Capital: Oranu

Cities: Oranu, Illumini

Politics: Religious Oligarchy. Gemenon is unusual in being one of the smaller planets that was never under the heel of another major power.

RL Inspiration: None

Wartime Status


With almost no Cylons to be found on the planet, no resources to fight over, and a religious philosophy that is disinclined to join the fight en masse, Gemenon has essentially been sitting out the war so far. It did sign the Articles of Colonization, but it remains to be seen just how far its support will extend.


Often called "the twin planet" because it shares an orbit with Caprica and is often visible in Caprica's sky, Gemenon is poor in resources and has wide variances in terrain. Its temperate zones are mirrored by vast deserts and inhospitable mountain ranges.

Events / Hooks


The Gemenese people are most known for their fundamentalist interpretation of the Sacred Scrolls. The city of Illumini hosts a large Pantheon complex. It is perhaps ironic that Gemenon was also the birthplace of a monotheistic religion that gave rise to the violent Soldiers of the One (STO) terrorist organization.

Kobol College

Kobol College is the oldest institute of higher education in the Twelve Colonies, known for liberal arts and theological studies. It welcomes students from all colonies.


See Census.

Player Contributions

Player Contributions
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Farmland -- but not as rich as Aerilon's. Mountains -- but not as mineral-rich as Tauron's. Oceans -- but not as hospitable as Picon's or vast as Aquaria's. By nearly any criteria Gemenon is, at best, somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Gemenon's only real conversation piece -- aside from religion, naturally -- is that for every scrap of lush greenery, there's a vast rocky desert or swath of mountains that don't see rain for decades at a time. No other colony seems as determined to counterweight their good sides with so much bad. It's not hard to understand why the Tribes of Kobol ditched Gemenon for fairer climes at their earliest convenience.

Their resource-stingy rocks /do/ make for some breathtaking landscapes, however.

In keeping with the spirit of nothing being straight-forward on Gemenon, Gemenese could be written using either the Standard alphabet or in 'Old Gemenese'. This geometric script lent itself well to calligraphic art -- as well as centuries of debate over authors' intent.

The joke, of course, is that Gemenese hasn't been a conversational language for any sizeable population in centuries, making it more a matter of Old vs. Older Gemenese. Those scholars. Such comedians.

(Crib notes: Shameless linguistic nerdity, transliterated languages, Islamic calligraphy and art.)

At the end of their exodus, the Tribes of Kobol made first landfall on Gemenon. In old- and moldy-enough versions of the Sacred Scrolls, the exact location is known -- and that spot lies in the province of Protanomos.

The island continent is backwards and hidebound with traditions, even by Gemenese standards. The province is broken into Peripheries, sub-regions devoted to a specific god, goddess, or godlet. In modern times, the inter-pantheon rivalries have become mostly political rather than martial affairs, but offworld political analysts still describe Protanomos as a bomb with a dozen fuses.

(RL crib notes for above: Ancient city-states, holy wars of all stripes, Noah's Ark theories. )

Roughly translating as 'pilgrimage', Ora Hatzis is a Gemenese coming-of-age tradition. At sixteen, youths leave their home community to experience the outside world for two years. When they return, they are welcomed back as an adult member of their community.

The intensity of this experience varies; in some regions, Ora Hatzis is a literal ostracism from which not all return, and those who don't are never spoken of again, while in others, the tradition more closely resembles foreign student exchange programs between schools. For all who participate, it tends to be the time to sow one's wild oats and cut loose before the responsibilities of adulthood bear down.

(RL crib notes for above: Rumspringa, foreign student exchange programs, spring break.)

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