is moksha

Basic Tenets
* Dharma (ethics and duties)
* Artha (work and prosperity)
* Kama (passion and desires)
* Moksha (liberation from the cycle)

* Poojan - A ceremony in which an offering of flowers and water are made to the worshipper's personal deities upon their (or the household's) shrine. Performed daily or weekly (on a personally decided schedule). The shrine and objects upon it are washed and decorated with flowers and sometimes dye in honor of the deity/deities. For military members, this may be a single representation of their deity in their bunk or done once a week or month in a chapel.
* Yoga - A familiar form of exercise now through the colonies thanks to Caprica, but still part of a meditation ritual for many on Canceron.
* Cow - Practitioners of Avism do not partake of beef. Or try, if they are military, since some of the meat dishes can be questionable...
* Prayers - Often said daily, at one's home shrine. In general, prayer (and worship overall) is a private thing.
* Pilgrimage - Many worshippers make pilgrimages, but not all. It's seen as a sacred part of Avism to make one; particularly to rivers (water being such a rare commodity on Canceron).
* Deities - Many will have a traditional family deity/avatar as well as a personal one they have chosen to worship.

//OOC Note: This is not meant to mock or insult Hinduism, but meant to inspire RP. I tried to take the heart of the religion, but pare it down in a way that would supplement, rather than hinder RP. Please feel free to use the aspects of it that you wish in your own RP and if you want to collaborate with me (Sarita) on modifying it further, please let me know! In talking with Faraday, it's taking Kobol and something that would have splintered off of it by the culture/history of the colony.//

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