Capital: Caprica City

Cities: Caprica City, Delphi, Phoebus

Politics: Democracy. Cold War Rival of Tauron.

RL Inspiration: America

Wartime Status

Heavy fighting/occupation

Being the birthplace of Cylons and an early adopter of Cylons into their military, Caprica was hit harder by the uprising than most. Several major cities have been occupied, and the Cylons are encroaching on Caprica City.


Caprica is a lush green world, the center of Colonial civilization, art and culture. Caprican movies are popular around the colonies, and Caprican fashions and trends are emulated everywhere. Heavily industrialized, it has numerous large cities.

Events / Hooks

Cold War

Caprica has been embroiled in a long cold war with Tauron. See Colonial Conflicts for details.

Greystone Industries

Caprica City is home to Graystone Industries, creators of the Cylons and the VR/holoband technology. They had a lot of military contracts before the uprising, but have suffered enormous backlash since.


The Delphi Museum Of The Colonies is home to some of the oldest relics of humanity, some dating back to the exodus from Kobol. It is a popular attraction for tourists and scholars from all over the Colonies, and Delphi is a popular university town.


See Census.

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