BSG is not our future, but the world of the Twelve Colonies is not too dissimilar from our own. Here are some highlights. Feel free to add your own details to the Player Contributions page.


Many things we take for granted would technically be anachronistic in BSG's universe. Try to avoid really glaring RL references (like talking about Star Wars for instance), but don't sweat the small stuff. Nobody's going to flip out if you call call a suave romantic a "casanova" or talk about "the real McCoy", even though the etymology for these terms would not exist in BSG's universe.


Most tech is on par with our own. They have TVs, phones, laptops and handheld computers. There are no super-high-tech things like forcefields or laser guns. Some areas are superior to ours - they have space travel, virtual reality, sleek touchscreen interfaces and artificial intelligence - while others like medical tech lag behind us.

Networks and Security

There is an Internet equivalent known as The Net, but any device connected to the Net is considered vulnerable to Cylon intrusion. For security reasons, Galactica has extremely limited Net access. Personal devices must be permanently placed into offline mode.


There are portable radios and backpack versions that can contact a ship in orbit. Wireless phones are common in civilian life, but not allowed on the Battlestar. Crew members have generous privileges for sending/receiving emails and recorded video messages home and sometimes get live chat time when operations permit.


Holobands provide an immersive VR experience, but they are moderately expensive (think iPad - common but not everyone has one). In the years prior to the Cylon uprising, there was an entire V-world to explore with other people (think SecondLife on steroids), but access to V-world has been cut off since the uprising began.

Holobands can function in ‘offline’ or peer-to-peer mode without a network. On Galactica, they are sometimes used for training exercises and mission briefings. Some soldiers have personal Holobands, but with limited storage and no access to the 'Net their functionality is limited. Think 3D movies and peer-to-peer network 3D immersive games, not Star Trek holodecks.


With billions of people spread across twelve entire planets (plus ancillary moons and settlements), there is incredible diversity. It’s impossible to make sweeping generalizations about even a single colony, let alone all of them.

While the Colonials are no more tolerant than us, the prejudices we have in our world towards skin/gender/sexuality are rare compared to those centered around home colony, religion, clan/region, or socio-economic status.

Same-sex marriages are universally accepted. Polygamy is uncommon but legal in most places.


The dominant religion in the Twelve Colonies is a polytheistic faith centered around the Lords of Kobol. It has a heavy influence from our Greek mythology. See BSG Wiki for more details.

There are certainly other minority faiths among the colonies, including monotheistic ones. For instance, some Sagittarans practice a faith that eschews modern medicine in favor of faith healing and purity of mind and body. Real-world religions do not exist by name (e.g. there are no “Christians”).


TV, movies, books and music are very similar to our own. Although VR devices are sometimes used for gaming or immersive movies, most games/shows/movies are designed for 2D viewing on TVs or portable computers. Streaming libraries are more common than data discs. E-books exist, but colonials are fond of hard copies.

Board and card games are commonplace. They have chess and checkers and a poker-style game called Triad.

See Player Contributions for pop culture ideas.


Pyramid is the most common sport - it’s sort of a mash-up of rugby and basketball. The Colonial Pyramid League (CPL) is the pre-eminent league, with 30 teams from across all Twelve Colonies competing annually for the Kobol Cup. Although several teams suffered great casualties during the opening days of the Cylon Uprising, and many of the big-name stars have enlisted, professional pyramid is alive and well.

There are a fistful of other pyramid leagues at every level, from “minor league” pros to college/high school teams to amateur bar/recreational leagues. Pick up games in the park are common. It’s everywhere.

There are other sports of course too, like boxing, track and field and gymnastics. Variations of our team sports like soccer/football/basketball exist, but are not widespread.

See Player Contributions for pop culture ideas.

Food and Drink

The people in the colonies eat and drink the same sorts of things we do. There are certainly some exotic plants and animals spread around, but they also have cows, pigs, potatoes, green beans, etc. just like we do. Feel free to invent interesting dishes or use common ones.

See Player Contributions for pop culture ideas.


The f-word variant in BSG is "frak". (fraks, frakking, mother-frakking, etc.)

Since the dominant religion is polytheistic, the oath is usually "gods". (my gods, godsdamn, etc.)

Other swear words carry over pretty much intact.

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