CF soldiers swear a new oath of service to defend ALL twelve colonies, and to obey the leadership of the CF.


Military regulations are generally in line with the US Army, but with a few exceptions listed below.

This is a game, and discipline in general is more lax than it might ordinarily be in RL. But it is still a military at war, so don't expect to get away with Starbuck levels of insubordination and disorderly conduct. We're aiming for a middle ground somewhere between Cain's iron fist and Adama's fatherly blind eye.

The regs only restrict romantic relationships between leaders/subordinates in a direct chain of command. The PCs are not in direct supervisory positions over each other, so relationships with other PCs are not limited.

The CF allows alcohol and other mild recreational substances (like marijuana and tobacco) on military vessels, in moderation, as long as you are off duty and the ship is at Condition Three. Anyone found on duty while under the influence, or impaired enough with a hangover to affect their duties will face disciplinary action.


Disciplinary issues are handled according to severity:

  • Minor infractions: The squad/department leaders will make the soldier miserable with informal punishment like extra chores or temporary loss of privileges.
  • Moderate or repeated Minor infractions: The soldier will appear before the CO/XO for "captain's mast", where punishment goes on the soldier's record and may include brig time or demotion.
  • Serious infractions: The soldier receives a full courts-martial (a military trial) in front of a panel of senior officers. Sentences can include everything from demotion to a firing sqaud or jail.

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