The colony and culture descriptions are broad sketches, but these are entire planets, with diverse sub-cultures and many regions. Players are free to help flesh out the colonies and culture by adding their own theme contributions here.

These details are meant to inspire RP, not straight-jacket it. Here are the ground rules:

  • Everything here is considered supplemental, optional information.
  • Avoid colony-wide generalizations in favor of regional details from your character's home area or sub-culture. Because they are regional/ethnic details, it should be pretty easy to come up with reasons why something doesn't apply to you.
  • Staff will review contributions and contact you if anything is out of sync with the general thematic vision. If you prefer, you can submit additions via an in-game request.

Colonial Details

Colonial details are now on their individual colony pages.


  • Sol Nova Lee is the BSG equivalent of 80's era David Lee Roth. He is a flamboyant, unexpectedly erudite Sexy Beast.

  • Sven and the Peaks is a legendary band from Libran. They combine elements of hard rock, metal and folk music (such as polka) and synth. They have been around for decades and underwent different phases of musical inspiration not unlike The Beatles. What ABBA is to Sweden, Sven and the Peaks is to Libran.

  • Beer Town Boyz is a hip-hop group from Caprica, circa 2225. Despite their popularity, they're the Caprican equivalent of Kid Rock, Digital Underground, and the Beastie Boys, with such highly thought-provoking hits as: Drink Up Y'all, Face Punchin', Motorbikes and Fist Fights, Luv Your Main Girl and the titular hit from their breakout album Party Till Your Junk Hurts.

  • Game of Dragons - Popular fantasy TV series based on a series of novels. (ala Game of Thrones, obviously.)

  • Blake Rising - Gritty-serious action thriller about a secret agent. Think 007 meets Jason Bourne.

  • Maximum Overdrive - Action movie trilogy. Part I is a timeless but cheesy classic of over-the-top, high octane, heart racing, fist pumping action, full of some of the greatest vehicular chase scenes. Parts II and III get progressively worse.

  • Vertical Ascent - Cheeseball action movie about an airplane crash on a mountainside, involving diamond smugglers and park mountain rangers.

  • Vertical Assault - Action movie - terrorists take over a skyscraper for ransom.

  • Drop Zone - Action movie trilogy - A Caprican "badass" and her team (which changes every movie as most of them die) take on a plots to undermine Caprican government. The first movie was a Leonese plot, the second a Tauran, and the third a Virgon.

  • Air Raid - Action movie - About ICJPK soldiers under air raid by rogue Sagittaran elements. The second act is psychological tension with a murder in the shelter, while the first and second are all action.

  • White Heat - Drama movie - Overwrought Leonese courtly drama that nears soap opera levels of crazy (fun). Subtle Caprican dig at Leonese nobility.

  • Modern Olympian - TV series in which contestants run through a complicated obstacle course as quickly as possible. Athletes compete for money, with celebrities occasionally competing for charity. (a la American Ninja Warrior)

  • Caprican Eagle - Caprican Navy conspiracy thriller. Lance Sirra played the supporting actor, and met his future wife (and future ex-wife) Elena Imbros.

  • Amrita Singh - Star of numerous Canceron films and noted dancer. She's tried to turn it into a vocal career as well, though it hasn't broken beyond a few tie-in tracks to films as of yet. (Twin sister to Sarita)

  • Seas of Fire - Old-school naval warships, popular on Picon. (like World of Tanks with naval combat)

  • World of Warriors - A fighting game series with a host of colorful characters from around the Colonies that fight in an tournament for glory and power. ,,(Analogue: Street Fighter),,

  • Overkill - An originally V-World based MultiPlayer eXperience (MPX) played over The Net that allows players to control a variety of anti-heroes fighting in a world of chaos. Playable via LAN and P2P. ,,(Analogue: Overwatch),,

  • Star Hunters - An ultrarealistic V-World based dogfighting starfighter simulator that's got more than a few real world viper and raptor pilot fans.

  • CPL - The annual top Pyramid VR game series comes with all the latest rosters and teams. Each year's game comes with updated rosters and features different modes or ways to play. ,,(Analogue: Madden),,

  • Canceron Traditional Dancing is inspired by Indian/Bollywood dancing.

  • Queenstown Salsa is a popular dance style on Picon.

  • Pican Boxing is considered the official sport of Picon. This form of one-handed fisticuffs involves the other hand holding a mug full of beer. First one to spill all their brew, or to get K.O.ed, loses. Rounds last 3 minutes.

