The PCs are all members of the Timber Wolves, the Colonial Forces’ Special Operations detachment formed in April 2237. Official designation: Colonial Fleet Combined Forces Squadron VK-1. This small force combines air, ground and support personnel into a cohesive unit.


This organization will look a little different from what you may be used to from other BSG games. We have deliberately simplified the chain of command by reducing the number of departments and grouping PCs together in the same squadron.

The leaders are all staff-run NPCs to reduce leadership bottlenecks from player inactivity and keep all the PCs on pretty even footing with each other. The NPCs are not here to micro-manage you, but will provide direction when needed. Contact staff (via page or +request) if you would like a scene with a leader NPC or just have an IC question/issue for them.


The Timber Wolves are stationed aboard the Dauntless, an Escort Carrier designated CVE-1. The ship crew of the Dauntless are not part of the Timber Wolves.

Air Forces

The Timber Wolves have a full air squadron consisting of 40 Vipers and 20 Raptors. The Air Wing CAG is Major Nyssa Stirling.

Ground Forces

The Timber Wolves have a light company of 80 marines, and a couple small ground vehicles (like HMMMVs and motorcycles). The marines report to the senior company NCO, Gunnery Sergeant Scott Mercer.

Support Personnel

The Timber Wolves include a flight crew to service the aircraft and a few medical personnel with combat experience to supplement the Dauntless' sickbay crew. Support personnel generally stay on the ship, but may accompany the unit dirtside if the need arises. On paper, the support personnel report to Timber Wolves XO Captain Luka Hale. In practice, they report to the head of their work area. The deck crew takes direction from the CAG and the medical staff defers to the chief of whatever medical facility they happen to be working out of - whether that's the Dauntless sickbay or a ground hospital.

Shipboard Life

The Timber Wolves are not part of the Dauntless' crew complement; they’re a separate force along for the ride. Nevertheless, for the sake of training and not having idle hands, the Wolves have duty around the ship.

Timber Wolves typically work 12-hour days, 7 days a week, every week. Besides active missions, pilots and marines have a lot to keep them busy. Some daily activities include:

  • Patrols and guard duty (for marines) or CAP/alert duty (for pilots)
  • Mission briefings and preparation.
  • Writing and/or reviewing after-action reports.
  • Mission de-briefings.
  • Helping with maintenance.
  • Daily meetings (outside mission briefings) for announcements and such.
  • Training, training, and more training (either live exercises, team-building, sims, firing range or gunnery practice, or lectures).
  • Marines also do PT, aka physical training, aka organized calisthenics or melee practice.
  • Emergency drills - either shipwide or more narrowly focused... which are kind of like training but focused enough to warrant being called out separately.

The Dauntless is an escort carrier. It's smaller than a Battlestar but there's a gym, a pool, an observation deck, a chapel, a mess hall, and various other amenities to keep the crew comfortable. The sickbay is a small clinic, and there's only one flight deck.

They get supplies of fresh fruit and meat when operations permit, but otherwise have enough dry and frozen stores to operate for months on deployment. The Dauntless also receives routine mail delivery, available for pickup in the post office.

Each crew is assigned to an "Action Station" in the event of an alert. Pilots are in their ships. Marines are on guard duty or ready to deploy. Damage/control medical parties are at damage control and aid stations throughout the ship. The ship's Condition determines what the crew does.

  • Condition 1 (General Quarters) - All crew to action stations.
  • Condition 2 (High Alert) - About 1/3rd of the crew is at action stations. The rest are expected to be ready quickly if the alert sounds.
  • Condition 3 (Wartime Cruising) - Minimal crew at action stations. Off-duty crew can chill.
  • Condition 4 (In Safe Port) - Only a skeleton crew is on duty. No one is at action stations. Off-duty crew can chill. Shore leave may be permitted.

At Condition 2 and 3, the Vanguard deploys a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) to scan for threats and be ready to intercept. The CAP is typically 3 Vipers and a Raptor, but this can vary.

The Vanguard also maintains at least as many ships on alert status - fueled and ready for launch. Alert crews stand by in a lounge in the hangar, enabling the ships to be launched in 5 minutes or less.

Marines have a similar thing where there are combat patrols and sentries throughout the ship, and a squad on standby in the hangar lounge ready to deploy in an emergency.

All Timber Wolves are allowed to store their personal weapons in their lockers for the sake of readiness. Additional weaponry can be retrieved from the ship’s main armory or from satellite arms lockers in an emergency.

There are more pilots per squadron than there are planes, to accommodate backup crews and the need to staff air operations 24/7. Pilots may get the privilege of having their names and kill markings stenciled on one of the squadron's planes. This does not mean that it's "their" plane. Due to maintenance schedules and plane rotations, a pilot quite frequently does not fly in the plane with their name on it.

There are two nameplate slots - one on the left side of the plane and one on the right. (Raptor nameplates have a pilot/ECO pair.) When a new plane arrives, its slots are allocated by the CAG. The Timber Wolves assigns new slots by rank first, then by ace status, then by seniority in the squadron. Pilots are not 'bumped' from their plane, so if a new Captain arrives and there isn't a slot available, they'll just have to wait until the squad gets a new plane.

The Timber Wolves PCs all bunk together - officer and enlisted alike. Senior NPCs have their own quarters.

See Bunks for more info.

Crew members are allowed to bring some personal effects aboard the ship, but storage space is limited. Most of the space in their locker and under-bunk storage is taken up by their various uniforms and essential gear (shower kit, laundry bag, etc.) There is also a small shelf in their bunk. Pretty much everything a crewman owns (except their dress uniform) needs to fit into their duffel bag when traveling, so that limits what they can bring on board.

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