The Colonial Forces are the newly-formed military of the United Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

Joining and Leaving the CF

Each Colony agreed to send a certain number of troops to the CF. Some were volunteers, while others were selected for special skills (languages, inter-colonial experience). Since the PCs are part of a special operations squadron, it is expected that they have at least some sort of redeeming qualities and are not complete screw-ups.

CF service is considered a temporary duty assignment. The duration of the assignment is up to the home military (but generally not less than 6 months), with the CF leadership having some say in approving transfers.

In other words, for game purposes people have a reason to come and go basically at the military's whim.

While in the CF, though, troops are wholly under the CF's command and bound by the CF regulations and not their home military's.

Culture Clashes

While there are some old grudges from various Colonial Conflicts, ordinary culture clashes are a more prevalent obstacle for the fleet to overcome. Everyone comes to the fleet with a unique set of training, values and priorities. Feel free to get creative with your character's perspective. Some areas where clashes might arise:

  • Initiative and creativity vs. tradition and “by the book”.
  • Aggressive vs. conservative planning.
  • Fighting to the last man vs. living to fight another day.
  • Individual needs vs. the priorities of the group.


The Colonial Forces Fleet is still in its early stages. At present, there are only two taskforces staffed fully by CF personnel.

  • Phoenix, led by Battlestar Galactica
  • Taskforce: Manticore, led by Battlestar Athena

For details about where the taskforces have been, see [/story-so-far#toc2 Story So Far].

All other ships are still under the auspices of their home militaries. They work together for joint missions, but are still under a separate chain of command.


See Regulations.


See Training.


See Ranks.


See Uniforms.

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