  • Tejo is a disc-throwing game popular in parts of Sagittaron. Players drinking copious amounts of beer during a match is considered an unwritten rule even at professional tournaments.


The Colonial Pyramid League is the professional pyramid league of the colonies. Each colony has one top-tier team and several second-tier teams that are still professional and play within the league. Every year, the top teams are part of a tournament to determine the league champion. The trophy (and the tournament) are called the Kobol Cup.

Professional Teams (Not a complete list)

  • Aerilon Threshers - Aerilon's top team, winners of the 2237 Kobol Cup.
  • Akranes Whiteout - Second-tier team on Aquaria, lost most of its players in the fall, mostly subsumed into the Avalanche.
  • Aquaria Avalanche - Aquaria's top team, lost most of its players in the fall, now in exile on Libran.
  • Boskirk All-Reds - Second-tier team on Virgon.
  • Canceron Hydras - Canceron's top team.
  • Caprican Buccaneers - "C-Bucs" Caprica's top team (almost entirely wiped out on the first day of the Fall of Hyperion; rebuilt with second-tier players).
  • Celeste Storm - Second-tier team on Scorpia.
  • Delphi Legion - Second-tier team on Caprica.
  • Hades Vice - Second-tier team on Canceron.
  • Hedon Fates - Second-tier team on Leonis.
  • Heim Huskies - Second-tier team on Aquaria, lost many players in the fall, mostly subsumed into the Avalanche.
  • Johnsville Huskers - Second-tier team on Aerilon.
  • Leonis Wildcats - Leonis' top team.
  • Libran Lightfoots - Libran's top team.
  • Luminere Pride - Second-tier team on Leonis.
  • Mangala Krill - Second-tier team on Canceron.
  • Olympian Stallions - Second-tier team on Tauron.
  • Pailyn Breakers - Second-tier team on Picon, mostly subsumed into the Panthers.
  • Picon Panthers - Picon's top team (almost entirely wiped out on the first day of the Fall of Hyperion; rebuilt with second-tier players).
  • Promethea Pirates - Second-tier team on Aerilon, known for their "dirty" play (like the Raiders).
  • Queenstown Sharks - Second-tier team on Picon, mostly subsumed into the Panthers.
  • Sagittaron Archers - Sagittaron's top team.
  • Scorpian Stingers - Scorpia's top team.
  • Tauron Bulls - Tauron's top team.
  • Tisza Furies - Second-tier Tauron team.
  • Virgon Knights - Virgon's top team.

Team Size

The average professional pyramid team has a roster of 30 players. CPL games are 8-on-8, but non-professional games can be any size, including 1-on-1.

Pyramid Personalities

  • Triska Thorne - Female player on the Aerilon Threshers, large, skilled.
  • Logan Lindus - Male player on the Aerilon Threshers, recently enlisted.
  • Ambrose Eshfield - Male player on the Scorpian Stingers, nearly 30 now, recently enlisted.
  • Esten Sacres - Player on the Stingers, recently enlisted.
  • Flor de la Cruz - Female player on the Stingers, recently enlisted.
  • Escobar Ganas - Male player on the Stingers, recently called up from the Storm. Ejected from the Kobol Cup for a violent blow to Triska Thorne's face.
  • Brigham Waller - Longtime male coach for a Libran college team. Boring gameplans but very effective.
  • Valerie Consome - Male coach for a Leonis college team. Rants and raves on the sidelines. Think Bobby Knight or Jim Harbaugh.
  • Sidney Cooper (Deceased) - Male player on the Caprica Buccaneers. League leader in scoring in the two seasons prior to the uprising. Killed (along with most of his team) on the first day of the Fall of Hyperion.

General Pyramid Gameplay
Pyramid is played on a triangular court, with a small goal in the midst of a backboard at one point (called the head of the court). At the other two points and the midpoint of all three sides are backboards. Beneath the point is a restricted zone that players are not allowed to enter. At the other two corners and in the center are 'team zones' or 'neutral zones' where ballcarriers are safe from contact.

Play starts with a jump ball in the central team zone. The ballcarrier may take only three steps before either reaching a team zone, throwing the ball toward the hoop, or passing the ball to another player (either directly or off a backboard) or to themselves (off a backboard).

Outside of the team zones, the game is full-contact (although punches, kicks, joint-locks, and tripping are not allowed). Except at the professional level, it is expected that players will call their own fouls. Due to the violence of the sport, players typically wear knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, and soft padded helmets.

