The Twelve Colonies are sovereign nations, each with their own governments and militaries. There have been token gestures of cooperation through the years, like the Colonial Court and the Inter-Colonial Joint Peacekeeping Taskforce, but the colonies were at each others' throats more often than not. Centuries of disputes, oppression and even at times open warfare left a legacy of distrust.

Even after the Cylon uprising, it took close to a year before the colonies realized that they were losing, and that they would be stronger together than apart. This led to the colonies signing the Articles of Colonization in July 2236. These articles established a few important things:

  • The Quorum of Twelve, a legislative body with an elected representative from each colony. Note: There is no president, and the powers of the Quorum are limited. Think of it almost as the UN on steroids.
  • The Colonial Forces, a unified armed force drawn from the member nations.
  • An agreement as to some basic laws and rights agreed upon by all the colonies, such as right to trial by jury, free speech, and unrestricted travel between the colonies.

While it's a far cry from the unified federal government that it will someday be, it's at least a start.

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