Galactica is like a military city in space, with thousands of people and countless jobs - everything from cooks to paper-pushers, deckhands to dentists.


This organization will look a little different from what you may be used to from other BSG games. We have deliberately simplified the chain of command by reducing the number of departments and grouping PCs together in the same squadron/platoon.

The leaders are all staff-run NPCs to reduce leadership bottlenecks from player inactivity and keep all the PCs on pretty even footing with each other. The NPCs are not here to micro-manage you, but will provide direction when needed. Contact staff (via page or +request) if you would like a scene with a leader NPC or just have an IC question/issue for them.

The Galactica has two fighter squadrons, each consisting of 45 Vipers and 15 Raptors. The ship also has 5 heavy shuttlecraft, capable of airlifting vehicles and large quantities of supplies (also flown by the Raptor pilots usually). The flight crew, mechanics and armorers that service the aircraft are also considered part of the Air Wing.

Note: All PCs are in Wolfpack squadron.


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VF-102 ("Wolfpack")

The CAG and Wolfpack squadron leader is Maj. Diego "Smackdown" Kallas.


VF-104 ("Argonauts")

NPC Squadron

Air Wing Organization

A couple differences from other BSG games:

  • Raptors are more offensive in the First War. They have a rear-mounted ball turret (controlled by the ECO) and are often equipped with missiles (controlled by the pilot and/or ECO).
  • The deck crew is considered a part of the squadron, overseen by the Deck Chief and CAG.

The Marine Detachment is a full battalion strength unit (approx. 1200 soldiers), including several light ground vehicles (jeeps, trucks and infantry fighting vehicles). It handles shipboard security, boarding actions, and ground assaults.

The battalion is organized into four infantry companies and a headquarters/support company. Each company consists of four 40-soldier platoons and a small support staff.

The CO of Alpha Company, First Platoon is Lt. Luka Hale. He is also the company executive officer.

Note: All PCs are enlisted soldiers in Alpha Company, 1st platoon.

Marine Organization

A couple differences from other BSG games:

  • There is no Military Police group within the marines. The marines as a whole are responsible for shipboard security, including the arms locker and the brig.
  • Individual colonial armies may have a mix of army medics, marine medics and Navy corpsmen. In the Colonial Forces, medics assigned to the marine detachment are all considered marine combat medics, regardless of which branch they came from. Marine medics also take rotations in sickbay.

The Galactica's sickbay is a full-service hospital. The Medical Department is led by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Col. Julia Collins.

Note: Navy personnel in the medical department are not trained for combat operations (beyond basic training) and do not normally go on ground missions, though they may do Search-And-Rescue missions aboard Raptors. Marines have their own combat medics.

Aid Stations

During action stations, the medical crew is spread out through the ship in sickbay and several satellite aid stations. Not only does this keep from having all medical eggs in one basket, it also assists in casualty collection if parts of the ship are cut off due to decompression.

The Operations Department runs the rest of the ship - everything from CIC to engineering to the mess hall. The department head is Admiral Cassia Bauer, assisted by the XO Col. Jacob "Mace" Ryan.

Shipboard Life

Battlestars are similar to modern-day aircraft carriers. Galactica is essentially a mini city in space with everything the 4000+-person crew needs. The machine shops can make a variety of spare parts, and the sickbay is a full-service hospital.

They get supplies of fresh fruit and meat when operations permit, but otherwise have enough dry and frozen stores to operate for months on deployment. The Galactica also receives routine mail delivery, available for pickup in the post office. There's a gym, a pool, an observation deck, a chapel, a mess hall, and various other amenities to keep the crew comfortable.

Each crew is assigned to an "Action Station" in the event of an alert. Pilots are in their ships. Marines are on guard duty or ready to deploy. Damage/control medical parties are at damage control and aid stations throughout the ship. The ship's Condition determines what the crew does.

  • Condition 1 (General Quarters) - All crew to action stations.
  • Condition 2 (High Alert) - About 1/3rd of the crew is at action stations. The rest are expected to be ready quickly if the alert sounds.
  • Condition 3 (Wartime Cruising) - Minimal crew at action stations. Off-duty crew can chill.
  • Condition 4 (In Port) - Only a skeleton crew is on duty. No one is at action stations. Off-duty crew can chill. Shore leave may be permitted.

At Condition 2 and 3, the Galactica deploys a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) to scan for threats and be ready to intercept. The CAP is typically 4 Vipers and a Raptor, but this can vary.

The Galactica also maintains at least as many ships on alert status - fueled and ready for launch. Alert crews stand by in a lounge in the hangar, enabling the ships to be launched in 5 minutes or less.

Marines have a similar thing where there are combat patrols and sentries throughout the ship, and a squad on standby in the hangar lounge ready to deploy in an emergency.

Crew do not carry weapons aboard ship unless they are on sentry duty or on their way to/from a mission. Weapons are stored in the main armory or in satellite arms lockers scattered throughout the ship. At their dept. head's discretion, crew members may have personal sidearms. These must also be stored in the armory/arms lockers when not in use.

There are more pilots per squadron than there are planes, to accommodate backup crews and the need to staff air operations 24/7. Pilots get their names and kill markings stenciled on one of the squadron's planes. This is a privilege awarded based on length of time in the squadron (not rank).

This does not mean that it's "their" plane. Due to maintenance schedules and plane rotations, a pilot quite frequently does not fly in the plane with their name on it. The planes are shared among all pilots and you get what you get for any particular mission.

There are dozens of berthings (aka bunkrooms or barracks) around the ship. They are divided by rank:

Junior/mid-level enlisted (E1 - E6) have barracks-style rooms shared by about 36 troops, with the bunks 3-high. All PC enlisted are bunked together, irrespective of department.

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Junior/mid-level officers (O1 - O4) have barracks-style rooms shared by about 24 troops, with the bunks 2-high. All PC officers are bunked together, irrespective of department.

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Senior enlisted NCOs (E7-E9) room together in nicer 2-person staterooms.

Senior officers (O5-O6) room together in very comfortable 2-person staterooms.

The CO and XO each have their own quarters.

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