After one team scores, the ball starts play in the possession of the other team in one of the team zones.

Prospective OOC Game Rules
Below are a couple of possible rules sets for playing Pyramid on-screen. Don't feel bound by them, they're just here to provide some options.

* Roll Pyramid (+Reflexes or +Brawn) vs Pyramid (Use Athletics-3 if you don't have Pyramid), the winner scores a point (no points scored if the roll is a Draw). Play to 3 or 5.
* Roll as above, but each roll, one person is on offense and the other on defense. Only the person on offense can score, if the defender wins, they gain possession and go on offense. Possession changes after a score. Play to 3 or 5.

Team Pyramid
* Roll Pyramid (+Reflexes or +Brawn) vs Pyramid (Use Athletics-3 if you don't have Pyramid), total up the number of successes from all team members, the team with the most successes scores a point, with the the player on the scoring team who rolled the most successes scoring the point (or making an assist for someone else scoring if they wish).
* As above, but you have to decide if you're trying to get an assist instead of scoring, and you roll at -1 when doing so.

  • Golden Harvest is an multi-award-winning Pican microbrewery that makes several high-quality varieties of beer, including ale, lager, and stout. Somehow considered less pretentious than competitor top-tier brews.

  • Infused Liquors are popular around Hyperion and outlying areas on Picon, clear alcohols infused with herb and fruit flavors.

  • Hephaestus Fire is a rectified spirit distilled from grains, bottled at both 151-proof and 190-proof. "Get hella hammered hella fast, with Hephaestus Fire."

  • Kalapakos Breweries makes a range of whiskeys of different qualities, as well as several beers that they age in the whiskey casks.

  • Siren's Song is a top-shelf spiced rum from Scorpia noted for his excellent flavor and high alcohol content. Many consider it to be the best on the market.

  • Bernhard's Fine Chocolatiers is a specialty chocolate brand from Libran. It is mostly available on-planet where it's fairly well-known, but it's also available throughout the Twelve Colonies in specialty shops.

  • Spiked Libranade is a sugary, soda-inspired, "lemonade-esque" drink that comes in a variety of flavors. It's "spiked" with pear juice and energy-inducing chemicals to give it an extra tasty kick that'll widen those eyes. Slogan: "Drink Up. Stay Up." ,,(Analogue: Mountain Dew's Spiked Lemonade),,

  • Jan Brund Novels. The in-universe equivalent to James Bond. The series has dozens of novels set all across the Twelve Colonies, though Jan himself is from Virgon. The books are pulpy, goofy, sometimes well-written, sometimes not. They haven't yet been adapted into film or television.

  • Samuel Wagner Novels Known both for historical texts on the colonies often used in high schools and colleges as well as fantasy works that often heavily feature naval and ocean mythologies, Samuel Wagner is (surprise) from Picon. His name is more heavily known by fans of fantasy, though it's at least recognizable in passing by general lit fans. A notable novel, The Mermaid's Life, is said to be based on his daughter, Charlie Wagner. The protagonist also features heavily in another in the overall setting, The Harbor's Wrath.

Gennisi Day

Celebrated in late December the Gennisi Day originated on ancient Kobol and is one of the biggest holidays in the Twelve Colonies. It began as a celebration of children and family. While some still hold to the more traditional roots of the holiday, it has become heavily commercialized. Some traditions include gift-giving (particularly to children but also to any close friend or family), music, and parties/gatherings to reconnect with old friends and family. Decorations traditionally include things that symbolize hearth and home, and floral decorations out of crepe paper. Temples accept donations for orphans, which became a big PR thing for wealthy families and corporations.

Feast of the First Night

The Colonials share a common calendar, which originated on ancient Kobol. It is traditional to ring in the new year with a celebration. While there are various local holidays, the one that pervades most of the twelve worlds is the Feast of the First Night - a week of festivities culminating a big bash on the first day of the year. The holiday is all about fresh starts and reconciliation, and the feast itself is symbolic of setting aside old grievances by eating together. One common tradition in the week leading up to the feast is to work through issues with friendly(ish) competition - be it prank wars, pyramid matches or fisticuffs. Another common tradition is to leave anonymous letters, either with grievances or apologies, and try to guess who they're from. Though old feuds rarely die easy, it's considered bad form to act on them during the actual day of the feast.

  • Making the 12 - The general term for the goal (often set by college-age men and women) of sleeping with someone from each of the twelve colonies.

