The Inter-Colonial Joint Peacekeeping Taskforce (ICJPK for short) was a UN-peacekeeper style organization that existed in the days prior to the Articles of Colonization. Nominally it still exists, but it remains to be seen how many of its duties will be taken over by the new Colonial Forces.

The ICJPK responded to conflict areas around the colonies. Peacekeeping tours were volunteer duty for most colonial militaries, and for many soldiers it was the only action they saw prior to the Cylon war.

Some hotspots in recent years that the ICJPK participated in included:

Intervention in ethnic violence on Scorpia (2231-2232).

Putting down a miner's revolt on Canceron (2233).

Intervention in a civil war on Sagittaron (2230 - 2235).

Defusing a conflict between Tauron and Leonis on Sagittaron. (2232)

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