Capital: Luminere

Cities: Luminere, Hedon

Politics: Federal republic.

RL Inspiration: Latin Europe (France/Spain/Italy)

Wartime Status

Heavy fighting/occupation

Some industrialized areas of Leonis have been occupied by the Cylons. They used this capability to churn out more forces, and now Leonis is a heavily contested battleground.


A hub for education and industry, known for its open plains and temperate climate. Leonis was once a major empire, having conquered several of the smaller colonies and fought with Virgon over others. Internal strife and decades of constant expansion led to its inevitable decline and breakup. The Leonese are known for their high-class culture and fashion, and are one of the few more-developed nations to still use their own language in everyday situations (in addition to Standard, of course).


Clash of Empires

At the height of its reign, the Leonese Empire fought with the Virgon Empire over territory. Though the fighting ended long ago, tensions remain. See Colonial Conflicts for details.

Leonese Foreign Legion

The Leonese Foreign Legion started as a unit that assimilated recruits from colonies that Leonis had conquered during its imperialistic heyday. It earned a reputation as a top-notch fighting force. These days it continues the old tradition by accepting recruits from all colonies. Standards are high, but the unit looks more at ability than background. This makes it a popular place for those running from something. After a three-year tour in good standing, legionnaires are rewarded with Leonese citizenship. Note: Legionnaires are put through basic/advanced military training (including flight school), but they may not apply to the military academy until after they've gotten their citizenship.

Right of Blood

Leonis allows those who can trace lineage to a Leonese citizen through up to three generations to claim citizenship. This encompasses a lot of people born on former Leonese colonies. Some poorer citizens from Scorpia and Sagittaron in particular claim citizenship and then use the Leonese military as a way to a better life.


See Census.

Player Contributions

Player Contributions
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Every colony has some degree of issues with space piracy, but even before the Cylon War, piracy was considered a despicable but accepted part of Leonis life. Pirates were at one time romanticized for their attacks on the Virgon Navy in space, having had several pulp novels and B Movies made about them. The official stance of the Leonis government was to denounce piracy, but to largely ignore their actions as long as their attacks remained upon Virgon targets.

However, when the Unification Acts were signed, Leonis was pressured to crack down on piracy. Leonese forces executed a raid on the infamous Pirates Cove - a gathering spot near a moon of Aphrodite (ninth planet in the Leonese system). The raid netted only a few ships, leading some (especially the Virgons) to speculate that the Leonese government tipped the pirates off to the raid. Leonis, of course, flatly denies this claim.

There are dozens - possibly hundreds - of pirate bands scattered throughout the Twelve Colonies, but the one led by Zanzibar Deveraux stands out among the rest for its resources and military-like organization.

Though no one knows its exact size, rumours are that "Zanzibar's Fleet" consists of about a dozen armed freighters and several smaller fighter craft. The flagship of the fleet is Captain Devereaux's ship, Athena's Grace, a decommissioned Leonese missile boat. They even reportedly have a military cutter that was salvaged and repaired. The war has proven to be a boon to them as far as supplies and weapons go.

Zanzibar was a former Leonis Noble and Naval Captain that had served well with the Leonis Navy pre-Unification. However, he was investigated but never charged with receiving bribes from the Pirate Clan captains in payment of their successful raids. Before Unification, he was the Captain of Bretagne, a light carrier, and was formerly the CAG of its squadron, the aptly named VF-313 "Corsairs".

When the Unification was signed, Captain Devereaux resigned from the Navy in protest over the cooperation with Virgon and left Leonis. A few months later, the Virgon government issued a warrant for his arrest after a high-profile raid on a passenger liner. The resulting scandal made him a media sensation, when it was learned that the ship he was using was found to be a former Leonese Missile Frigate, Ambérieu, which had been decommissioned for years and was scheduled to be used for target practice but had somehow been stricken from the record and fallen into Devereaux's hands. He is rumored to now be the captain of the Athena's Grace, the renamed Ambérieu.

Before the adoption of the Viper, the primary attack fighter of the Leonese military was Tonnerrétoile (Thunderstar). The Thunderstar is armed with twin KEWs for attack and defense. It is still found on and around Leonese, not only in the Air Force and resistance, but also in use by Cylons and more than a few have found their way into the hands of pirates, such as Zanzibar's fleet.

OOC Combat - when using the Thunderstar in FS3 combat, it uses the same stats and set up as the Cylon Raider.

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