Standard is the language taught in schools across the colonies, used for inter-colonial commerce and diplomacy. It is derived from the language of Caprica.

Originally every colony had their own language, but many have fallen into disuse. The official languages of each colony are listed below.

Colony Official Language Other Language(s)
Aerilon Standard
Aquaria Standard
Canceron Standard
Caprica Standard
Gemenon Standard Gemenese
Gemenese is a 'dead' language known primarily by academic and religious scholars.
Leonis Leonese Standard
Libran Standard Leonese
Picon Standard
Sagittaron Standard Sagittaran, Leonese, Tauran
With Sagittaron having changed hands so many times through the ages and now being chopped up into different protectorates, it's a melting pot of languages. Ancient Sagittaran has been actively quashed during the various occupations, but some still hold on to their native tongue.
Scorpia Standard Scorpian and Leonese
Scorpian was actively quashed by Leonis and Virgon during their rule of the colony. In regions formerly ruled by Leonis, Leonese is commonly spoken. In the last generation, ancient Scorpian has seen a resurgence and some areas speak a hodgepodge of Standard, Leonese and Scorpian.
Tauron Tauran Standard
Virgon Standard Celtan
Celtan is spoken by some ethnic Celtans in certain sections of Hibernia.

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