We really don't need any one particular thing over another. But if you're looking to fill a gap, the Characters page will show you what's already out there, or you can use the census command in-game (help census).

We strongly recommend that your main character be either a marine or pilot. The main focus of the game is the war, and being in these departments will make it easier for you to get involved in plots and RP.

When you're ready to get started with your character, check out Character Creation.

See Timber Wolves for details about the ship and crew.

Available Positions


  • Viper Pilot
  • Raptor Pilot
  • Raptor ECO (gunner, countermeasures and co-pilot)

Note: To help spread around RP and not have one person doing All The Things, characters are only permitted one specialty. Viper pilots do not fly Raptors and vice-versa (except perhaps in the rare emergency situation).


  • None


  • There are no PC marine officers.


All marines are Riflemen first and foremost, and that will be their primary role on most missions. But there are a variety of secondary specialties that can provide color to your RP and may prove useful on certain missions.

  • Rifleman
  • Combat Medic
  • Gunner (infantry support weapons like machineguns and rocket launchers)
  • Combat Engineer (demolitions and fortifications)
  • Recon (sneaking around, scouting and sniping)
  • Technician (weapon/vehicle maintenance and repair)

Note: To help spread around RP and not have one person doing All The Things, characters are only permitted one specialty. There are no tech/gunners or recon/medics for example.

Any marine may also have extra training (via background skills) in Vehicles, Communications, Languages, Parachuting, Diving, or a particular type of environmental warfare (Arctic, Jungle, Desert, Zero-G). These are by no means required, but can come in handy and explain why your character was selected for the Timber Wolves.

There are a handful of support personnel assigned to the Timber Wolves. These people mostly stay on board the ship, but may be sent along with the ground forces in special circumstances.


  • Medical officers (doctors, nurses)
  • Clergy


  • Medical corpsman
  • Deck crew

Restricted Concepts

The game has been designed so that here are no "special" roles (e.g. department heads or special jobs); everyone is on equal footing. There are also no quotas limiting us to a certain number of Viper Pilots, or Captains, or combat engineers, or whatever. However, the following concepts are not allowed.

  • Special Forces (or ex-SF) - Although the PCs are now part of the Colonial Forces’ new special operations unit, the colonies tend to hold onto their own spec-ops people with an iron fist. Plus, prior SF experience would make someone overpowered compared to everyone else.
  • Civilians - There are no civilians in the fleet. Occasionally the fleet might pick up survivors or have visiting guests, but they don't stay for long.
  • Nuggets / Raw Recruits - This isn't like the Second Cylon War where they were drafting people and putting them right on the front lines. Fresh-faced rookies who have completed their training are possible if they have some kind of special skill or connections to compensate for their lack of combat experience.
  • Bottom of the Barrel - Since the PCs are part of a special operations squadron, it is expected that they have at least some sort of redeeming qualities and are not complete screw-ups.
  • Cylons - There are no skinjobs in this theme.