Capital: Celeste

Cities: Celeste, Argentum Bay

Politics: Democratic Republic, formerly contested and carved up between Leonis and Virgon. The clans united briefly to throw off the other colonies about 25 years ago, and then they went right back to fighting each other.

RL Inspiration: Caribbean meets Sub-Saharan (Colonial) Africa

Wartime Status

Under Colonial control

Cylons have mechanical issues in the humid jungles of Scorpia, so it weathered the uprising well.


Home to lush jungles and hot temperatures, it is a popular tourist attraction despite having a trashy reputation. Ever since winning its independence, the government of Scorpia has been unstable, changing hands at the drop of a hat in a never-ending series of coups and revolutions.

Events / Hooks

A Hot Mess

Scorpia's military, like its government, is kind of a mess. The national army has splintered and changed hands several times in recent decades as a result of various coups and counter-coups. It is notorious for its internal corruption. There are also a number of independent clan militias, but they are more paramilitary organizations at best and glorified gangs at worst.

As the clan militias have no official standing, a clansman would have to join the national army before being eligible for the Colonial Forces. A Scorpian character could alternately claim citizenship with either Virgon or Leonis (depending on which part of Scorpia they're from) under their colonial ex-pat laws and then join those militaries.

Clan Warfare

Parts of Scorpia are known for their ethnic clans, which often clash with each other. From 2231-2232 the ICJPK was involved in a peacekeeping operation in Scorpia's Parios Province, where ethnic violence between rival clans had led to genocide, open warfare, and starvation. The ICJPK was there to ensure safe zones and safe routes for the transport and distribution of humanitarian relief shipments. There were some skirmishes when the clansmen tried to mess with the relief efforts.

Scorpia Shipyards

Scorpia's shipyards were expanded to begin cranking out warships for the human fleet. This is the birthplace of the new Battlestars, as well as the Colonial Forces HQ.


See Census.

Clans and Player Contributions

Player Contributions
The colony and culture descriptions are broad sketches, but these are entire planets, with diverse sub-cultures and many regions. Players are free to help flesh out the colonies and culture by adding their own theme contributions here.

These details are meant to inspire RP, not straight-jacket it. Here are the ground rules:

  • Everything here is considered supplemental, optional information.
  • Avoid colony-wide generalizations in favor of regional details from your character's home area or sub-culture. Because they are regional/ethnic details, it should be pretty easy to come up with reasons why something doesn't apply to you.
  • Staff will review contributions and contact you if anything is out of sync with the general thematic vision. If you prefer, you can submit additions via an in-game request.
The Crossguard Clan is centered in the area around Argentum Bay. They are an urban clan with several smaller family clans pledged to them. They keep the peace for the most part, in order to keep the area safe for tourists and protect that part of the planet's economy. Gang warfare rarely takes the form of open street battles, though they do happen. For the most part, it's smaller, upstart clans wanting to chip away at Crossguard's territory that creates tension and leads to violent incidents. Crossguard will defend their territory with as much bloodshed as necessary. They run protection rackets, gambling and drugs, though they limit the amount of drugs in more affluent neighborhoods and the tourist areas. They are semi-legitimate with government officials sometimes outright supporting them. They do come into conflict with some of the larger clans, mostly over territorial issues and the movement of goods, but also sometimes as they compete for political support. There was more open warfare with other clans in the past that led to some long-lasting issues of mistrust and bitterness.

RL Inspiration: The Mafia (without the ceremony, but with the focus on keeping the greater peace), Mexican cartels, street gangs in general.


Situated along one of the prime resort areas near Celeste, the Windward Clan is a minor one, but extremely aggressive. They are guided by a cadre of elected leaders, and espouse the equality of all within the clan. Despite that, the real power in the clan lies with a single family, and has for three generations. The Traigos are active, aggressive, loud-mouthed, and well-loved by most of the clan. Their expansionist desires have caused problems with the clans around them, particularly those in the outskirts of Celeste nearest them. The Windward militia is overly large, overly trained, and overly active, sometimes recruiting rather aggressively when particularly apt would-be recruits, not taking "no" for an answer. Once inside the militia, however, these young men and women are usually wrapped up in the furor and clan propaganda about the People's Right to Rule. The Windwards have clashed with the nearby Shamil and Advent clans.

RL Inspiration: Sandinistas, People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola, and other communist guerrilla forces.


The Hyacinthe Clan is one of those based in Argentum Bay (the actual bay, not the town of the same name), occupying the town of Tybarre. Currently owned by Assamar Clan (who are a mainland clan trying to expand their borders), they occupy a contested section of land. There have been some attempts to overtake Tybarre (and by extension, Hyacinthe) by the Crossguard Clan, but Assamar sees it as a foothold into Crossguard Territory and Argentum Bay. They're not a large clan and made up of a handful of close-knit and old families who have settled a number of smaller islands in the area. They're poor, but proud people who believe in family and blood over anything else. Their 'territory' is a small town; crowded streets, shops and restaurants with family living quarters on the second story. They alleyways were the domain of the kids and teens.

Most of the Hyacinthe members work in 'retrieval' - what some might call theft. Plenty of pilots, recon, and similar can come out of this particular clan. Clan conflict was in service to the larger Clans by nature of these roles and Hyacinthe members are often viewed as... expendable.

Around roughly 2231, the ICJPK broke up a major conflict the Hyacinthe Clan was involved in that had become very bloody and a number of members were given refugee status. Some left, going off-world or to other parts of Scorpia: due to injuries or an inability to continue to live the life they'd been leading.

RL Inspiration: The Caribbean, Haitian culture, street gangs, the insular nature of generational poverty


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