Capital: Boskirk

Cities: Boskirk, Blaustad, Hadrian

Politics: Constitutional Monarchy currently led by King Kaeso Neill. Long-time enemy of Leonis.

RL Inspiration: United Kingdom

Wartime Status

Moderate fighting/occupation

Virgon is an unusual battleground in the war. It had a disproportionately large number of laborer-Cylons, while its military had only a modest Cylon presence. In theory, the military has the upper hand, but it has been hamstrung by its reluctance to cause civilian casualties or collateral damage. Fighting on Virgon has been largely marked by brutal city-fighting and hand-to-hand combat.

Meanwhile, Virgon faces internal strife as well on its moon (see Hibernia, below).


Virgon was once one of the great colonial empires, with many of the smaller colonies under its wing. It is a monarchy with strong roots in tradition and pomp-and-circumstance. A stagnant economy, coupled with losing most of its colonies has led to Virgon's decline. It is a lush world with lots of woodlands and idyllic plains.


Clash of Empires

At the height of its reign, the Virgon Empire fought with the Leonese Empire over territory. Though the fighting ended long ago, tensions remain. See Colonial Conflicts for details.


Virgon is the only colony with a functioning monarchy. The king is more of a figurehead these days, with the parliament holding the real power, but lands and titles still mean something. Men and women have equal inheritance rights, but it's still a tradition for younger siblings to enter civil or military service.


Virgon's moon, Hibernia, is the only naturally-habitable moon in the colonies, large enough to almost be considered a dwarf planet of its own right. It actually has a larger population than Aquaria. Populated by the ethnic Celtan people, it has had a centuries-long independence movement, driven by cultural identity and perceived exploitation of both the people and the moon's rich tyllium and mineral deposits. The independence movement has grown increasingly violent in recent years in response to Virgon's oppressive policies and martial law. Neither side has its hands clean in this increasingly-bitter and brutal conflict.

A relatively small number of Cylons on the moon left it in a good position during the uprising. With Virgon increasing mining quotas and threatening a draft, the rebels have redoubled their efforts. Although Hibernians make up a rather small percentage of the Virgon military overall, many were quick to volunteer for the CF and the Virgon military was happy to be rid of them.


See Census.

Player Contributions

Player Contributions
The colony and culture descriptions are broad sketches, but these are entire planets, with diverse sub-cultures and many regions. Players are free to help flesh out the colonies and culture by adding their own theme contributions here.

These details are meant to inspire RP, not straight-jacket it. Here are the ground rules:

  • Everything here is considered supplemental, optional information.
  • Avoid colony-wide generalizations in favor of regional details from your character's home area or sub-culture. Because they are regional/ethnic details, it should be pretty easy to come up with reasons why something doesn't apply to you.
  • Staff will review contributions and contact you if anything is out of sync with the general thematic vision. If you prefer, you can submit additions via an in-game request.
* Many of the Tyllium mines on Hibernia are named after the location or some unique feature of the mine. The communities which exist around the mines often have no names of their own, but simply take the name of the mine. Because many people in these small mining towns live, work, and, often, die in the mines, the mentality is very much that everyone is 'from the mine'.
* Celtan, the language of the ethnic Celtans who make up most of the population of Hibernia, has an uneven level of acceptance as a living, spoken language. There are some regions (including many of the rural mining and farming communities) where it is still the principal language, but it has less traction in the cities and urban areas.
* Coileach, Celtan for 'rooster', is a derisive name commonly used to refer to the Virgon troops on account of the red trim on their class A uniforms and their haughty attitudes.
* ArĂȘte Meinn: Literally the mine (Meinn) in the ArĂȘte (lit. 'fish bone, spine'), a sharp-edged mountain ridge, often between two glacier-carved corries or valleys).

  • New Castor: One of the larger cities on the moon, with an unsavory reputation due to the high crime of its projects.
  • Tiras: A mid-sized city, home to one of the moon's main starports. Outside the city are several mines. Being a hub of transportation also makes it a hotbed of activity for the Celtan rebels.

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