Capital: None

Cities: Themis

Politics: Republic, former colony of Leonis that fought for and won its independence 150 years ago.

RL Inspiration: Switzerland

Wartime Status

Under Colonial control

The Cylons inflicted some damage during the uprising, but the military was quickly able to get the upper hand. The surviving Cylons took several ships by force at the starports and left Libran to join their brothers elsewhere.


Libran is a mid-sized colony known for its inter-colonial diplomatic efforts. It is fairly temperate - a little on the cool side - and is home to one of the most majestic mountain ranges in all the colonies.

Events / Hooks

The Reserves

Before the uprising, Libran had only a tiny standing army (mostly administrators and training cadre personnel). But it was unique among the colonies for maintaining a broad base of highly-trained, armed reservists. Civil or military service was a mandatory requirement for everyone upon turning 18. "A reservist in every home" was its motto, and in many cases taken quite literally.

Now some of the reserves have been mobilized for home defense, and some detailed to the Colonial Forces.

Inter-Colonial Affairs

Libran made its reputation as "the neutral one", renowned for its efforts organizing inter-colonial efforts prior to Unification. Libran is home to the Inter-Colonial Court and the headquarters of the ICJPK. It was also the site of the Unification negotiations and the drafting of the Articles of Colonization.


See Census.

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