Capital: formerly Hyperion, but Queenstown now leads the free regions

Cities: Perkinston, Queenstown, Pailyn, Hyperion (destroyed)

Politics: A strong republic that has fought off several invaders and never been conquered.

RL Inspiration: Australia / Pacific Northwest

Wartime Status

Heavy fighting/occupation

Picon was hard-hit from the start, with the capital being one of the focal points of the assault (see Fall of Hyperion, below). The Cylons still hold significant territory, and many major cities have been decimated.


A planet containing 75% water, famous for its (water) navy and picturesque beaches and harbors. Picon was a mid-sized world, and built up a strong defense force. Leonis and Virgon made a few bids to conquer it several hundred years ago, unsuccessfully.


Colonial Fair / Fall of Hyperion

Picon's capital, Hyperion, was hosting the Colonial Fair at the time of the Cylon uprising, a grand month-long celebration showcasing each of the twelve colonies through parades, exhibits, music and more. This made it a prime target during the opening days of the uprising, with so many movers and shakers from across the colonies all present in one place. Hyperion and the surrounding region became a focus for the Cylon assault in what became known as the Fall of Hyperion.

The city fell almost overnight, but small pockets of resistance remained - including the besieged airbase PNAB: Triton. Triton held out for almost six months, even managing to retake a small part of the city, before the Cylons gathered their forces for one final, overwhelming assault. A few dozen survivors made it out (some in Raptors, some on foot) before the Cylons bombed the base off the map and then bombed the levees. What was left of Hyperion was claimed by the ocean.

For more details of what happened there, see the Fall of Hyperion player contributions below.

Film Industry

Prior to the uprising, Picon had a thriving film industry, second only to Caprica. It was often used as a (far cheaper) stand-in for Caprica and elsewhere, and the Picon military sometimes served as advisors and extras.

Water Navy

Picon has a lot of water, coastline and island chains, so its troops tend to have amphibious training. It is one of the few colonies to still maintain an actual water Navy, more for tradition than for actual practical reasons.


See Census.

Player Contributions

Player Contributions
The colony and culture descriptions are broad sketches, but these are entire planets, with diverse sub-cultures and many regions. Players are free to help flesh out the colonies and culture by adding their own theme contributions here.

These details are meant to inspire RP, not straight-jacket it. Here are the ground rules:

  • Everything here is considered supplemental, optional information.
  • Avoid colony-wide generalizations in favor of regional details from your character's home area or sub-culture. Because they are regional/ethnic details, it should be pretty easy to come up with reasons why something doesn't apply to you.
  • Staff will review contributions and contact you if anything is out of sync with the general thematic vision. If you prefer, you can submit additions via an in-game request.
The Picon Naval Academy hearkens back to older Picon traditions in its method of saluting, bringing the elbow out wider and saluting palm-out. While many members of the new Colonial Forces use the proscribed CF salute (hand palm-down), there are still some holdouts.

OOCly, this is a British-style salute rather than an American-style one, in keeping with Picon's use of British-style Squadron numbers. An comparison is included below (British on the left, American on the right):

The regulations of the Picon Navy are a bit more strict than those of the Colonial Forces, particularly in the area of fraternization between officers and enlisted. Some commanders are also stricter about fraternization between officers in the same chain of command.
This Picon fairy tale is Cinderella, except the girl's name is Ashlee. Yes, there is a kindly fairy and a pumpkin coach and a glass slipper and even mice.
Two hundred and fifty-odd years ago, a naval cutter (the seagoing kind) called the Waverunner saved fifty people from an offshore shipwreck in the midst of a massive storm. The crew were feted as heroes, plazas were named after their ship (in both Hyperion and Cape Bismark, which is closer to where the event happened), and the event is reenacted every year (without the storm) with the original Waverunner, which is still technically in service.

2235-03-15 - The first Colonial Fair in a hundred years begins in Hyperion. Tourists from around the colonies arrive in the city to see a month-long showcase of the best each world has to offer in science, art and innovation.

late March and early April 2235 - The fair is marked with various festivities. Parades, speeches, concerts, booths and displays. Delegates from the major colonies meet to discuss serious issues. A big air show at PNAB Triton features inter-colonial pilots and Cylons teaming up for aerial acrobatics and a mock dogfight.

2235-04-12 - Spectators gather to watch a sold out Pyramid match between the Picon Panthers and Caprica Buccaneers at Big Blue Stadium. Just before halftime, a video airs showing the Picon President being assassinated by Cylons just after warning everyone that Picon is under attack.

As the video ends, Cylon worker and security bots begin killing people. Panic erupts, but the Cylons are blocking the exits and shooting anyone who tries to escape. The survivors, including now-President Oliver Tate, barricade themselves inside.

Elsewhere in Hyperion, ‘Net feeds show the same video message before Cylons go on a massive killing spree. Cylon-piloted Vipers tangle with Picon Vipers over the city, but the Cylons soon establish air superiority except for a thin sliver of airspace around PNAB Triton and PNAB Amphitrite across the bay.

2235-04-14 - A destroyer is hacked and crashed into PNAB Amphitrite, crippling the base. The Cylons swiftly overtake it. With Cylons all around them and communications down, Triton now stands alone.

late April 2235 - The city is a ghost town, most everyone dead, fled, at Triton, or in hiding. A handful of survivors, including the President, escape from the Pyramid stadium and make it to Triton.

May-June 2235 - Triton forces manage to push back the Cylons from part of the Southsea district, reclaiming part of the city. This gets them some breathing room on food and supplies. Triton is besieged by constant aerial battles and attempted ground incursions. Supply forays into the city bring back more refugees.

2235-06-29 - A suicide bomber attempts to assassinate Picon President Tate as he gives a morale-boosting speech at Triton. The President and several other are injured.

July-September 2235 - Triton makes various attempts to contact forces in orbit and outside Hyperion, with little success. The supply situation is starting to get dire. The constant raids have not let up. Vague rumours of Cylon atrocities seen in the city - mutilated bodies and such - filter around the base.

2235-09-03 - A large explosion and fire is seen across the bay from Triton. Scouting missions later discover the explosion destroyed Big Blue Stadium, where the Cylons had been keeping tens of thousands of human prisoners. Greasy soot is carried over to Triton on the wind.

2235-09-10 - In the middle of the night, the Cylons launch a massive air raid against Triton. As bombs fall on the base, the commander calls for an evacuation. The air wing scrambles as many birds as they can to cover the evac, but only a few Raptors make it out through the swarm of Cypers and Cylon-operated Raptors. The battle is over by morning. Triton has fallen. As the sun rises, the Cylons bomb the levees and what’s left of Hyperion is claimed by the ocean.

The Fall of Hyperion plotline is taken from a short-lived sandbox game, BSG: Ouroboros. The Ouro staff gave their permission for a spinoff when Ouro closed. Our thanks to them for running that game and letting us leverage pieces of it.

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