Twelve Colonies

The Twelve Colonies of Kobol were settled during the exodus from Kobol, the ancestral home of BSG's humans. Kobol had twelve tribes - mirroring the twelve signs of the Zodiac - that settled on twelve planets in a set of nearby star systems.

Although we have taken some names and details from other BSG games and TV-tie-in sourcebooks, we have our own canon for the colonies. In particular, the big colorful map commonly used on BSG games is not canon here. The colonies are not all in one system, and several of our colony descriptions are different.

Regional Differences
The colony descriptions are broad sketches that leave a lot open for players to flesh out. Remember that these are entire planets, with diverse sub-cultures and many regions. We would ask that you minimize colony-wide generalizations in favor of regional details from your character's home area. This will help to avoid players RPing contradictory details.

RL Inspiration
For each colony, RL counterpart(s) are given. These are gross stereotypes and inspiration for the colony's culture and geography. The intent is to ground the colonies in something familiar, not to limit or restrict you. Just because the analogue for Leonis is France/Spain/Italy doesn't mean you can't have something completely different in your background (like a desert region on Leonis with a Bedouin-like culture). But it does mean you can sprinkle French or Italian names, phrases and customs into your RP to give something a Leonese flavor.

Colony Description
Aerilon Bread basket of the colonies.
Aquaria Cold, harsh world popular with tourists.
Canceron Crowded and hot, a developing nation.
Caprica Rich center of colonial culture and industry.
Gemenon Fundamentalist religion and isolationist people.
Leonis Old imperialist empire in decline, still known for culture and fashion.
Libran Neutral colony renowned for fostering inter-colonial cooperation.
Picon Water world famous for its beaches and strong navy.
Sagittaron Poor colony, oft-exploited, now carved into several protectorates.
Scorpia Lush jungles and bitter clan warfare. Home to shipyards constructing the Battlestars.
Tauron An up-and-coming socialist republic with a strong agricultural base and developing industries.
Virgon A monarchy in decline, clinging to old traditions.

Other Places

Place Description Wartime Status
Troy Metal-rich mining colony near Aerilon. Under Colonial control
Pallas A dwarf planet home to a few domed colonies and science stations near Aquaria. Under Colonial control
Minos Tauron's moon, with a few science and mining outposts. Under Colonial control
Hibernia Virgon's habitable moon. Populated principally by the ethnic Celtan people, it has a violent independence movement. Under Colonial control; internal unrest
Various There are various other small settlements on moons, in asteroid belts and on dwarf planets throughout the system. Varies

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