Wireless Protocol

Wireless Protocol
While some laxity in wireless (radio) discipline is acceptable (and even expected) in the midst of a firefight or dogfight, here are some general guidelines and specific examples for official communications on the wireless.

Someone using the wireless should always identify who they are contacting, as well as who they are.

Example: "Razor, Milkman, break left." This would be Van (Milkman) telling Kell (Razor) to turn to his left.
Example: "Pi, Soundbite, Milkman, thanks for the cover. Again, Van is using the wireless, but this time he is addressing both Isolde (Pi) and Calliope (Soundbite). The last callsign used should always be your own.

If you are contacting the entire unit you're working with, you would call either "Flight" (Air Wing) or "Squad" (Marines).

If you are contacting an allied unit, you would refer to your flight's name. If you command the flight, you would be " Six." If you command the unit, you would be " Actual."

Example: "Sealift One-One, Vanguard Pack Six, how copy?" This is the leader of a flight called "Vanguard Pack" (or their ECO) contacting a unit called Sealift One-One asking how they are reading the transmission.
Example: "Vanguard Pack Six, Sealift Actual, reading you five by five." The commanding officer of the Sealift unit is responding (rather than his or her wireless operator) and telling the leader of the Vanguard flight that they are receiving the transmission full strength.

Actual - The commanding officer of a given unit.
Breaking Squelch - Depressing the "transmit" button. This is done once for negative and twice for affirmative in times when you're too busy to respond verbally or have to maintain silence.
Krypter - I am in trouble and declaring an emergency. Colonial equivalent of "Mayday."
Roger, Copy, Received - Three words that all say the same thing, "I understand and acknowledge your transmission."

Ships and Stations

Ships and Stations
  • Caprica Naval Air Station (CNAS) Thalis (Tamlin)
  • LCV-45 Hesperia - Light Carrier Vessel (Tamlin)
  • LCV-103 Androcles - Light Carrier Vessel (Tamlin)
    • Squadron 23 - "Caprican Chimeras" (Viper Squadron) (Elena)
  • LCV-32 Rhodes - Light Carrier Vessel (Tamlin)
  • LCV-87 Tycho - Light Carrier Vessel (Tamlin)
  • Gemenon Defense Base (GDB) 503, Eumenidos. Destroyed June 2236. (Stefan)
  • Picon Naval Air Base (PNAB) Triton in Hyperion, No. 17 Squadron (The Sea Knights) (Cate, Van, Pieter, Roara), No.144 Argonauts, and No.393 Diamondbacks (Mostly consisted of Cylons and had extremely few human survivors)
  • Picon Naval Air Base Amphitrite in Hyperion
  • Picon Naval Air Base Charybdis in Queenstown, No. 56 Squadron (The Wrecking Crew) and No. 169 Squadron (The Redtails) (Van, Pieter)
  • Picon Naval Hospital Queenstown in Queenstown (Van)
  • Picon Naval Vessel PNV Trident, heavy battle carrier, No. 6 Squadron (The Deep Sixers) (Pieter)
  • HMS Defiant - Destroyer class vessel, (Jacob)
  • HMS Argyll - Cutter class vessel, (Cate)
  • HMS Daedalus - Light Carrier Vessel, VF-09 "Fighting Furies" (Viper Squadron) (Eva)
  • HMS Ariadne - Light Carrier Vessel, VFA-16, "Rising Tide" (Viper Squadron) (Eva)
  • HMS Lykos - Light Carrier Vessel, VFA-115 "Hell Hounds" (Viper Squadron) (Eva)
  • 4th Marine Battalion, Virgon Royal Marines (Cate)
  • 321st Recon Marine Unit, Virgon Royal Marines (Jacob)
  • 7th Infantry Brigade, Scorpian Army, "The Spearpoint" (Gustavo)
  • 12th Motorized Brigade, Scorpian Army, "Road Warriors" (Gustavo)
  • 32nd Infantry Brigade, Scorpian Army, "The Bayonet Brigade" (Gustavo)
  • 57th Infantry Brigade, Scorpian Army, "Trailblazers" (Gustavo)
  • No. 10 Combat Aviation Brigade ("Barnstormers") (Cap)
  • No. 25 Combat Aviation Brigade ("Reapers") (Salvae)
  • ANV Aegis - Cutter Class Vessel, destroyed in Cylon Rising. (Jonas)
  • ANV Tyr - Gunstar Class Vessel, destroyed in Cylon Rising. (Jonas)

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